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Hero Factory FM
Type Podcast
Year(s) released 2010-2011

Hero Factory FM is an in-universe podcast released on LEGO's Hero Factory website. It is also featured in iTunes. It features DJ Mak Megahertz describing minor events of the Hero Factory story, with appearances from several of the Heroes, such as members of Alpha 1 Team. Hero Factory FM broadcasts from the lobby of the Hero Factory, and Mak makes a broadcast every week. The broadcasts went from June 2010 to February 2011. The events of the broadcasts took place before the events of Hero Factory's Rise of the Rookies story arc in 2010.

Broadcast 1 (June 21, 2010)

Megahertz introduces his segment and give a quick introduction to Hero Factory. Megahertz then introduces his three guests, Alpha 1 Team members Preston Stormer, Jimi Stringer, and Dunkan Bulk. Megahertz points out that in the past 12 months the Heroes have refused 14 requests for interviews. One of the Heroes explains that they were just too busy. Mak then mentions one of their most discussed missions, fighting off Cornelius Zo and his army of Tiger Ants. Trying to bring up another mission that involving in successfully capturing a notorious space pirate, Megahertz is cut off by an alarm, indicating that the Alpha 1 Team had to leave. Megahertz then introduces Professor Nathaniel Zib. Zib says that he has been working as a Senior Mission Manager for seven years. Zib takes calls from the Hero Factory hotline, including one about a five-headed six-armed laser shooting monster trying to kill a boy's cat. Zib states that it is either a harmless Felienian Gorgon or a dangerous Bortha-Bear. Another call is about a giant chicken named Snowflake, who is actually a shape-shifter. Megahertz previews an episode where he will interview a Hero rookie named Will Furno.

Broadcast 2 (July 6, 2010)

Megahertz introduces his show, and mentions the show's guest - Will Furno. An ad plays for the Hero News Network, with reporter Zed Clickstart. Megahertz then opens a call with Furno, who is on a training mission to remove fuel cells from a high security complex on the desert planet of Fabulox 18. Furno expresses his discomfort at being called "the next Preston Stormer". Furno says he did not find any villains in the mission yet. Then, he is attacked by a villain. A computerized voice states that the mission has been failed, and Mak asks what is going on. Furno explains that it was only a simulation in a Training Sphere, and he is really directly above the DJ booth. Megahertz then cuts to his segment with Professor Zib, who points out that Megahertz distracted Furno in his training mission with Megahertz' show. The professor then plays a recording of a call about a mutant panda named Panda-Monium, who was responsible for a raid on the bamboo planet of Zarron. Megahertz asks if it was the same being that pulled off an art heist in Stellac City National Gallery, but Zib says it was a cat burglar named Interpolar Bear, who wears a panda suit. Another call is played, about Von Nebula, who stands on the caller's front lawn and smashes the caller's house. Von Nebula comes to the caller before the caller hangs up. Zib sadly states that he got away, and that he believes it is because Von Nebula has acquired a portable black hole. Zib also mentioned about Von Nebula traveling with five of his henchmen, XPlode, Rotor, Thunder, Meltdown, and Corroder. Megahertz previews an episode while he will interview a Hero Factory employee named Sid Asimo.

Broadcast 3 (July 22, 2010)

Megahertz introduces the show and mentions that Hero Factory's longest-serving employee, Sid Asimo, will be on the show later. An ad plays, announcing that Earth company LEGO and Hero Factory have teamed up to create Hero action figures. When asked for an opinion, Stormer points out that the figures are a little small. Megahertz then begins his segment with Professor Nathaniel Zib. In the analyzed call, the caller complains about a giant frog that keeps stealing the caller's football. Mak suggests the first course of action should be to retrieve the football, but Zib retorts that a Hero would neutralize the frog first, explaining that at this time of year, giant frogs appear in plague-like numbers on many planets in the Milky Way. Proper procedure would be to continue with a sweep of the area, then return the football, if intact. Megahertz suggests the Hero stay and play catch with the caller, but Zib says that doing so is against procedure. An ad for Makuhero City's most popular primetime TV show - Dancing With The Heroes - airs. Bulk, Stringer, and Stormer are paired with Makuhero City Dance Academy's top performers for this show, which airs every Tuesday. Megahertz laughs about the ad, and compliments "good old Stormer". He irremediably retracts the statement that Stormer is old, as Stormer is apparently threatening him. Megahertz then introduces his guest for the day, Sid Asimo, who has been working in the furnace of the Assembly Tower for 92 years. However, the noise in the furnace has damaged Asimo's hearing, and he cannot hear what Megahertz is trying to say to him. Megahertz previews an episode where he will interview a villain-turned-Hero-Factory-employee.

