Jetpack (Rocka)

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Jetpack (Rocka)
44014 Jet Rocka.jpg
User(s) Daniel Rocka
Functionality Flight
Status Out of Use

In order to confront aerial opponents, Daniel Rocka had a Jetpack to achieve flight.


Nathaniel Zib developed the jetpack for Rocka, and it was placed in storage in the Hero Factory.

When Rocka was searching for Dragon Bolt during the attack on Makuhero City, he was cornered by the dragon and trapped in a weapons holding section. There, he outfitted himself with the jetpack, and took on Dragon Bolt in airborne combat. After flying through Makuhero City, dogfighting with Dragon Bolt, Rocka eventually ejected himself out of the jetpack and onto the dragon, where he removed the Brain controlling the beast.


The jetpack was capable of high-velocity flight, and includes a number of offensive and defensive capabilities. The wings were edged with ultra sharp Plasma Blades, and the cockpit bore an opening defensive shield, which had a heads up display. It also fed information to Rocka through his Visor.

It additionally featured dual plasma shooters and four missiles for blasting purposes.

Set Information

Rocka's Jetpack is included in set 44014 Jet Rocka, released in the summer of 2013. The set contains 290 pieces, 247 of which are used to build the jetpack. The jetpack features two sphere launchers, which each shoot a piece of spherical ammunition when squeezed. It also features four flick-fire missiles, two on each side, as well as an opening cockpit and wings that lift when a trigger is squeezed.

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