Razor Sabre Mace Staff

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Razor Sabre Mace Staff
Razor Sabre Mace Staff.jpg
Status Confiscated
User(s) Black Phantom
Functionality Melee combat

The Razor Sabre Mace Staff was a powerful melee weapon wielded by the criminal Black Phantom.


The Razor Sabre Staff had two ends, the lower end had an extremely sharp blade, and the upper end had a spiked mace ball on top. The bladed end was capable of making very precise slices, making it a very powerful weapon. The mace on the top half was made out of depleted uranium, dramatically increasing its weight and making it radioactive.

Set Information

The Razor Sabre Mace Staff is included in the 6203 Black Phantom set of 2012. The staff is comprised of eleven pieces.

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