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YTV Microsite
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The YTV Microsite is a microsite run by YTV to promote the LEGO Hero Factory franchise.


The main page features links to PDFs of the first three comics. An animation box plays trailers for Episode 5: Ordeal of Fire, the Assembly Tower Animation, the Hero Factory Promo Animation and Hero 1.0 advertisements. A sidebar to the left of each section links to downloadable PDF versions of the first three Hero Factory Comics. Links at the bottom of each section lead to the main YTV site, the Teletoon site,, the LEGO Club website, and the main LEGO website.


The Trials of Furno!

The first of four games is called Hero Factory. In the game, Surge 2.0 is controlled via a webcam marker to destroy targets and pass through a training simulation. The game The Trials of Furno! takes place on Merak 9 during the Battle Against XPlode and Rotor with opening panels from Trials of Furno. William Furno is controlled on a mission against XPlode and uses the W, D, and A keys to jump and move, and the mouse to fire. XPlode fires lasers and bombs. The goal is to defeat XPlode without getting defeated. Crates can get power-ups to add to the player's final score, and there are life and time boosters to hold off a clock that could end the game in a draw. There is a Story and Arcade Mode. The third game is Mission: Ordeal of Fire hosted on the site as Mission 2: Ordeal of Fire. The final game is Fan Yourself, where you can place a photo into a Hero 2.0 poster.


This section features bios of the Hero 1.0 sets along with the villains under Von Nebula and Fire Lord's teams. Vapor is not included.


The products section features quick text on Hero 2.0 sets with pictures of their canisters.

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