Comic 7: Savage Planet 2

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Comic 7: Savage Planet 2
Comic 7.png
Author Rachel Lareau
Illustrator(s) Elmer Damaso
Carlos D'Anda (Cover)

Savage Planet 2 is the seventh comic in the Hero Factory series, and a direct sequel to Comic 6: Savage Planet. This is an adaptation of Episode 7: Savage Planet Part 2.

Plot Summary

The Heroes are cornered by the Scorpio, the Raw-Jaw and the Waspix on Quatros. As they feel that they are about to be attacked, the beasts turn around and leave, to the Heroes confusion. When Rocka returns to them, Stormer decides that they must split up in to two teams. He puts Furno in charge of Nex and Stringer, and Rocka in charge of himself and Bulk. Whilst discussing this, Witch Doctor is forcing the Raw-Jaw to mine more Quaza. The heroes find a teleportation unit that the miners use to travel from one part of the planet to the other. Rocka states that the tunnels could be unstable, but is adamant that his team should be the ones to travel through them. Furno agrees, and takes Nex and Stringer the long route.

As they leave the teleporter, Rocka's team realize that they have been shrunk, and send a message to Furno, asking his team to come and assist them. Furno cannot travel with his team to assist, as they are in battle with the beasts. Rocka and Nex realize that Witch is controlling the beasts by using Quaza. They then proceed to snap the Quaza Spikes off of the beasts back, which turns them back to normal.

Furno's team runs to find Rocka's team and Witch, whom the Scorpio begins to fight. Nex attempts to turn Rocka, Bulk and Stormer back to normal size by rewiring the teleporter. They step in to it and it returns them to normal size. As this is going on, Stormer is fighting Witch, and the other Heroes join in. It isn't working, so Rocka upgrades, and begins to take Witch on by himself. He knocks Witch down, but they realize that the planet is destroying itself from the inside. Furno decides to use Bulk's strength to propel himself in to the air and destroy the mining machine, which drops the Quaza back in to the planet.

Once the planet is safe again, Stormer tells Furno and Rocka that although they were rivals, they worked the best whilst working together. They then returned to the Hero Factory, and left the planet to return to normal.





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