Stuck On A Problem!

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The information expressed in this page is not a part of the Hero Factory canon, and did not occur in the actual storyline. It may be derived from an online game, promotional material, or other source not that is not related to the main story of Hero Factory.

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Stuck On A Problem!
StuckOnAProblem Title.png
Author Unknown
Illustrator(s) Sean Wang

Stuck On A Problem! is a promotional comic that appeared in the September–October 2010 LEGO Club Jr. magazine.

Plot Summary

William Furno and Preston Stormer are seen on a swamp planet pursuing a large mechanical insect. However, when they catch up with the creature they get stuck in the swamp's mud. They both raise their weapons and fire at the insect but miss. The insect gets angry and starts moving towards them. Furno, thinking fast, throws the mud into the creature's wings, causing it to fall into the swamp. Due to the impact, mud gets splattered on Stormer. Furno apologizes, but Stormer says that there is no reason to feel sorry, as the menace was defeated. The two then decide to return to the Hero Factory.



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