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Saga Guides


  • HeroFactory.com
    The website for Hero Factory, where much of the story material is presented
  • Hero Recon Team
    A now defunct facet of the story featuring the Hero Recon Team, where you could build your own Hero and have it shipped to you


  • Television Episodes
    Most of the Hero Factory story has been told in the form of television episodes, animated by Tinseltown Toons
  • Animations
    To promote the story, LEGO creates a number of animations, utilizing many as TV spots


  • Comics
    Adaptations of the television episodes appear as comics, illustrated primarily by Elmer Damaso, with other promotional comics appearing in various publications
  • Magazines
    The Hero Factory line has released several promotional magazines to tie into the storyline
  • Books
    In addition to guide books and children's reader books, there is also a series of Secret Mission books, written by Greg Farshtey