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Online Games
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Type Games and activities
Year(s) released 2010-present

Online Games are games on and other sites like the YTV Microsite and the Toys "R" Us Hong Kong Microsite that are released every year.

List of Online Games


  • Mission: Von Nebula - The first game on the Hero Factory website, this game featured a point and click interface. The player created and controlled a virtual Hero 1.0 on a campaign against Von Nebula and his minions.
  • Hero Creator - This is a 1.0 Hero Creator game that was later put into the Mission: Von Nebula game.
  • Define Your Own Villain - This game was created as a way for players to create a criminal that they believe would scare them the most, or just a random villain. The end result is always a silhouetted figure.
The Comic Builder activity


  • Creep Crushers - The first game to utilize the HeroPad system, Creep Crushers is a game in which the code from under the canister lid of a Hero 2.0 set could be entered, which unlocks a Hero to play in the game as you defeat Fire Lord and his henchbots.
  • Comic Builder - Only the fifth online game, the Comic Builder allows one to create a comic featuring the 2.0 Heroes and Fire Lord's villain group. Figures can be enlarged and moved into different positions with various backgrounds.
  • Mission: Ordeal of Fire - This game features a point and click interface. The player created and controlled a virtual Hero 2.0 on a campaign against Fire Lord and his villains. It was featured also as "Mission 2: Ordeal of Fire".
  • Hero Creator 2.0 - This a Hero creator using the Hero Recon Team format to create Heroes for Mission: Ordeal of Fire.
  • The Trials of Furno! - Based on the comic Trials of Furno, this game takes place on Merak 9. As William Furno, your goal is to defeat XPlode within a set time.
  • Hero Factory - In this game, players control Mark Surge 2.0 via a webcam marker, to destroy targets and pass through a training simulation.
  • Fan Yourself - This game allows you to take any photograph you wish, and place it into a Hero Factory 2.0 poster.
  • Mission: Savage Planet - This game allows the player to play as a virtual hero on the jungle planet Quatros. The player battles enemies throughout the game, like Waspix and the other beasts of Quatros.


  • Breakout - Based on the 2012 story, the player battles the escaped 2012 villains, and buys upgrades to get to secret areas. Later released as an app for iOS devices.


  • Brain Attack - Based on the 2013 story, the player goes through different enviroments while fighting the Brains as well as other infected creatures and buys upgrades. Also available as an app for iOS and Android devices.

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