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"Hero Factory is the trademark of Makuhero City and is regarded throughout the universe as a symbol of safety. Standing well over 500 metres, the building is both aesthetically and technically a marvelous piece of architecture."

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Hero Factory (Building)
Inhabitants Heroes
Class Building

The Hero Factory is the largest, busiest, and most famous building in Makuhero City.[MtH][BA!] It is the birthplace of all Heroes. The building has an interior floor-plan measuring 660,660 square meters (2,167,519.69 square feet), and stands 589 meters (1,932.4 feet) high. It is powered by a state-of-the-art cold fusion power source. It is considered by the public and the inhabitants to be a marvelous piece of architecture, both aesthetically and technically.(shown in HeroFactory.com in 2010-2012) The building is shaped like a shark's fin, and has a glowing part with the Hero Factory symbol.(Hero Factory FM)


More than a hundred years ago,[Media Center in 2010-2011] Akiyama Makuro believed that wealth should be used for the greater good rather than just expanding his businesses and recognized the growing amount of crime and terror in the galaxy,[SM5][FO:MSG] so he created Hero Factory, an organization dedicated to creating Heroes to capture villains and protect the galaxy. He converted one of his larger factories from making Aerocar assembly robots to making Heroes while using his vast fortune to do so.[SM5][FO:MSG] Hero Factory was built to be the home of the Hero Factory corporation, and it dominated the center of Makuhero City.

However, after Alpha 1 Team's disastrous failure to stop the Legion of Darkness at the Asteroid J-54 prison, Makuro shut down the Hero Factory. He planned to make a deep-space exploration building, but this changed when the Legion attacked. Jawblade swam in canals and took down the external security system. XT4 and Splitface went to take down the main power room and Preston Stormer attacked them. Thresher dealt with Voltix, Speeda Demon, and Toxic Reapa in the Assembly Tower, but was defeated. After Stormer defeated Splitface, Black Phantom arrived to defeat Stormer. However, Dunkan Bulk, Jimi Stringer, and Von Ness arrived and they chased Black Phantom into the Assembly Tower. Thresher was saved and in the chaos, the Legion was defeated. Some parts of the Factory, including Assembly Tower and the Factory's Mission Control Room, got damaged by the Legion during the time before the Legion was defeated. The Factory was repaired. The Hero Factory organization made the external security system run on independent power sources, so how Jawblade took it down cannot happen again. The organization ringed the buildings with defense screens, so no one can crash through the Hero Factory building's ceiling again. The Alpha 1 Team's victory caused Makuro to reopen Hero Factory.[SM2]

The Hero Factory in the Television Episodes

It soon became the control base for the entire city. Hero Pods are launched from the tower almost daily, to send heroes to missions around the galaxy. Drop Ships rest on the factory's landing pads. The Hero Factory became very successful.[FO:MSG]

Stormer once breached the tower's defenses when he was infected by Meltdown's nanobots.[Episode 3][C3]

All villains were taken back to the Hero Factory and put in containment. This all changed when Voltix was apprehended by Hero Factory. He was able to engineer a Breakout by triggering Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff. Every villain escaped in the chaos, and all heroes were sent to recapture them. However, Black Phantom stayed in the building and captured the Mission Managers, put the building in lockdown, and activated the Fail-Safe Shield.[Episode 8] He then transferred the structural plans for the building to an unknown source to create their own evil version of the Hero Factory. Daniel Rocka had stayed in Hero Factory, and managed to down the shield allowing four Alpha 1 Team members to enter. He defeated Black Phantom by overloading his systems before he could use destroy the Hero Factory. The Heroes continued to use Hero Factory as a base during the rest of Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.[Episode 9]

