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Toys "R" Us Hong Kong Microsite

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Toys "R" Us Hong Kong Microsite
Manager(s) Toys "R" Us
Type Microsite

The Toys "R" Us Hong Kong Microsite is a microsite hosted on the Toys "R" Us Hong Kong website. The website is available in Chinese and English.


The Toys "R" Us Hong Kong Microsite has seven main sections.


The Home page for the microsite has a link at the top to view it in Chinese or English. It has an image of the heroes and the 2012 set packages, which sends you to the Products section when clicked. There is also an ad for Hero Factory FM, which when clicked, sends you to the latest podcast on Along with the Hero Factory FM ad, there is a link to a leaflet displaying the late-2011 sets and a short comic in a PDF format. Next to the image of the Hero 3.0 canisters is a link to the videos section of the page. At the bottom of the section are links to some other sections of the site.


In the Story section, there are subsections for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 stories. Each subsection gives a short intro to the story for that year.


When you enter the Products section, it displays images that send you to either the 2010, 2011, or 2012 products when clicked. There are subsections for each year's products that show you either the Hero or Villain sets. For each product, there is it's age marking, it's number of pieces, and a description.


The Videos section has multiple Animations and "Webisodes" in multiple languages. Each webisode is one of the Hero Factory Television Episodes divided into three parts. There are are a total of four webisodes on the site: Trials of Furno, Core Crisis, The Enemy Within, and Von Nebula. The webisodes are only available in Chinese. Shortly after each webisode is released, there is a Question & Answer test. When you take the test, you are entered into a contest to win prizes. Twenty people eventually are crowned winners and are emailed to let them know how to collect their prizes.


The Downloads section has multiple categories of downloads, like Wallpaper, Posters, Comics, and a booklet advertizing the early-2012 sets. They have online copies of Comic 5: Ordeal of Fire, Comic 6: Savage Planet, as well as several others. They also have a link to play Mission 2: Ordeal of Fire on the site.


The activity section displays William Furno standing on a pedestal. The section reads "Coming Soon".


The Missions section redirects to Mission: Von Nebula on


  • In the 2010 Products section, Thunder's name was translated to "Crush".

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