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"You were overconfident, but we all got our bruises as a result of the breakout. You don't need to try hard to impress your teammates. We all know what you can do."
Preston Stormer, Collision Course

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Daniel Rocka
Hero 2.0
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team, Rookie 1 division
Hero Recon Team[FO:MSG, p. 36]
Weapons Multi-Tool Ice Shield
Status Upgraded

Daniel Rocka[note 1] is a young rookie Hero from the Hero Factory, and is a member of the Alpha 1 Team. He is also a member of the Hero Recon Team.



Daniel Rocka was built in the Assembly Tower using the most up-to-date parts, the most advanced technology, and the 2.0 Upgrade.[Episode 6] His design was based off of William Furno, in the hopes of producing another successful and powerful rookie. After his creation, Rocka began spending large amounts of time in the Training Sphere, completing over 100 missions in it.[Bios] He also became friends with the Alpha 1 Team, and eventually joined their Rookie 1 division. However, he was also a secretly a member of the Hero Recon Team, unbeknownst to his comrades.[FO:MSG, p. 36] Rocka and Furno had the most villain captures, despite Furno worked way longer than him.[Episode 6] Preston Stormer sees great potential in Rocka.[SM3]

Savage Planet

Rocka flying to Quatros

After another successful mission, when Rocka was using his Drop Ship to return to the Hero Factory, Rocka was planning to play Roboball and dunking on Furno. However, Professor Nathaniel Zib called Rocka because the Factory received a distress call from an exiled professor from the Hero Factory Aldous Witch on the planet Quatros. Rocka was nearby, so he volunteered to go assist him; Zib instructed him to wait for backup, but Rocka disregarded the orders, and communication was soon disrupted between them due to something on Quatros. Upon arriving, Rocka discovered that planet has changed, so he reported it to Zib. He then found Witch's damaged space ship. Rocka was attacked by a Fangz hound, though the beast quickly abandoned the fight. Tailing the hound, he discovered that the distress call was a trap, and Professor Witch, now a villain called the Witch Doctor, sent two more Fangz hounds to assault him. The Fangz deactivated Rocka.

Five other members of the Alpha 1 Team, Furno, Stormer, Julius Nex, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer, who were given new armor, weapons, and abilities in order to endure the jungle environment, set out to recover their missing teammate. The team arrived on Quatros and discovered the wounded Rocka, as well as Witch Doctor and his animal slaves. Rocka was healed by Nex using a Hero Cell device. Rocka told his fellow Heroes about what happened to him.[C6] Rocka was outfitted with new lion armor, made by Zib (shown in the July/August Lego Magazine in 2011) and choosing the animal because of the gold motif matching his previous armor, and Rocka got the armor from his fellow Heroes' Drop Ship. During the journey to confront the Witch Doctor, Rocka continually clashed with Furno, who perceived the rookie to be too headstrong.

Rocka fighting a Fangz

When the group encountered a teleportation bridge capable of letting three of them cross to where the Witch Doctor was, Stormer assigned Rocka and Furno each to lead a three-man cell, one using the bridge and one traversing the jungle. Rocka led Stormer and Bulk, though the teleportation gate accidentally rearranged them in a smaller form.[Episode 6] They were able to elude several Fangz before Rocka and Bulk were captured by the Witch Doctor. The two were eventually rescued by Furno's unit, and restored to size when they recharged the bridge.