Broadcast 4 (August 5, 2010)

Megahertz starts the show. A somewhat call is heard. Megahertz goes to live reporter Zed Clickstart in the middle of the action with Gamma Team, which is fighting a horde of rampaging Gnashers. As planes surround Clickstart, and explosions are heard, the link with the reporter is cut, which Megahertz attributes to a malfunction. Megahertz begins an interview with Gargantuan Smash, the villain-turned-Hero-Factory-employee who was once one of the galaxy's worst villains and on top of the Hero Factory Most Wanted List only twelve months ago. Smash now assists the Hero Factory Mission Managers track down and capture villains and monsters across the galaxy. A recording is showed of Smash's villain past, and Smash explains that he and his gang came across a diamond-encrusted temple about twelve months ago, and tore it apart to loot it. Feeling bored, he defected to Hero Factory as he was getting good pay and work hours and so he could pursue his talent, poetry. Smash begins his poetry, but Megahertz cuts him off and goes into his segment with Zib. A quick call is gone over about a dragon attacking a school, and Zib explains to Megahertz how that would be dealt with. Zib leaves, and Megahertz closes the show, announcing in his next episode that he will interview some Heroes who did a famous mission in the past.

Broadcast 5 (August 19, 2010)

As usual, Megahertz introduces the show. An ad for Hero Factory services featuring the Zeetleback family is aired. Gary and Michelle Zeetleback from Cherith 9 explain how Heroes arrived and defeated Arcadian Sand Snakes. Megahertz enters his segment with Zib, who airs an 'ominous' recording from Earth about a math teacher giving life-threatening amounts of homework. Zib reports three Hero teams had been dispatched, and the math teacher will be sent to a maximum-security prison. After a promo, a recording is aired about the exploits of Thelonious Fox, Deuce Carter, and Oscar Flint from a past mission against the Sun-Eater. Carter and Flint join Megahertz in the studio, and they explain their success becoming team-leaders after working under Fox. Megahertz inquires about Fox's whereabouts while he heard a rumor about Fox being a member of the Hero Recon Team, but Carter and Flint do not know where he is. A clip from a famous mission that the two Heroes accomplished, where they rescued Saturn's king from a Neptunian Gorgon, is played. Megahertz talks to Zib again, and Zib plays a call he just received, and states that he believes it is a new language. Megahertz believes it is Mercurian, but Zib replies that the reality is much, much worse. Megahertz ends the episode and previews his meeting with the organizers of a Hero Factory fan club on his next episode.

Broadcast 6 (August 30, 2010)

Once again, Megahertz introduces the show. AJ Lightview, and Jasinta Bolt, heads of the Hero Factory fan club go on the show, and keep cheering as they are actually in Hero Factory. They talk about how they climbed for a few days to be on top of the building in the restricted area, despite Megahertz's bafflement at this. They were taken away by guards, and let in the building today with twelve heavily-armed guards next to Megahertz's booth. They then mention a temporary restraining order placed by the Heroes, and Megahertz decides to end the segment. An ad for Bulk's 'essence of a Hero' fragrance is aired, and Megahertz goes to Zib who plays a recording detailing a blubbery creature named Hobochinku eating all the food in a man's fridge. Zib reports that Hobochinku escaped his clinic, and he eats anything, but the main issue is he expels massive amounts of waste, and Epsilon Team is after him. Megahertz plays some shout-outs to the show, and previews the next show before signing off.

