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Set 44014 JET ROCKA is a large boxed set released in late 2013, portraying the Hero Daniel Rocka and his jetpack.


  • Name: Jet Rocka
  • Type: Large Set
  • Set number: 44014
  • Subtheme: Heroes
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Pieces: 290
  • MSRP: $34.99 (US)
  • Ages: 8-16
  • Instructions:

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here

Fly circles around the evil brains with JET ROCKA!
Hurry, JET ROCKA! The evil brains have breached the LEGO® Hero Factory defenses! Report to retrofitting to be equipped with the top-secret detachable jetpack. It features an opening protective force heads-up display, dual plasma shooters, flick missiles, plasma wingblades and massive ion engines. With this technology, you’ll be flying circles around those evil brains!

*Features poseable joints, translucent elements and detachable jetpack with an opening protective force heads-up display, dual plasma shooters, 4 flick missiles, super-sharp plasma wingblades and massive ion engines
*Pull the trigger to close the force heads-up display, extend the plasma wings and arm the weapons
*Fire the plasma ball shooters!
*Detach the jetpack to equip a different LEGO® Hero Factory hero
*Lock the clamps to protect the hero core
*Battle with 44009 DRAGON BOLT
*Also includes code worth 3,000 game points for LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack mobile app and online game at
*Stands over 9” (24cm) tall

Set Information

The set's foil pack

The set consists of 290 pieces.


The jetpack features two Plasma Guns on the top. It also has two flick-fire missile launchers on its wings, where each can launch two missiles. The jetpack has an opening cockpit. The guns and the jetpack's wings lift when a trigger, which is a red lever, is squeezed by grabbing and pulling the lever while holding the back of the jetpack. The wings can extend and retract, and the Plasma Guns can be positioned upwards or in front of the jetpack when triggered. The green Plasma Blades on the wings can move on their own, along with the missile launchers.

The set includes a version of Rocka from 44002 ROCKA. Like set 44002, this set's version of Rocka features an opening translucent green visor and four opening Hero Core Locking Clamps. Unlike set 44002, this set's version of Rocka is different from the other set's. This set's version of Rocka is taller than the other set, the medium-sized Brain Attack Hero sets, and the medium-sized Breakout Hero sets in 2012, but it is shorter than 44000 FURNO XL.

The handlebars cannot be attached to the jetpack without Rocka's hands.

The jetpack can be equipped with a different Hero set figure. It cannot stand on its own properly without its pilot.


Like set 44002, this set's version of Rocka includes a gold helmet and a Hero Core. Some parts of the jetpack have various stcikers. Printed underneath the Core is a code called a Hero Code, which could be entered in an online game called Brain Attack in in 2013, to earn 3000 Hero Points.


  • When one replaces Rocka with a different Hero set figure, one has to make alterations on the figure in order for the figure to wear the jetpack properly because the jetpack is made to fit this set's version of Rocka.
  • Unlike 44002 ROCKA, which has asymmetrical armor, Rocka's form in this set has symmetrical armor.
  • Rocka's form in this set never appeared in the story for an unknown reason, so the form is questionable in canon.
  • Jet Rocka is the largest 2013 set.
  • Jet Rocka is the only set to provide 3000 Hero Points for the Brain Attack game.
  • There is an error in the building instructions, where it says that the Hero Code can provide 1000 points for the game rather than 3000.
  • It is advertised that Jet Rocka fights against 44009 DRAGON BOLT. Since Dragon Bolt is primarily advertised to fight against 44008 SURGE, Jet Rocka does not have its own foe to fight.

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