Hero Core Remover Tool

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Hero Core Remover Tool
Hero Core Remover Tool.jpg
Status Destroyed
User(s) Core Hunter
Functionality Removing Hero Cores

In order to acquire the Hero Cores from his victims, Core Hunter used a special Hero Core Remover Tool. Its ability to absorb energy was central to Arctur's plan to get the Doom Box destroyed. When Core Hunter activated the Doom Box, Natalie Breez used the Hero Core Remover Tool to absorb the Doom Box's energy, ending the Doom Box's threat. However, the tool became supercharged and could fire gigantic energy bursts, harnessing the immense energy of the Doom Box. Core Hunter then defeated every Hero with this weapon but Mark Surge, who used his Electricity Shooter to push the power back at Core Hunter, causing his body to fold in on itself before it vanished from existence. The weapon was destroyed during the process.


The Hero Core Remover Tool was designed like other equipment in Core Hunter's arsenal, with the intent for a streamlined and efficient usage. The Remover Tool surgically extracts the Hero Core from fallen Heroes; with the razor sharpness and precision engineering of the tool, the Core is not destroyed in the harvest, allowing Core Hunter to preserve the Core successfully and add it to his collection.

Example Usage

In The Doom Box, Core Hunter fired the Hero Core Removal Tool at Surge after it was supercharged with power.

Set Information

The Hero Core Remover Tool is composed of 9 pieces, and included in set 6222 Core Hunter.

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