Brains controlling creatures soon attacked the city, trying to destroy Hero Factory, and Mark Surge was tasked with guarding the building. He was overwhelmed by Brains and controlled by one. The Brain made Surge go to the Assembly Tower to create an army. When a Brain-possessed dragon called Dragon Bolt arrived, he smashed into the side of Hero Factory. Rocka went after him while five other Alpha 1 Team Heroes went to find Surge. Rocka's fellow Alpha 1 Team Heroes found Surge creating an army of blank Heroes. Rocka used a jetpack to chase Dragon Bolt out of the building, but not before the beast had created a giant hole in the ground. Natalie Breez freed Surge from the Brain's control and the Brains were defeated. Two miners went to investigate the hole Dragon Bolt made, but found green goo and another swarm of Brains.[Episode 10] It is unknown what happened to the Brains when the Hero Factory is functioning fine.[SM3]

When a swarm of Brains took over the Valiant, they sent on a crash course with the Hero Factory building. After Breez, Rocka, and Stormer left the Hero Factory building to stop the battle cruiser, Bulk had all non-essential Hero Factory personnel evacuated, and Evo made sure everyone stayed calm. Bulk then told many Heroes to use thirteen Drop Ships to destroy the Valiant, with Evo leading the attack. However, Bulk changed the plan, where he had Furno tell Evo to have the Heroes use their Drop Ships' tractor beams to slow down the Valiant. The disaster was averted by the heroic actions of Alpha 1 Team, which stopped the Brains, leading to their deaths, and pulling the Valiant off course just in time.[SM3]

After the Brains were cleared off Tranquis VII by the Heroes, they returned to Hero Factory and imprisoned Karter in the building and discussed the Brains and the Galactic Conspiracy, which Karter was part of.[SM4]

The Hero Factory's testing center was the site of a generator test to try a new source of energy for Hero Factory's technology. However, Karter used a solid-light hologram generator to sabotage the power generator, so on the next day, when Stormer, Furno, Bulk, and Breez used the power generator to test the new energy source, the energy overloaded, causing Stormer to have everyone in the Hero Factory building evacuate the building. The four Heroes were forced to stay in the testing center to prevent the energy from spreading across the factory. However, the generator took the four Heroes to an alternate universe. After the incident, everyone came back inside the factory, and Karter believed that the four Heroes are killed by the incident. However, the four Heroes arrived back and figured out that Karter was responsible for the generator accident. They caught Karter using a communicator to talk to the Galactic Conspiracy's main leader, who killed him from afar.[SM5]

Reality 11275.6

The building was leveled when Black Phantom and the Legion of Darkness destroyed it using Von Ness' plans during the Hero Factory's early days. The building was replaced by a new evil organization called the Citadel with new buildings with construction dates stamped on them while the dates looked like they were made before the Hero Factory came into existence. The buildings made the Hero Factory look like that it never existed. The buildings were to prevent people from learning about the Hero Factory since they did not remember it.

Recently, after Von Ness, who became Von Nebula, disappeared, and the Legion of Darkness, XT4, Core Hunter, and their robotic minions called the Jolters were destroyed by the Brains, Makuro plans to rebuild the Hero Factory.[SM5]


There are various sections of the factory building specialized for various tasks. Some of the sections have elevator shafts that lead to them. The elevator shafts are cylindrical and have glass walls. The factory also has hallways, labs,[SM2] and armories.[SM3] It has various security systems, including ones inside the building,[Episode 9] as it can sound a security alert that can make the lights in each room to flash, and use a device called a Stunner that can retract from the room's ceiling and shoot a stun beam that can stun robotic enemies to unconsciousness for a moment.[SM2]

Production Line


The Furnace is the place where the raw material for creating Heroes is processed. The molten metals are poured and forged into tough alloys, which are molded and shaped into the bodies and armor pieces of the Heroes. The furnace is located deep beneath the Assembly Tower.[HFPM][Episode 1]

Assembly Tower

Much of Hero Factory is dominated by the Assembly Tower, also called the Hero Assembly Tower[Episode 9][Episode 10] or the Hero Factory Fabrication Center,[Hero Fabrication Update (June 7, 2010)] which is a tall tower that is shaped like a tube. Automated silver and yellow cranes, which take the parts produced by the Furnace, assemble and produce all new Heroes here. The building also has platforms and a conveyor belt.[SM2] The cranes put together Heroes piece by piece while the Heroes are lifted from one construction platform to the next until they finally reach to the very top of the tower.[HFPM][Episode 1] The tower also has two wall monitors, which check the factory's power levels, which are the tower's power[Episode 9] and the factory's external security system's central power core. It has a launch bay door, which is a thick metal door.[SM2]