Furno devised a method for Rocka to be able to defeat the Witch Doctor, using ancient armor pieces found in a temple to increase the rookie's size and strength. Witch Doctor engaged the rookie in a fight and eventually gained the upper hand, but his Skull Staff was taken by Stormer and broken, eliminating his source of power. Furno worked with Bulk to return Witch's stolen supply of Quaza to the planet, preventing it from exploding, and saving them all. With Witch arrested, the team returned to their ships to travel back to the Hero Factory. Stormer congraduated Rocka and Furno for their actions in the missions. When Stormer told Furno that he did a good job, Rocka asked Stormer if he did as well because of is actions in the mission, but two grateful Fangz hounds came to see them off and interrupted the conversation, displaying affection towards Rocka by licking him.[Episode 7] The six Heroes headed back to the Hero Factory with Witch Doctor.[C7]


Rocka in his new armor

Rocka received a new set of armor before a mission to capture the villain Voltix, which Rocka and Furno were able to perform successfully. However, when delivering Voltix to the villain containment area of the Hero Factory, the villain revealed that he had let himself be captured, and triggered Black Hole Orb Staff to generate a black hole that allowed all captured villains to escape in a mass Von Nebula's breakout. Rocka, Furno, Stormer, Stringer, Mark Surge, and Nathan Evo tried to stop the villains from escaping, but failed. During the fight, Voltix told Rocka that he tricked him into capturing him and then shot beams of electricity ar Rocka, but Rocka used his Crossbow to defend himself. After Voltix got away, Rocka noticed Fire Lord and Jetbug preparing to attack Stringer while Stringer was fighting Splitface, so Rocka used his Hex Energy Shield to protect Stringer from Fire Lord and Jetbug, but the impact from the two villains knocked the two Heroes away from Splitface. The two Heroes witnessed the three villains getting away. After all of the villains escaped, the six Heroes, along with many others and many Hero Factory staff members, ateended a meeting with Zib about the villains being on the loose. The rest of Alpha 1 Team received new sets of armor as well, in order to track down the escaped villains on solo missions. Rocka was secretly tasked by the Hero Recon Team with protecting the Black Hole Orb Staff, though his refusal to go on a sole recapturing mission attracted the attention of Professor Zib. Zib questioned Rocka on who gave him his assignment, but Zib rushed to help the other Heroes with their solo missions. Rocka went to guard the Black Hole Staff.

Once the rest of the Heroes had been dispatched, the villain Black Phantom took over the Hero Factory with the help of his drone minion called Arachnix, activating the building's force field called Fail-Safe Shield to ensure that no Heroes could come to the rescue.[Episode 8]

Using his knowledge as a member of the Recon Team, Rocka was able to stay in contact with Professor Zib over a secret frequency, and began traveling to Akiyama Makuro's office, where he knew he could disable the Fail-Safe Shield.

While attempting to reach the office through an elevator shaft, Rocka was spotted by Black Phantom, who sent his Arachnix to stop Rocka. Despite being overwhelmed by the self replicating drone, Rocka managed to break free and reach the office door, which was locked with a puzzle switch. Rocka eventually rearranged the puzzle switch into the shape of Hero Factory's insignia, allowing him into a room where he deactivated the failsafe shield.

Rocka fighting Black Phantom

He regrouped with his four fellow teammates, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Nathan Evo, and Mark Surge, outside the Hero Factory's Assembly Tower, which Black Phantom had reworked to enhance his own power. Here, Rocka revealed that he has been operating as a member of Hero Recon Team. Surge asked Rocka if the HRT is accepting applications, but Stormer cut him off because he wanted his fellow Heroes to stop Black Phantom first. The team entered the Assembly Tower, and Rocka climbed up the assembly equipment to take on Black Phantom while the rest of the team fought Arachnix and his clones on the floor of the Assembly Tower. Stormer ordered Rocka to unplug Black Phantom from the cables that were feeding power to him, but Evo, acting on a gut instinct, said to instead plug Black Phantom in even more. Stormer, trusting Evo's instincts, gave his support to Evo's plan. Rocka did this, successfully overloading Black Phantom with power and allowing Rocka to restrain Black Phantom with a pair of Hero Cuffs.[Episode 9] Since that time, Rocka was upset about how Black Phantom was a tough challenge to him, so he became restless and determined to impress his teammates.[SM3]