Broadcast 7 (September 14, 2010)

Megahertz previews Calvin Metric, but cuts to Zed Clickstart who is with Sierra Team on the planet Videon looking for a giant Acid Snake. Clickstart fails to talk to Ted Blakespear, Bart Ellori, and Nate Burgiss, who are busy finding to find the snake. Burgiss finally talks about the plan, showing Clickstart a motion device and talking about a decoy to lure in the snake. The motion detector sounds off, and Burgiss tells Clickstart to stay where he is while the Heroes take cover. Clickstart actually is the decoy, and the beast attacks him and cuts the feed. Megahertz cuts to Zib while closing the Clickstart story. Zib plays a tape of a child singing creepily out of tune, saying a villain named Cowell may have corrupted the caller. Playing another tape, Zib tells listeners Cowell travels the galaxy taking those with talent and manipulating them into mindless slaves. An ad then plays for a musical act between Gargantuan Smash and Lydia Zahoola. Calvin Metric, a weapon designer, comes in bringing a prototype of a weapon called a De-Atomizer. Megahertz accidentally activates the weapon on himself, splitting him into separate parts. Metric leaves and schedules Megahertz an appointment at the Assembly Tower as they had not built an Atomizer part of the weapon yet. Megahertz manages to end the show and previews the next episode despite being separated into pieces.

Broadcast 8 (September 28, 2010)

Megahertz begins by looking at the mailbag, and finds a letter by Crixian from the Eto system asking for more Hero guests and less time of just Megahertz. Megahertz thinks he meant he was listening to the program "Factory Rock FM" and their DJ. Zeldeen from Stellac City thinks the Call Center calls are faked, citing the mutant panda as an example. Another one from the backwards planet Reverso saying 'Susan', and Megahertz grudgingly understands. Tibor Terrel goes on the show, and Megahertz tells the listeners he is just finished a Hero Factory film. Terrel says his movie will be bigger than anything, including Megahertz's 'big' films, Clavatar, Lord of the Rings of Saturn, Crashing Six-Headed Hidden Dragon Bear, and When Hashi met Zaxi. Terrel announces Hero Factory The Musical, saying it is the first Hero Factory musical ever made, much to Megahertz's annoyance. A trailer is played for the musical highlighting the actors and songs, and the story revolving around the evil Hobochinku. Megahertz praises it as topping Terrel's last documentary: The Secret Life of Moon Rocks. Talking about attacks by Von Nebula and his goons in the Deltari Quadrant, Megahertz previews an interview with a Recon Team agent.

Broadcast 9 (October 19, 2010)

Again, Megahertz previews the show. Tib Montros, who is in a Hero Factory Hover Pod, gives the traffic report for Makuhero City: slow traffic on the Makurobroad and Jubilee Expressways, an accident on the L29 between a police truck and an ice cream vendor has reduced traffic to a crawl, and roadworks on Makuhero Boulevard have caused a few headaches for workers on their morning commuting to Hero Factory. After saying the sky traffic is fine, a heated argument begins between a flyer and Montros before they are cut off by an Upstart Mag-Lev Home Repair Kit ad. Megahertz repeats information supposedly heard on other news media about Von Nebula and his gang attacking the Deltari Quadrant, a peaceful quadrant of Deltari, and stealing Palamino Diamonds from there. A tape from the 'Space Cops' (a Hero Factory TV Show) airs re-enacting the attack as Von Nebula cut communications upon entering Deltari. A Recon Team agent goes on the show, a first for any communications network. The agent requests to be called 'Smith', who explains that everyone knows they exist after they have finished the job, so there is no need for advanced secrecy. 'Smith' begins to share a criminal report on Von Nebula and his goons. The disc on the files goes over Von Nebula, XPlode, Rotor, Corroder, Meltdown, and Thunder. Megahertz tries to ask 'Smith' about the disc, but notices that 'Smith' has vanished. Megahertz tells users Natalie Breez will be on the next show, and signs off.