If someone shoots at the tower's power core, which is located in the top of the tower, the tower could explode.[Episode 9]

It was calibrated for the recent Upgrade process, taking conventional 1.0 heroes and upgrading them to their 2.0 forms, or assemble new 2.0 Heroes directly.[Episode 5] The tower can also be used to make mindless drones called Blank Heroes.[Episode 10] The first 1.0 Heroes to get 2.0 upgrades were Stormer, Natalie Breez, and William Furno. Mark Surge followed soon after.[Episode 5] The tower can also be used to give Heroes the 3.0, Breakout, Brain Attack, and Battle Machine pilot upgrades, though the Heroes are known to change from their 3.0 forms back to their 2.0 forms. The tower also gives the Heroes XL versions of their Breakout and Brain Attack forms.[Episode 6][Episode 8][Episode 10]

When Black Phantom took over the Hero Factory building, he used Zib's equipment to modify the tower. He attached himself to the cranes and made them carry him to the top of the tower. He was planning to use energy from his piece of Anti-Quaza to create a chain reaction in the power core that can destroy the whole Hero Factory. Black Phantom also attached some cords from the tower on his back and used them to absorb the tower's energy into his body to enhance himself, and he absorbed so much energy that a Breakout Hero's hits on him can feel like a tickle, despite the absorption slightly hurting Black Phantom. However, Daniel Rocka plugged Black Phantom with more cords to overload his systems, causing him to become weak. When this happened, the tower became stabilized and its power output returned to normal levels. Nathan Evo figured that if Black Phantom was unplugged instead, Black Phantom would have had so much power that he could still destroy the Hero Factory.[Episode 9] The modifications made by Black Phantom are undone when seven Alpha 1 Team Heroes got their Brain Attack forms.[Episode 10]

Hero Core Room

The Hero Core Room, or the Core Chamber,(Hero Factory FM) is located at the very tip of the Assembly Tower, and is top-secret. Here, new Heroes are fitted with their Hero Cores, the component that brings a Hero to life.[HFPM]

Refitting Facility

The Refitting Facility, or the Refitting Room, the Refitting Chamber,(Hero Factory FM), or the Refitting Tower,[Episode 2][Episode 4] is where Heroes can go to be outfitted with new armor or weapons specific to their mission; the refitting process takes three minutes or less.(shown in the 2010 Hero sets' Lego.com descriptions)[HFPM][Episode 2]

Supercharging Facility

At the top of the tower is the Supercharging Facility, where rookie Heroes go through a Hero Core charging process. The rookies go through a series of charges, and become fully-fledged Hero Factory Heroes upon their final charge.[HFPM]

Support Areas

Call Center

The Call Center

The Call Center, or Hero Hotline,[Episode 1][Episode 2][Episode 3] is operated by workers that intercept Hero alerts, respond to distress calls, and send hero teams. Lucy is a call center operator.