After the mission, Rocka and his team met with Zib and Makuro in mission control, where Zib revealed that while Hero Factory was on lockdown, a single file containing the plans for the Hero Factory itself had been sent to an unknown outside location, meaning villains elsewhere could duplicate the Hero Factory for their own nefarious purposes.[Episode 9]

The Doom Box

During the hunt for the Doom Box, Rocka was contacted by Stormer about a lead in stopping Core Hunter, given to him by Arctur. Rocka traveled to Asteroid J-54 and met Splitface, who was incarcerated. From Splitface, Rocka learned about Deneb's Doom Box map and the planet on which the Doom Box was forged. Going there, Rocka briefly met Arctur and was instructed to wait until the other Heroes arrived. Shortly after they arrived, Core Hunter killed Arctur, then assembled the box and it began to expand. Per Arctur's plan, Breez used the villain's Hero Core Remover Tool and it absorbed the Doom Box's energies, rendering it harmless. However it gave Core Hunter unlimited power which he used to defeat all the Heroes save Surge, who reflected the energy back at Core Hunter, causing his body to vanish. The Heroes picked up the Doom Box and left, logging Arctur as the sole casualty, and continued with Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.[SM1]

Rocka designed the Hero Core Locking Clamps with the help of Zib.[FO:MSG]

Brain Attack

Attack on Makuhero City

Rocka, Stormer, Furno, Bulk, Surge, Evo, and Natalie Breez were attending a publicity event where they met with Makuhero City's citizens. Zib recalled the seven Heroes when he detected a large army of Brain-controlled creatures about to invade the city. Rocka was upgraded into new armor and went with Alpha 1 to confront the monsters.

Rocka was also instrumental during the attack on Makuhero City for developing and distributing Hero Recon Bikes to his comrades, which helped the Heroes gain a needed speed advantage.[FO:MSG, p. 71]

Rocka's HUD

During the battle, Rocka usually fought many Brain-possessed Dune Crawlers, including Scarox.[TBW] He and his fellow Heroes discovered how to remove the Brains from their hosts, so they used the Brains' weak spot to remove the Brains from many creatures to free and turn them back to normal. Then, a male dragon named Dragon Bolt appeared in the sky, attacked the Heroes, and flew into Hero Factory. While the others returned to the factory to locate the missing Surge, Rocka pursued the dragon, tracking him to a storage center. After encountering Dragon Bolt, Rocka discovered a massive jetpack, and used it to battle the dragon. During their aerial fight about the city, Rocka jumped out of the jetpack and landed on Dragon Bolt's back and knocked the Brain off him. Rocka then rode the dragon to the ground, and Rocka let the city's people observe the dragon. Rocka and the other Heroes started cleaning up the city.[Episode 10]

Rocka in his new armor

Collision Course

Rocka was modifying Hero Factory's sensor relays when Breez called him to a meeting held by Stormer. Breez kept calling Rocka through his communicator, but Rocka turned it off to stop getting distracted by it. When Breez finally found Rocka, Rocka explained his intent, annoying Breez. Breez impatiently told Rocka to go to the meeting, and then they finally went to the meeting, preventing Rocka from finishing modifying the sensor relays by calibrating a danger scanner on them. After the meeting, where the aftermath of Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em was discussed, the sensors glitched because of Rocka's incomplete process in modifying the sensor relays. After everyone left the meeting room, Stormer talked to Rocka about the glitching sensors and lectured him on how to use his skills wisely. Breez and Stormer detected that the Valiant was in trouble, on a collision course for the Hero Factory, so Stormer sent Breez and Rocka on a scouting mission in the Valiant. Rocka and Breez took personal rocket packs, which Rocka made, to fly there. Reaching the Valiant, Rocka burst into the hull, followed by Breez. The two Heroes split up, and Rocka began to look around for the ship's engineering section.