Broadcast 10 (November 8, 2010)

Previewing Breez's upcoming interview, Megahertz focuses on his perspective on almost 140,000 lesser-known female Heroes, like Virgina Wake and Emmilene Blast, veterans of several hundred missions, and team leaders still working and most likely being out on missions, like Janey Zero, Sam Mercury, and Veronica Sprint, being overlooked in favor of the men, despite men being huge successes like the men. Breez tells Megahertz that in Hero Factory, there is no gender discrimination. Megahertz says that Breez told him that she beat Stormer in a foot-race on Cerrazon 8. Breez is shocked Megahertz said that on-air, and sure enough, Stormer sends Breez a non-repeatable audio mail message, where Stormer angrily scolds Breez. Megahertz brushes it off saying he and Stormer go way back and Stormer is just a teddy bear. Breez explains that every Hero has a Mission Log that records a mission's every moments, and it is then analyzed by Hero Factory staff and maybe Recon Team. Megahertz mentions 'Smith' last week, and Breez says that there is no 'Smith' on Recon Team, surprising Megahertz as 'Smith' said that was his real name. Breez plays a mission she was on with Alpha 1 Team from the Faraday Belt, chasing fuel smugglers two months ago, warning the high level of electro-static energy in the region, which was why there is interference on the tape. Megahertz plays the tape. Stormer tells the rookies their isosceles formation is going into a rhombus, and Mark Surge tells Stormer that a rhombus has four sides, but Stringer quiets him. Breez reports tracker readings to Stormer, and Stormer matches the reading's with Furno's. The smuggler ships attack, and the Heroes fire back, Stormer announcing the need to disable the ships' engines. Breez runs off against Stormer's orders as she has an idea, and the tape cuts. Megahertz questions Breez and she 'suggests' her Dual Boomerang could have cut the thrusters of the ships, but Breez says that it is classified. The interview ends, though Megahertz tells his coworkers that he and they wants to get the rest of the tape. A Brags Meteor Shields ad sponsors the weather report by Lennard Pell citing a chilly 122 degree morning temperature, but forecasting a nice warm 216 later in the day. Megahertz draws a letter from the mailbag, and it is from Tito Box of Sleewa praising Hero Factory The Musical, much to Megahertz' chagrin. Patrinka from Jupiter Valley (home to Megahertz's family) writes that she misses Zib and his made-up phone calls, though Megahertz doubts her. The last is from Stormer, who wrote his name as "P.S.", threatening to rip Megahertz's arms off after coming out of the Refitting Chamber. Megahertz signs off, and begins to flee, as he tells his driver named Bobo to get a Hover Pod.

Broadcast 11 (December 6, 2010)

Megahertz reports that he's back from being disassembled by Stormer and opens the show citing the show's recent golden Mike Award for Best Advertisements. Ad ad airs for So You Think You Can Be A Hero?, as the finale is airing on Hero Factory TV. Contestant Toby is in the Galactic Munitions Disposal Course, while Ben is in the Acid Swamp Obstacle Course, while Justine is facing a holographic version of Meltdown in a Training Sphere. Supposedly the real challenge for all there is the tough judge Stormer. Megahertz cuts to Clickstart, who is leaving Arkoula 116 with Epsilon Team. Clickstart says acting team leader Gil Driver and his men were brilliant in capturing an Arcadian Sand Snake, and he helped load it in the Drop Ship. He announces that Epsilon Team will do a fly-by over the Assembly Tower. Tralbin's Megastrobes airs an ad before Tib Montros begins the traffic report. The Eastenbroad and Horncastle Expressways are facing slow rush-hour traffic, a truck and mime tour bus accident has severely reduced speeds on the 6-West. Looking at aerial traffic, Montros notices a Hero Pod moving erratically toward his position above the Assembly Tower, and it rams into his Hover Pod. Another ad for Tralbin's Megastrobes airs. Megahertz goes through comments criticizing Hero Factory: The Musical. Breez sits in with Megahertz to discuss her role in the musical as Furno's love interest. Breez states she is not involved with Furno or Surge. Megahertz thanks Breez and she leaves. Zib sits in to discuss fake calls to the emergency hotline. A tape about a dinosaur that looks like a penguin with a fire-breathing camel head and squid tentacles is aired. Zib reports that the beast is real, but long extinct. A tape with a kid scared by a jumping monster is played with the boy having the living cows scared out of him. Zib explains that is not possible, and thus it is a fake call. A few more quick calls are played that are obviously prank calls. Zib delightedly exclaims that he wished to play the calls on air, and everyone knows when a fake call is sent to Hero Factory. Megahertz angrily asks the listeners to send the most hilarious calls imaginable to the Call Center, and he will play the best on air. Megahertz previews next time he will go on a tour of the building, billed as 'Mak on the Move'. Before Megahertz can say further, the broadcast is cut and a faint evil laughter happens.

