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This article is about the establishment headquarters. You may be looking for the franchise or the establishment.

"Hero Factory is the trademark of Makuhero City and is regarded throughout the universe as a symbol of safety. Standing well over 500 metres, the building is both aesthetically and technically a marvelous piece of architecture."

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Hero Factory (Building)
Hero Factory Building.png
Inhabitants Heroes, Workers
Class Building

The Hero Factory is the largest building in Makuhero City. It is the birthplace of all heroes. The building has an interior floor-plan measuring 660,660 square meters (2,167,519.69 square feet), and stands 589 meters (1,932.4 feet) high. It is powered by a state-of-the-art cold fusion power source. It is considered by the public and the inhabitants to be a marvelous piece of architecture, both aesthetically and technically.


Hero Factory was built to be the home of the Hero Factory corporation, and it dominated the center of Makuhero City. However after Alpha 1 Team's disastrous failure to stop the Legion of Darkness at the Asteroid J-54 prison Akiyama Makuro shut down the Hero Factory. He planned to make a deep-space exploration building, but this changed when the Legion attacked. Jawblade swam in canals and took down the external security system. XT4 and Splitface went to take down the main power and Preston Stormer attacked them. Thresher dealt with Voltix, Speeda Demon, and Toxic Reapa in the Assembly Tower but was defeated. While Stormer defeated Splitface, Black Phantom arrived to defeat Stormer. However, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, and Von Ness arrived and they chased Black Phantom into the Assembly Tower. Thresher was saved and in the chaos the Legion was defeated, causing Makuro to reopen Hero Factory.

It soon became the control base for the entire city. Stormer once breached the tower's defenses when he was infected by Meltdown's nanobots. Hero Pods are launched from the tower almost daily, to send heroes to missions around the galaxy. All villains were taken back to the Hero Factory and put in containment. This all changed when Voltix was apprehended by Hero Factory. He was able to engineer a Breakout by triggering Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff. Every villain escaped in the chaos, and all heroes were sent to recapture them. However, Black Phantom stayed in the building and captured the Mission Managers and activated the Failsafe Shield. He then transferred the structural plans for the building to an unknown source to create their own evil Hero Factory. Daniel Rocka had stayed in Hero Factory, and managed to down the shield allowing a select few returning Alpha 1 Team members to enter. Black Phantom was stopped by overloading his systems before he could use destroy the Hero Factory. The Heroes continued to use Hero Factory as a base during the rest of Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.

Brains controlling creatures soon attacked the city, trying to destroy Hero Factory, and Mark Surge was tasked with guarding the building. He was overwhelmed by Brains and controlled by them and Surge went to the Assembly Tower to create an army. When Dragon Bolt arrived, he smashed into the side of Hero Factory. Rocka went after him while other Alpha 1 Heroes went to find Surge, and found Surge creating an army of blank Heroes. Rocka used a jet pack to chase Dragon Bolt out of the building, but not before the beast had created a giant hole in the ground. Natalie Breez freed Surge from the Brain's control and the Brains were defeated. Two miners went to investigate the hole Dragon Bolt made, but found green goo and a swarm of Brains.

When Brains took over the Valiant, they sent on a crash course with the Hero Factory building. The disaster was averted by the heroic actions of Alpha 1 Team which stopped the Brains, leading to their death, and pulling the Valiant of course just in time.

It was the site of a generator test to try new Hero Core fuel, but it only transported Alpha Team through dimensions due to tampering by Karter. Alpha Team arrived and figured out Karter was behind the generator accident, but Karter's contact killed him from afar.

After the Brains were cleared off Tranquis VII by the Heroes, they returned to Hero Factory and imprisoned Karter in the building and discussed the Brains and the conspiracy Karter was part of.

The Hero Factory in the Television Episodes

Reality 11275.6

The building was leveled when Black Phantom destroyed it using Von Ness' plans.


There are various sections of the factory building specialized for various tasks.

Production Line


The Furnace is the place where the raw material for creating Heroes is processed. The metals and alloys are molded and shaped into the bodies and armor pieces of the Heroes.

Assembly Tower

Much of Hero Factory is dominated by the Assembly Tower. Automated cranes, which take the parts produced by the Furnace, assemble and produce all new Heroes here. It can be calibrated for the recent Upgrade process, taking conventional 1.0 heroes and upgrading them to the 2.0 forms, or assemble new 2.0 Heroes directly.

The first 1.0 to 2.0 upgrades were Stormer, Natalie Breez, and William Furno. Mark Surge followed soon after.

Hero Core Room

The Hero Core Room is located at the very tip of the Assembly Tower. Here, new Heroes are fitted with their Hero Cores, the component that brings a Hero to life.

Refitting Facility

The Refitting Facility is where Heroes can go to be outfitted with new armor or weapons specific to their mission; the refitting process takes three minutes or less.

Supercharging Facility

At the top of the tower is the Supercharging Facility, where rookie Heroes go through a Hero Core charging process. The rookies go through a series of charges, and become fully-fledged Hero Factory Heroes upon their final charge.

Support Areas

Call Center

The Call Center is operated by workers that intercept Hero alerts, respond to distress calls, and send hero teams. Lucy is a call center operator.

Mission Management Stations

Management Stations

These stations manage every Hero team other than the Recon Team. Each station has a screen to get MissionCam footage showing their team's current mission. The center of the station has a circular touch-screen island with controls for Makuhero City's defenses, and other operations relating to the station's team. There is a map of the galaxy that can scrolled and scanned. Every station has a mission manager and helper. One example of a duo is Nathaniel Zib and Quadal.

Storage Facility

There are a number of highly guarded incarceration facilities to hold criminals that have been captured. Criminals that are captured on missions are sent here. They either stay in the Hero Factory Villain Containment, or are sent out to a prison elsewhere in the galaxy.

Training Facilities

A training sphere

Training Sphere

The Training Sphere is a virtual reality simulator allowing heroes to train in specialized missions. William Furno is a heavy user of the training sphere, and is able to use his Furno Bike in the sphere. The sphere can also re-simulate any past mission, allowing heroes that failed to practice to ensure such an event would not occur again.

Virtual Training

The Virtual Training simulator is for heroes to train, while being observed by anyone who wishes to be present, or watch from a video screen. Its last known use was by Stormer, Breez, and Furno to test their 2.0 capabilities.

DJ Booth

Directly underneath the training spheres is the DJ Booth, where Mak Megahertz broadcasts his daily talk show, Hero Factory FM about the comings and goings at Hero Factory.

Medical Wing

The Factory possesses a Medical Wing to help ailing and injured Heroes; the med wing has its own intensive care unit, known as the HFICU.

Quaza Chamber

The Quaza Chamber is a room where Heroes who are low on energy in their Hero Core can go to charge. Only one Hero may charge at a time.


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