Rocka found the ship's auxiliary control room on the way. After using his hacking skills to break a computer firewall there, Rocka was ambushed by several Brains. Escaping them, he made it to the engineering section and took out two Brain-controlled workers guarding it, before discovering twenty more infected workers in the room. Recognizing he was outnumbered, Rocka snuck to the room's catwalk and threw his shield to the catwalk's two thick power cables to cut them. He expected the cables to create a flash of electricity and sound an alarm, which would convince the workers in the room to do a mass evacuation from it, but it did not happen. This got the workers' attention, so they discovered Rocka and threatened to shoot at him. However, Rocka took out some and threatened to blow up the Valiant by stabbing the engineering section's computer console that controlled the power flow. The Brains' swarm leader, who possessed Kirch, arrived and told Rocka that right after Rocka fled from the auxiliary control room, Kirch and his Brain comrades rerouted the room's power to the ship's auxiliary control room because he knew Rocka was coming to the engine room. He used the little remaining bit of the engineering room's power to knock Rocka unconscious, keeping him as a hostage. When ten of the workers went to defend the auxiliary control room, Rocka freed himself and fought the other ten, but Kirch captured him again. Rocka heard Evo announce he and his fellow Heroes in Drop Ships had arrived. Rocka managed to escape Kirch, as the swarm leader began using the Valiant to fire on Evo and the Drop Ships. Rocka ran auxiliary control when Bulk and Furno arrived, forcing the standoff on the Valiant resulting in the Brains being incinerated. Rocka, Breez, Stormer, Bulk, Furno, and the Captain of the Valiant, Aquax, managed to save the Valiant from careening into the sun. Rocka returned to the Hero Factory.[SM3]

Robot Rampage

Rocka stayed inside the Hero Factory while Bulk and Furno journeyed to Tranquis VII to save Stringer. Stormer had Rocka and Evo take care of a group of pirates, who were piloting four space ships and were fighting Bulk and Furno on Bulk and Furno's journey. Rocka acquired satellite imagery of the city of Tranquis for Stormer. After their mission was successful, Rocka arrived to the planet along with Stormer, Evo, Breez, Nex, and a dozen other Heroes to help Stringer, Bulk, and Furno, capture a swarm of the Brains and clean up the city after the destruction caused by the Brains. Rocka and Evo checked on Project Sunstorm after it was destroyed by Karter.[SM4]

It is unknown what Rocka was doing during Mission: Mirror World.

Invasion from Below

Rocka, Stormer, Furno, Bulk, Surge, and Breez went to Antropolis City to help Evo fight the Jumpers. the Heroes brought their Remote Builder to build three Battle Machines. Rocka built Stormer the Stormer Freeze Machine, Furno the Furno Jet Machine, and himself the Rocka Stealth Machine.

Rocka used the Stealth Machine to fight the Jumpers. During the time, after Furno was captured by a mutated Jumper called a Jaw Beast, Rocka used the Stealth Machine to save Furno by blasting the beast to make it let go of Furno. After hearing Breez about the Jumpers communicating, Rocka caught one of the Jumpers that he was fighting to analyze it. Rocka saw that Breez was right about the Jumpers communicating, but before he could analyze any further, the Jumper broke free and trashed the Stealth Machine, forcing Rocka to escape. After Stormer and Furno were kidnapped by mutated Jumpers and were taken underground, Rocka, and the other four Heroes went underground to rescue their friends.

Rocka took in charge of the four Heroes. He discovered three construction workers imprisoned in the Jumpers' Cocoons. Rocka and the other Heroes freed them, and then he told the construction workers to quickly get back to the surface for safety. Rocka told Evo to make five new Battle Machines that can adapt to underground. Evo made Rocka a smaller battle machine called the Rocka Crawler and a larger one called the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine. Rocka found a unhatched Jumper cocoon and used the Crawler to investigate it, but a Jumper came out of the cocoon and attacked Rocka. However, Rocka used his Battle Machine to defeat the Jumper. After the other Battle Machines were built, the five Heroes traveled underground, but Rocka and Surge were taken by a cave with a magnetic pull and where magnetic rocks are floating around, getting separated from the others.