Mission Management Stations

Management Stations

These stations manage every Hero team other than the Recon Team. The stations were also called Mission Control Room, Mission Control Center,[SM2] or simply Mission Control,[Episode 9] the Mission Briefing Room,[HiA] the Hero Factory Mission Central,[C6] the Hero Factory Control Center,[SM3] the Hero Factory Command Center,[SM2][SM4], or simply the Command Center,[Episode 8] and Mission Command.[Episode 8] Every station has a mission manager and helper. The Mission Managers and the helpers use the Mission Control Room to monitor all of the Heroes' action, and track all the Heroes and also communicate with them.[Episode 3][Episode 10][TBW] One example of such a duo is Nathaniel Zib and Quadal. Each station has a screen to get MissionCam footage showing their team's current mission. The center of the station has a circular touch-screen island with controls for Makuhero City's defenses, and other operations relating to the station's team. There is a map of the galaxy in the rooms that can be scrolled and scanned. The room's computers can also be controlled by a voice.[SM2] The room also has a manifest program for the Assemble Tower, and it allows the user to look through how long ago were the Heroes made.[SM2] The room has consoles that can update the tower with upgrades and have it customize the Heroes.[Episode 5][Episode 6][Episode 8][Episode 10] The room can also create, activate, control, and deactivate the Blank Heroes.[Episode 10] It has a hangar bay log, which tells the room's user that a Drop Ship is being used and flied out of the Hero Factory's hangar bay.[SM2] The room has a villain tracking system, which can locate villains who escaped from the Hero Factory's Villain Storage Unit, using implant micro-chips implanted during villain processing.[Episode 8][HiA] The room can also be used to activate an emergency lockdown that shuts down all Drop Ships and Hero Pods in the building,[Episode 3] open and close doors to the building's other rooms, putting the building in lockdown, activate the building's force field called the Fail-Safe Shield,[Episode 8] make an alarm, control the elevator shafts, cut off contact from Heroes,[Episode 9](Omega Recon Reports) and send files to computers with known and unknown destinations.[Episode 9] The files have their own names and types, as the file about the Legion of Darkness is placed under "Security Protocol 1-A". The file has this type because it is classified. The room can lead to the Hero Factory's central power core.[SM2] The Hero Factory building has security cameras called motion sensors that can sense movement in there, and they can do an alarm to alert workers in the Mission Control Room about where did the cameras sense movement.[Episode 9] The room can also use loudspeakers in the Hero Factory building.[SM3]

Mission Control Fail-Safe Room

The Mission Control Fail-Safe Room, or simply the Safe Room,[Episode 10] is a top security room that uses security tech. The room is located in the rear of the Mission Control Room. It has two doors, the outer door and the inner door. The inner door is tougher and thicker than the outer door, and it has an electronic lock. The room is used to protect Hero Factory employees in Mission Management Stations from a threat that broke through the Hero Factory building. Zib had his dangerous and untested prototype security systems there and tied into Mission Control's systems. The room also has Zib's jury-rigged security panel, which could control the systems. There is a trapdoor in the room's floor that when opened, can drop something standing on it to a spiraling metal pipe that leads to one of the building's sub-basements. The Fail-Safe Room has a wall switch that can record sound. There is a button on the Assembly Tower's interior wall, and it can make loudspeakers there play the recording.

During the Hero Factory's early days, Stormer used that room to destroy Black Phantom's scout ship, intangle XT4 in twelve metal coils, and defeat Splitface by making him fall to the sub-basement.[SM2]

There was one time when a Brain-possessed Dragon called Dragon Bolt crashed into the Hero Factory building, all Hero Factory employees in the Mission Management Stations, including Zib and Quadal, went to the Safe Room for safety.[Episode 10]

Briefing Room

The main briefing room, or the meeting room, is where Heroes and Hero Factory employees have conversations about the Heroes' missions and plans. The room is a bare room with bright white light overhead. The room also has a large screen and a briefing table. The screen has buttons. There is a wall terminal with number buttons. Holographic presentations are set up in the room.(shown in Comic 5: Ordeal of Fire)[SM1][SM2][SM3][SM4][SM5]

Auxiliary Control Room

A room where the Hero Factory building's sensors are managed.

At one time, Rocka went to this room and then tried to modify the sensors, but they glitched by making a false alarm. Stormer planned to have Stringer check on the sensors when Stringer is done with his mission in Tranquis VII.[Episode 3]

Communications Center

A room where the Hero Factory staff members do communications. It has a communication system, a radio, and a monitoring station. A staff member monitors long-range communications in the room, and the radio can pick up a transmission from somewhere in outer space far from the Hero Factory. The room can record the transmission.[SM3] It also has an alarm button.[SM4]