Broadcast 12 (February 8, 2011)

Megahertz announces he is mobile, and a jingle for 'Mak on the Move' plays. An ad for Hero Factory plays talking about their job. Megahertz goes to the Call Center, meeting Sherman Lennard, the Call Center manager. An incoming call is played about a person being ravaged by mutant pandas, and Megahertz tells the caller that he is on-air. Megahertz asks his location, Tarek, while Lennard tries to get Megahertz to stop, as he would call his supervisor, so the call can be analyzed. Megahertz asks the caller's problem, and he replies that mutant pandas are rampaging through his village. Megahertz mutters about mutant pandas, and asks the caller if he listens much to Hero Factory FM. The caller replies that he does, and when questioned further, he says his favorite part of the show is the ads. Annoyed, Megahertz hangs up and is asked by Lennard to leave. Annoyed, Megahertz plays a Power Core ad to make the caller happy, wishing him luck against the pandas. Megahertz comes back on in Mission Control talking to manager Sturgeon Pinhead, a little surprised at his last name, but Pinhead does not see anything weird about it. Megahertz talks about the screens showing information, while managers are crowded around calmly. Pinhead agrees with Megahertz's description, and Megahertz replies that he is not another loud mouth, but sees Zib and begins yelling, but Zib cannot hear him because he is busy. Pinhead says they are monitoring close to 1,200 missions while Megahertz learns that Pinhead is his family name. Pinhead goes on to say the Tarek system has the most activity, and Megahertz mentioned he just talked to a Tarek caller. Pinhead tells Megahertz that the caller's coordinates were pin-pointed and the Hero Factory sent a Hero team to help him before Megahertz hung up. Megahertz mentions he will be going to the Assembly Tower in one of the Transport Chutes at the edge of the Control Room, but Megahertz gets stuck. He calls his coworker named Jason to have him call maintenance. An ad plays for the Anti-Hero Factory League saying that Heroes are bad. Megahertz is annoyed by the ad, does not like it, and wonders how it got into his show. He says that he is still stuck in the Transport Chute just outside of Mission Control, but he is sure the tech crews are on their way to help him. Trent Mulligan, the program's announcer, continues the show in the Assembly Tower after being introduced by Megahertz. Mulligan talks to the manager, Boz Freeman, but wants to go to another part of the Hero Factory. However, Megahertz tells Mulligan to ask Freeman how long it takes to build a Hero Factory Hero, and Mulligan asks Freeman while Megahertz feels annoyed by Mulligan's not-so-bright behavior. Freeman replies that it takes one to two minutes while refitting only takes a few seconds. Mulligan watches a re-fitting as Freeman explains it. Megahertz tells Mulligan to ask to see the Core Chamber, and Freeman turns him down, but Megahertz advises Mulligan to push Freeman, and Mulligan does it literally, but Megahertz corrects Mulligan because this is not what he meant. Megahertz wraps up the show trying to break out, saying that he will look into the Hero Factory more next time. He also says that the next show will be the final episode and look back on some of the year's highlights. Water rushes through the chute, forcing Megahertz back down as the show winds down. Water gurgling is heard, implying Megahertz went in plumbing and not a chute.



  • In the first broadcast, Megahertz called Stringer "Riff", Stringer's prototype name for his 2010 set.
  • In the ninth broadcast, Von Nebula, XPlode, Rotor, Corroder, Meltdown, and Thunder's villain profile numbers are the same as their set numbers.
  • In Hero Factory FM, William Furno is nicknamed "Will Furno".
  • Surge is the only Alpha 1 Team Hero who is not interviewed by Megahertz.
  • Vapor is the only member of Von Nebula's gang to not be mentioned in the podcast for some reason.
  • Despite Megahertz mentioning in the twelfth broadcast that the next episode will be the final broadcast, the thirteenth broadcast did not happen for some reason, ending the podcast with an unresolved cliffhanger.
  • According to Christian Faber (one of the series' concept creators), Hero Factory FM is a radio show from Makuhero City that our radios from Earth are "accidentally picking up the signal of."

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