Rocka and Surge's Battle Machines were magentically attracted to the rocks, trapping the machines. Rocka was attacked by a mutated Jumper called a Tunneler Beast. Rocka tried to use his gun to fight the beast, but the gun was magnetically attracted to the rock his Battle Machine was stuck on. Surge used the Combat Machine to save Rocka by blasting the beast. The Crawler was caught in the magnetic pull of two rocks, forcing Rocka to get out of there. He was chased by another Tunneler Beast, but he was helped out by Surge, who brought him to Rocka's cockpit in the Combat Machine. They worked together to use the machine to fight more Jumpers until a rock destroyed Surge's cockpit and then Surge was captured by another Tunneler Beast, making Rocka use the plane half of the Combat Machine to chase after it.

Rocka went to the Queen Beast's nest and tried to fight the queen, but the queen knocked the plane half off the air. Rocka managed to get out of the plane half before it got destroyed by a pool of acid. Rocka, Bulk, and Evo fought the Jumpers, but when Breez used her ability to communicate with animals to talk to the queen out of the invasion, she discovered that Jumpers mistakenly thought that the city's people were attacking them when the construction workers accidentally awakened the Jumpers, so she told Rocka, Bulk, and Evo to lay down their weapons, so the Jumpers would no longer see them as a threat. After Breez convinced the queen to end the invasion, the queen gave the four Heroes Stormer, Furno, and Surge back. However, after a Jumper accidentally used one of the Heroes' guns to damage the nest and kill a few fellow unhatched Jumpers, the queen noticed, so she got angry and mistakenly thought that she and her kind have been betrayed by the Heroes, so she attacked the Heroes. However, when Stormer tried to save Bulk from the queen, he unintentionally damaged the nest more, killing all but one of the Jumpers in the process. The seven Heroes used Evo's Battle Machine called the Evo Spider Machine to get out of the Jumpers' lair and back to the surface.

The Heroes had the city's people close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair and build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it. When the Heroes are leaving with their Drop Ship and heading home, they do not notice that there is the remaining Jumper, who is contained in an unhatched cocoon, being placed in the ship for some reason, so the Heroes are accidentally bringing the Jumper along.[Episode 11]

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

When the Alpha 1 Team was defeated by the Legion of Darkness long ago, Rocka never existed. However, since the Legion of Darkness and their fellow villains in Von Nebula City are recently defeated, Rocka would likely be created.[SM5]

Abilities and Traits

Rocka on Quatros

Rocka's outlook is very much like a younger Furno's; he is extremely self-assured and headstrong, willing to immediately take on a challenge without a thought to his own limitations. This sometimes makes him act without thinking, which can get him into trouble, and he is impulsive.[MtH] This confidence caused him to clash with Furno, but the two eventually settled their differences.[Episode 6][Episode 7] His experience in the training sphere has given him a diverse skillset. As a member of the Recon Team, he is also skilled in secrecy and espionage teachings. Rocka is also very fast and very acrobatic, which he learned from the Recon Team, while other people do not see this as a regular skill set that non-HRT Heroes do.[Episode 9][SM3]

Rocka specializes in technology, and excels in developing new software applications and devices, like the Hero Core Locking Clamps, Hero Recon Bikes,[FO:MSG] and personal rocket packs, which were used to get to the Valiant. He can also hack into security systems, as he can hack through and shut down a computer firewall.[SM3]

During Mission: Invasion From Below, when Stormer and Furno were kidnapped by the Jumpers, Rocka became a deputy leader of the remaining members of the Alpha 1 Team in Antropolis City until Stormer and Furno were saved.[Episode 11]

Since Rocka is a member of the Hero Recon Team, he can turn his Breakout Hero Core a little to make a holographic projection that shows the HRT's logo.[Episode 9]

Armor and Tools

In his 2.0 form, Rocka carried a Multi-Tool Ice Shield.[Episode 6] He was slightly taller than a 1.0 Hero.