Storage Facility

There are a number of highly guarded incarceration facilities, like Asteroid J-54's jail, to hold criminals that have been captured. After the Hero Factory's own prison called Storage Facility, also called Villain Containment Area,[2012 Story Arc Premise] Villain Containment Level,[Play the new Breakout Game! (November 25, 2011)] or simply Villain Containment,[Episode 8] Villain Storage Unit, Villain Storage Area,(shown in the Breakout game) or simply Villain Storage,[Episode 8][Episode 9] was created, the captured criminals are either sent here or are sent out to a prison elsewhere in the galaxy. The Storage Facility is located in the center of the Hero Factory.[HiA] It is a massive room that has hundreds of prison cells, where each is made to imprison a captured villain. The cells come in various sizes in order to fit the villains. After a villain gets into his cell, the Hero Factory workers activate several red laser bars to close the cell. Some of each of the cells has a cot.[SM5] There is a mechanism under the room's floor that keeps the laser bars functioning. Each cell has a cord, and the workers use the cord to pull the cell high in the facility. The facility also has several cranes, several large blue spherical structures, and several elevator shafts. It has a visiting area, which the Heroes use to learn about their prisoners through their conversations. Robotic prisoners in the prison are recharged in their cells.[SM5] The facility also contained the Black Hole Orb Staff.[Episode 8]

Hundreds of villains were imprisoned in the facility before the Breakout happened. When Voltix was imprisoned there, he caused the Breakout by using the Black Hole Staff to create a black hole that made a hole in the facility's ceiling and then destroyed the laser bars' mechanism, disabling them. This made the facility no longer able to contain the prisoners, so all of the prisoners were able to escape. The villains used the black hole to get out of the facility, setting them on the loose. Black Phantom snuck through the hole to get into the Hero Factory.[Episode 8] Since the facility was damaged during the event and became no longer able to contain prisoners, the Hero Factory corporation used Asteroid J-54's jail to contain the prisoners after they were recaptured by the Heroes until the Storage Facility was repaired.[SM1][FO:MSG] The Storage Facility was repaired and improved, as Stringer increased security measures in the room,[FO:MSG] and Bulk and Furno reviewed security in the room, so the breakout would not happen again.[SM3][SM4] All of the prisoners came back there,[SM5] along with Black Phantom, a swarm of Brains,[Episode 10] and Karter,[SM4] though Karter got killed by his organization's leader later on.[SM5]


There are at least two subbasements, including Subbasement 2. When it gets quiet and Stormer steps his metal feet on the floor, he would jokingly think that the sound comes from a herd of angry Mud-Stompers.[SM1] The Mission Control Fail-Safe Room's hatch in its floor leads to one of the sub-basements.[SM2]

Training Facilities

The Hero Factory has various training facilities.

There is a training room with a timed program where Heroes can change its danger level. Obstacles in the program include wires made of a substance called Poly-Duranium, which is one of the strongest substances in tne universe. The wires come from the ceiling and trap a Hero. There is fire-retardant foam, and jets of it sprout out from the walls. It has a switch that can turn the program on and off. There is a timer in the room. There are 67 bobby traps between a Hero and the off switch, one of them being secret. Recently, at one time after the Breakout, when Furno, Surge, and Bulk were using the room, they accidentally broke the room's off switch and timer, as the switch was on fire, so the room went haywire and the Heroes had to use force on the off switch to shut the room down.[SM1]

There is a training room where several panels slide aside in a wall, and rocket-powered hunks of steel called "Rammers" fly out of there. The Hero has a test, where he or she has to dodge all the Rammers for 60 seconds or get hit by one or more and get damaged so much that the Hero will get repaired at the Hero Factory repair bay. Hero Factory has a rule where there always has to be someone in the control room, or control center, when the rammers are being used, though the Hero who does the test alone will be excuse if he or she states his or her reason why doing the test alone. The control center has a master control button that shuts down the training program. Breez was known to use this training room twice right before and right after Mission: Collision Course.[SM3]

There is a gym.[SM4]

Training Spheres

A training sphere

The Training Spheres, also called VR Training Spheres, Virtual Training Sites, Virtual Training Rooms,[FO:MSG, p. 102] or simply Virtual Training,[FO:MSG, p. 25] are virtual reality simulators that allow Heroes to train in specialized missions. The training is being observed by anyone who wishes to be present, or watched by anyone from a holographic screen.[Episode 5] There are different kinds of Training Spheres, and each is harder to work in than the others, depending on how well trained are the Heroes, as there are Level 1 Training Spheres, which are for rookies who were just created.[Hero Fabrication Update (June 7, 2010)]

