Magma Blades

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Magma Blades
Magma Blades.jpg
Status Confiscated
User(s) Jawblade
Functionality Firing magma
Melee combat

The Magma Blades are modified Dual Fire Shooter swords, used by Jawblade. Jawblade stole the Dual Fire Shooters from William Furno in a prior encounter, and modified them to function underwater by accessing tectonic energy present on his home planet Scylla.


The blades focus immense heat into a burst of twin magma blasts. It is covered in a thin layer of steam, allowing it to target Heroes underwater without losing any heat energy.

Set information

A pair of Magma Blades were included in set 6216 Jawblade. They are a recolor of the Dual Fire Shooter pieces, this time co-injected from silver metallic and bright red plastic.

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