As part of his 3.0 upgrade, Rocka possessed the raw strength of a lion.[FO:MSG, p. 36][Product info] He bore a double-claw combo tool as his 3.0 weapon.

He was temporarily armored with ancient armor pieces on Quatros to become Rocka XL, making him taller and stronger than a normal 3.0 Hero, but has since stopped using these pieces. The XL form made Rocka strong enough to fight the Witch Doctor.[Episode 7] When he was using his XL form, he also got a launcher that looks and functions like a Meteor Blaster.

Before the Breakout, Rocka got an upgrade, where he was given reinforced armor[HiA] and a helmet with a heat vision scope, also called an infrared vision scope,[FO:MSG] as well as new weapons: a Crossbow with an attached spear launcher and an attached bandolier of spears, and a weaker version of the Hex Energy Shield, which he could use for both defense and melee combat. He was also equipped with a new set of Hero Cuffs, which can fly and seek out their target. Rocka became slightly taller than his 2.0 form, as he was at the same height as Furno, Breez, and Bulk's Breakout forms.

During the Brains' attack on Makuhero City, Rocka was given new armor, a Plasma Sword and a 360° Spinning Razor Shield; the weapons can be controlled telekinetically through his helmet.[SM3] His armor included Hero Core Locking Clamps, which boosted the power of and protected his Hero Core, as well as a protective Visor with night vision. He became slightly shorter than his Breakout form. He was at the same height as Bulk, Breez, and Evo's Brain Attack forms, and slightly shorter than Stormer and Surge's Brain Attack forms. Rocka has an equipment port, which contains a small device called a Laser Torch.[SM3]

He was additionally equipped with a jetpack to take on the Brain-possessed Dragon Bolt; the jetpack features numerous offensive capabilities as well as enhanced sensory displays. He is nicknamed "Jet Rocka" because of the jetpack.(Dragon Bolt vs Jet Rocka!)

During Mission: Invasion From Below, Rocka got upgraded with new compact armor that allows him to pilot a Battle Machine. Rocka had the Rocka Stealth Machine, Rocka Crawler, and the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine. Rocka controlled the small jet half of the Combat Machine. Rocka lost all of the machines during his fights with the Jumpers.[Episode 11] He also had a laser gun, a wrench, and a sledgehammer.

Set Information

Set 2143 Rocka 3.0, which featured Rocka, was released in the summer of 2011, as part of the canister wave.[Canister] This set contains 30 pieces, including a transparent green armor piece decorated with the name "Rocka 3.0" and a lion pattern. The set is slightly taller than the other 3.0 sets. Parts from this set could be used with parts from 2145 Stormer 3.0 to build a non-canon combination model using instructions from HeroFactory.com. Rocka 3.0's canister's lib has a printed code underneath it that could unlock Rocka's version of a version of an online game called Creep Crushers, called Jungle Crushers, in the HeroPad section of the Hero Factory website.

Set 2282 Rocka XL

Rocka was also released the same year in a large boxed set, 2282 Rocka XL.[Box] There are 174 pieces in this set, including two of the aforementioned printed armor piece and a gold sphere. A launcher, which is the same in design as the Meteor Blaster, in his right hand can fire the sphere when the sides are squeezed. Rocka XL's right forearm is longer than his left for some reason, and his claw weapon is on his left arm rather than his right, like his normal set, for some reason.

Another set featuring the character, 6202 Rocka, which is medium-sized, was released in early 2012.[Foil Pack] Comprising 55 pieces, this set features a ball shooter and shield, as well as a redesigned Hero Core containing a code which, when entered into an online game called Breakout on HeroFactory.com, will give the player 300 points. Rocka's gun-holding left forearm is shorter than his right for some reason. Parts from Rocka can be combined with parts from set 6203 Black Phantom to create a non-canon combination model using instructions from Hero Factory website.