William Furno is a heavy user of a training sphere, and is able to use his Furno Bike in the sphere. The spheres can also re-simulate any past mission, allowing heroes that failed to practice to ensure such an event would not occur again. The spheres also have a white crane with two black clamps that can grab onto a Hero.[C1][Episode 1][Episode 8]

Stormer, Breez, and Furno used one of the Virtual Training Sites to test their 2.0 capabilities.[Episode 5]

Daniel Rocka spent large amounts of time in the Training Sphere, completing hundreds of missions in it.[Bios]

DJ Booth

Directly underneath the training spheres is the DJ Booth, where Mak Megahertz broadcasts his daily talk show, Hero Factory FM, about the comings and goings at Hero Factory.

Central Power Core

The Central Power Core, also called the Power Chamber, was located deep inside the Hero Factory, near the Mission Control Room. It powered the Hero Factory's extrenal security systems. It had a radioactive liquid, which Jawblade could not survive. There were thick cables on the Power Chamber, which were in a three-foot tunnel in a water channel to the factory. Taking out the cables could cause a power outage to the security systems, but the Hero Factory's backup system can re-activate the security systems around 60 seconds after.

Jawblade once destroyed the cables to cause the power outage.[SM2]

Launch Deck

The Launch Deck, also called Hero Launch is the hangar bay around the Hero Factory where the Drop Ships sit and land.[Episode 1][SM2][SM4] The Hero Pods also land there.[Episode 9]

Hero Pod Launch Facility

The Hero Pod Launch Facility, also called the Hero Pod Launch Bay,(shown in the Mission: Von Nebula game) is a room where Hero Pods are launched. It is located on the top of the Hero Factory. One Hero Pod can be launched at a time.[Episode 2][Episode 4][Episode 8][HiA]

Repair Dock

A room where a Drop Ship is stored and repaired in.

At one time, Bulk and Furno used a Drop Ship from the repair dock to get to the Valiant.[SM3]

Secure Room

A secure room where guests are kept. This room does not have computer consoles or Datapads. It also does not have any port that allows anyone access to Hero Factory information from the internal data conduits because it is made to restrict access to the main computer system.

During the Hero Factory's early days, XT4 used his Laser Slicer to cut a hole in the wall and then one of his arms to tap into the internal data conduits. He downloaded all of the data on the Hero Factory and the Heroes, and then controlled the Hero Factory's security system.[SM2]

Medical Wing

The Factory possesses a Medical Wing, also called the Hero Factory Med-Lab,[C3] the Med-Wing,(shown in Comic 5: Ordeal of Fire) or Repair Bay,[SM5] to help ailing and injured Heroes; the med wing has its own intensive care unit, known as the HFICU. Robotic medical doctors called MediBots work there.[Episode 3]

When Perjast was temporarily shut down, he was taken to the room, where scientists were examining his body to see what caused him to shut down. Perjast was also trapped there when he woke up. When Preston Stormer, William Furno, Dunkan Bulk, and Natalie Breez returned from their adventure in an alternate universe, they interrogated him about Karter before they went to catch Karter.[SM5]

Quaza Chamber

The Quaza Chamber is a round and silver room with rectangular panels on its walls where Heroes who are low on energy in their Hero Core can go to charge. Only one Hero may charge at a time. The room is filled with water, and after the Hero gets into the middle of it, many small red balls in the room shoot bolts of yellow lightning-like energy that go to the Hero's Quaza Core and back. Once the bolts touch the Hero, they recharge the Core.[Episode 1][C2][Episode 2][FO:MSG]

Isolation Cells

High security rooms that contain the villains' equipment. It is considered to be the Hero Factory's best protected, highest security vault in the galaxy. Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff was placed in one of the cells,[Episode 4][C4] but the staff was later moved to Villain Storage, which Black Phantom wanted in order to cause the Breakout.[Episode 8][Episode 9]

Roboball Room

A room where Heroes play Roboball. This room has orange line-shaped lights. The Roboball playing field is rectangular and protruding in the center.[Episode 6]

