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Invasion from Below Canisters.jpg
User(s) Heroes
Functionality Contain and scan contents
Status Out of use

Canisters are large containers used by Heroes to contain and scan the Jumpers.


When a Jumper is placed inside a Canister, the Canister scans the Beast and send back the important information to the Hero Factory headquarters.

Some Battle Machines had special variants of Canisters, such as Stormer Freeze Machine's kyro chamber (freeze tank) and Furno Jet Machine's furnace canister.

Example Usage

Rocka captures a Jumper with his Rocka Stealth Machine and places it in his Battle Machine's canister to scan it.

Set Information

Each of the first wave of 2014 Battle Machine sets, except for Evo Walker, came with a canister, comprising of four pieces, attached to various points on the Battle Machine's structure. In the second wave, only the Evo Spider Machine came with a canister, but it could be used interchangeably with the other Battle Machines in the same wave.

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