Set 44002 Rocka, which is small, was released as part of the early 2013 "Brain Attack" wave.[Foil Pack] This 43-piece set includes a plasma blade sword, a spinning razor shield, and a new visor element that can open or close over Rocka's new helmet. Like the other Hero sets in this wave, the set also includes locking clamps to secure the Hero Core, which is the same style as the previous series and includes a printed code for 400 game points in an online game called Brain Attack. The set is as tall as Rocka 3.0. Parts from the Brain Attack set can be combined with parts from set 44003 Scarox to create a non-canon combination model using instructions from HeroFactory.com.

Another set called 44014 Jet Rocka, which is large, was released in the summer of 2013.[Box] The set contains 290 pieces, 43 of which are used to build Jet Rocka, and other pieces to build the jetpack. Rocka in this set is taller than his regular Brain Attack set, the Brain Attack Stormer set, the Brain Attack Surge one, and the Breakout Rocka set, but slightly shorter than Furno XL. This form never appeared in Episode 10: Brain Attack for some reason, making it questionable in the canon. Like the smaller Rocka set, Jet Rocka has a Hero Core with a printed code underneath it that provides 3000 points in the Brain Attack game.

Rocka as a minifigure

Rocka was released in 3 sets in 2014. The first one was released at the beginning of 2014 (though delayed until March for North America) while the other two in summer 2014. He is included in set 44019 Rocka Stealth Machine in early 2014.[Foil Pack] In this set, Rocka has a gun, a wrench, and a sledgehammer. He is also included in set 44023 Rocka Crawler in summer 2014.[Foil Pack] In that set, Rocka has a click shooter, which represents his laser gun. He is included in set 44028 "Surge & Rocka" Combat Machine in summer 2014.[Box] In this set, Rocka has the click shooter.


"I hope you learned a lesson about paying attention and taking your time."
"I sure did! And I bet I learned it faster than any of the other Heroes!
Preston Stormer and Rocka, Breakout

"You know this isn't going to work right?"
"It seems to be working fine so far."
"Do you know how many would-be galactic conquerors Hero Factory deals with every week? It's what we do."
― Rocka and a Brain-controlled Kirch, Collision Course


  • Tom Kenny provided the voice for Rocka in the Television Episodes, while in Invasion from Below, he was voiced by Christopher Smith.
  • Rocka is the only known member of the Alpha 1 Team to not have a promotional nickname or signature.
  • In Episode 6: Savage Planet Part 1, Rocka's 2.0 form is based on his 3.0 set because the 2.0 form never had its own set while in the comics, the 2.0 form looks different.
  • In Rocka's 2011 sets, his eyes are shown in the helmet's mouth hole. In the Savage Planet episodes, Rocka's 3.0 helmet is smaller and adjusted to match his eyeline.
  • In Rocka's Breakout set, he has a silver hand and uneven forearms, but in the Breakout episodes, he has gold hands and even forearms with gold armor pieces.
  • Although Rocka XL's set features a blaster, he was never seen using it in Episode 7: Savage Planet Part 2 or Comic 7: Savage Planet 2.
  • Since Rocka was never a 1.0 Hero, his Breakout helmet in his 2012 set is an original design with a heat vision scope. His Brain Attack and Invasion From Below helmets are based on that one, but without the heat vision scope.
  • According to Rocka's normal Brain Attack form's set's Lego.com description, his Brain Attack equipment was given to him by the Hero Recon Team. However, in Episode 10: Brain Attack, Zib gave Rocka the equipment.
  • Rocka's Jet form was never shown in Episode 10 for some reason, and he can use his normal Brain Attack form to wear the jetpack.
  • According to Daniela Capricorn in Dragon Bolt vs Jet Rocka!, Rocka is considered to be Makuhero City's "crowd favorite".



  1. Rocka's name was first identified as "Daniel Rocka" in the credits of some copies of the Savage Planet DVD, the iTunes version of the direct-to-video movie, and later in Episode 10: Brain Attack and Episode 11: Invasion From Below.

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