Research and Development

A laboratory where research and development are done, as workers continually improve their equipment and and analyze alien technology.[Episode 8](shown in a guide to the Breakout game in the March-April 2012 Lego Magazine)

Akiyama Makuro's Office

Akiyama Makuro's office. It can be locked with a large slide puzzle on its door. When one solves the puzzle, which is to make a letter 'H', the door will open. The office also has override controls for the Fail-Safe Shield, which can deactivate the Shield. Near the office, there is a room with a large piece of Quaza floating above the center.[Episode 9][MtH][]

Makuro made an introductory in a small promotional magazine in his office.

Records Room

A room that has records of the villains that the Hero Factory is fighting. The records are contained in thousands of holographic files. The room also has a console and monitor.[SM2]

Storage Bay

The Storage Bay is where the Heroes' equipment and vehicles are stored. It has smaller rooms that contain some of the equipment. These rooms do not have exits. When one of the room opens, it activates yellow alarm lights on the walls to show that it is opening. Known objects stored in the main room are metal crates, the Furno Bike, the Ultra Mach Speed Cycle, and Daniel Rocka's jetpack, and fuel cells from refueling stations, like Tanker Station 22.

After the Brain-possessed Dragon Bolt crashed into the Hero Factory building, he invaded this room and created a giant hole that a swarm of Brains used to hide in. When Rocka came into the room to find and fight Dragon Bolt, Dragon Bolt overwhelmed him, so Rocka went inside one of the smaller rooms. He found his jetpack there. After Dragon Bolt smashed the Furno Bike, Rocka used the jetpack to fight him and chased him out of the factory. After the larger swarm of Brains' invasion on Makuhero City was thwarted, Hero Factory miners went to clean up the mess in the room, as two of them went down the hole. They discovered green slime that the smaller swarm of Brains created and then the Brains themselves, who attacked them.[Episode 10]

Heroes' Rooms

Each Hero has his or her room, though they are stationed in other places in the galaxy. Each of the Heroes' rooms has a wall communicator. The Heroes' team leaders also have their own offices. The offices have desks and consoles, and each console has a button that can activate the Hero Factory's public address system to contact other Heroes. The console can also switch to external camera to see the outside of the building.[SM2] The room's door has a buzzer. Team leaders also record their missions in their offices.[SM3][SM4]

Security Checkpoint

A room where a Hero Factory staff member does three scans on another. The room is located deep in the heart of the Hero Factory building. The first scan is to look for weapons the staff member is not registered to carry. The second scan is to match his or her construction against the manufacture tag. The third scan is to make sure the staff member's mind is not being controlled by anyone or anything. The staff members do this as a top priority.[SM5]

Testing Chamber

The Testing Chamber, also called the Testing Center or the Test Lab, is a room where projects are tested. It has high security by having heat sensors, weight sensors, and three-foot-thick walls, and it can sound twelve alarms. However, one can use a solid-light hologram generator to sabotage a machine in the room. The room also has an alarm button on its wall that can alert the whole Hero Factory organization.

Stormer, Furno, Bulk, and Breez used the room to test out a new source of power in a power generator, but Karter used a solid-light hologram generator to sabotage it, and when the four Heroes used the power generator, it teleported them to Reality 11275.6.[SM5]


There is a viewport. Stormer was known to have used it to think about the history of Von Nebula City in Reality 11275.6.[SM5]

Hero Factory Hall of Fame

There is a section called the Hero Factory hall of fame, which lists famous Heroes.[Hero Fabrication Update (June 7, 2010)]


  • According to Christian Faber's Instagram post in 2022, the Hero Factory building was going to be a space ship in the Hero Factory franchise's early 2011 story (Ordeal of Fire).
  • In the 2012 Hero Factory set commericals, the Villain Storage Unit's cells have metal bars, like normal prison cells, rather than laser bars from Episode 8: Breakout Part 1. However, because of the episode, the commericals' description is non-canon.
  • When Julius Nex was testing his Laser Cutter at one time, he accidentally destroyed a part of the Hero Factory building.


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