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The beta site for HeroFactory.com included a set of testimonials from inhabitants of the Hero Factory universe, as well as a personal account from Hero Preston Stormer. Several of the testimonials later featured as full-fledged Missions on the finalized HeroFactory.com, which also included direct testimonials from Akiyama Makuro about aspects of Hero Factory.

Hero Testimonial: Preston Stormer

"There's nothing like the feeling of putting some lowlife away for good. That's what the Hero Factory does. We take out the galaxy's trash.
[Stand here, like this? OK, sure. What do I say? Fine, I'll tell them.] Now, I'm not saying it's not hard to be a Hero from the Hero Factory. It's a demanding job. But I love it. You never get over feeling that little kick of voltage when Zib sends down another assignment. Sure, being the team leader for the most prestigious Hero team the Factory has is a lot of pressure, but I'm nothing if not cool on the job. In fact, it's not so much capturing the villains that works up a sweat, but keeping all those know-it-all rookie Heroes in line. It's my job to make sure they don't get themselves hurt - or worse - during evaluation. [What, you want me to talk about why they should call the Hero Factory? That's a no-brainer. We get the job done]. Call the Hero Factory. We get the job done. [How's that? Can I go now?]'"
― Preston Stormer
Alpha Team Leader

Customer Testimonials

The Hero Factory saved my farm!

"Those danged space weevils were making a mess of my lugnut crop, and nothing I could do would stop them - not even high explosives. But the Hero Factory sent specialty bots and the bugs were gone in an hour."
― Henry Spliceman, Farmer

Excellent, prompt service

"Nothing I could do would stop my convenience store from being invaded by robber-bots taking all the candy - until the Hero Factory sent a team. Not only did they solve that problem, they fixed the squeaky door! Thanks Hero Factory!"
― Dorothy Barter, Store Owner

My vacation was saved by the Hero Factory

"Heroes saved us! We were vacationing at the Android Relaxation Grounds castle, when a bunch of fire sprites held us hostage. The Factory sent a team that totally defeated the fiery little monsters. And the Heroes were kind of cute, too. :)"
― Bettina Sparks, Vacationer

Hovercraft Fail, Hero Win

"My class was on a field trip to the Leaning Transistor of Piezo, when the anti-gravity unit on our hoverbus failed. The driver kept his cool and called the Hero Factory, and four Heroes caught the bus before disaster struck. Thank you Hero Factory!"
― Billy Spokestack, Student

Those Heroes are really strong!

"During a bank robbery, one of the bad guys pinned me under a steel beam. The first Hero on the scene - a guy named Bulk - lifted it off me like it was a feather. I didn't even need to pound out any dents in my torso."
― Jeffrey Tickerly, Stockbroker

Meteor Storm Cleanup

"The storm was bad, and it left chaos for me and my friends. The Heroes sent by the Factory saved a lot of our stuff, they built a shelter to keep us from rusting in the rain, and they made sure we had enough food. We wouldn't have made it a week without the Hero Factory."
― Harper T. Kensington, Fast Food Service Cashier

Heroes stopped a volcano eruption

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. Five Heroes dug a relieve channel in the volcano and released enough pressure so my town was saved."
― Cristal Matrix, Refuse Sanitation Engineer

Gravball Team thanks the Hero Factory

"Our team had lost three seasons straight, and a sports specialist Hero helped teach us techniques for winning fair and square. Our coach can't stop talking about him!"
― The New Stellac "Mechanoids" Gravball Team

Saved from the fire

"Our building caught on fire last week, and Heroes from the Hero Factory saved us all from our burning upper-story apartment.They even saved our robo-dog, Crunchy!"
― Kay Byte, Beauty Consultant

Heroes helped us when our island flooded

"We were trapped by massive hundred-year floods and the waters weren't going away. We called the Hero Factory, and the six Heroes they sent built a retaining wall in no time, saving our entire island! Thanks, Hero Factory!"
― Joey Kahuna, Surfer

Akiyama Makuro

Letter from Our Founder

"Many years ago, I realized that with so much evil at large in the universe, a greater force for good was needed to combat it. With that in mind, I created HERO FACTORY. Today, this organization continues to thrive, dedicated to the preservation of peace and the enforcement of galactic law.
The heroes created here may be made of metal and powered by Hero Cores, but their bravery and skill are second to none. Regardless of the danger, they go forth to do battle with the villains that would bring destruction to innocent worlds. They are the last barrier that stands between the universe and the chaos that threatens to engulf it.
Yet even great heroes like Stormer, or skilled rookies like Furno, cannot do it alone. That is why we need people like you to help. The knowledge you have and the secrets you discover could be the difference between victory and defeat in the fight against villains like Von Nebula.
On this website, you will meet some of the most courageous heroes, and some of the worst evildoers, in our universe.
I look forward to welcoming you as part of the HERO FACTORY team!
Akiyama Makuro
Founder, Hero Factory


  • Cristal Matrix, the Refuse Sanitation Engineer, is a reference to the former Administrator of BS01, Crystal Matrix

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