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Akiyama Makuro, founder and chairman of the Hero Factory corporation, has spent months developing a process to make Heroes more powerful, a process he calls "Upgrade". At his annual press conference, he debuts two new Heroes built in an entirely new system, Nathan Evo and Julius Nex. Evo, a meditative weapons expert, displays his artillery prowess by destroying several practice drones, while Nex shows off his nuanced skill with the Hero Factory build of his body. As head of the "Hero Outreach" program, based around social networking aspects of communication, Nex invites them all to send him friend requests on "Hero-Book", a new social networking program. Mr. Makuro cautions the assembled press that the Upgrade process is incomplete as is, and cannot safely be applied to existing Heroes, but new Heroes are able to be built in this new style. Makuro expresses confidence that all current Heroes are more than capable of succeeding in their missions.

The Fire Lord and his minions attacking

Responding to an alert at Tanker Station 22, a refueling station for Hero Pods carrying a large amount of Hero Pod fuel, the Alpha 1 Team - Leader Preston Stormer and newly promoted Heroes William Furno, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez - arrive to help evacuate the station workers. The station is under attack by four fire villains: Jetbug, Nitroblast, Drilldozer, and their leader, Fire Lord, who have conducted a string of raids on fueling depots. Furno, performing reconnaissance, notes that the villains are absorbing the fuel and gaining power from it. Stormer recognizes Drilldozer, and discovers that his speed has increased since their last encounter. The villains prove impervious to all of their attacks, capable of absorbing them, forcing the Heroes on the defensive. Fire Lord addresses Stormer personally, though Stormer does not remember encountering Fire Lord in the past. The Heroes manage to evacuate most of the workers, leaving only one group left. While trying to escort the remaining workers to the ship, the Heroes are surrounded by the fire villains, with no room to escape. Surge, who had been struggling with feelings of inadequacy as a Hero, remembers inspirational words from Stormer and valiantly breaks away from the group to destroy fuel depots, drawing the villains toward him and away from the other Heroes. The three Heroes and workers all escape, while Surge is captured by the villains.

Alpha 1 returns to the Hero Factory, where they demand the upgrade process. Makuro abjectly refuses them, claiming that the process is unfinished. Zib decries Stormer's suggestion of simply recharging their Hero Cores as unfeasible, leaving them with no other option but to receive the upgrade. Makuro accepts Stormer's determination, and orders Zib to calibrate the Assembly Tower to upgrade them to 2.0. Despite the risks, the resulting upgrades are a success, and Furno, Stormer, and Breez are upgraded to more powerful 2.0 forms. They are sent to the Virtual Training room, in order to properly acclimatize to their new bodies. Breez displays prowess in hook and knife throwing, while Furno accesses his custom Multi-Tool Ice Shield, with its installed Dual-Fire Shooter, though he is unable to control the resulting recoil. Though not fully in control of their new faculties, Stormer deems them ready to return to Tanker Station 22, and the three upgraded Heroes head out.

The 2.0 Heroes taking on the Fire Lord and his team

The Heroes arrive without the villains noticing, and Stormer orders Furno to head out on reconnaissance. However, Furno accidentally triggers his weapon, alerting Nitroblast to their presence. Nitroblast in turn informs Fire Lord, and the Heroes engage in combat. Stormer attacks the Fire Lord, who expresses disbelief that the Hero still does not recognize him. Fire Lord explains that he and the other villains were once Mining Robots on Tallos 5; due to modifications initially designed to eliminate refueling time, they were given the ability to absorb energy directly into their hands. However, there were no checks on the amount of power they could absorb, and the resulting energy absorptions warped their circuitry and corrupted the robots. During the battle, Jetbug flies around the field in a ship containing the captive Mark Surge, antagonizing the Heroes. Surge does his best to alert the Heroes of impending attacks, though one such blast results in Furno and Breez getting their weapons stuck together. They attempt to work as a team, but find themselves outmatched by the fire villains. Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, in a Hero Pod, arrive as reinforcements; Stormer expresses skepticism that rookies can help them, but Evo uses his artillery power to keep the villains at bay, while Nex separates Breez and Furno. Breez succeeds in disarming Drilldozer and cuffing him, while Furno and the two rookies apprehend Nitroblast. Fire Lord, outmatched, retreats to inside the station, hoping to absorb the fuel and gain immense power. He begins absorbing large amounts of fuel, and becomes impervious to the Heroes attacks; the ship driven by Jetbug soon appears, and Jetbug is ejected out of it. The ship rams into Fire Lord, severing the absorbing hand, and pinning him to a wall. Surge emerges from the ship, having freed himself and kicked Jetbug out. Stormer congratulates the Hero for his bravery, and arrests the Fire Lord.

Back at the Hero Factory, Surge is put through the upgrade process. Stormer reports that the Fire Lord will get treatment for his power addiction, along with his henchmen. After being successfully upgraded, a commendation ceremony for Surge is held, where he is congratulated for his bravery. Breez presents him with his new tool, the Ice Spear Blaster, and Surge marks the celebration by using the tool to create fireworks. Prominent news reporter Daniela Capricorn proclaims that this marks a new era of the Hero Factory corporation.

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