European Promotional Comic

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European Promotional Comic
Promotional Comic Leaflet 1.jpg
Author Unknown
Illustrator(s) Carlos D'Anda

The untitled European Promotional Comic is a comic included in a leaflet distributed with German Online LEGO Shop orders.

Plot Summary

The comic begins depicting Fire Lord and his minions attacking Hero Factory Space Station R-4. The refueling station is shown to be in ruins soon afterwards. After arriving at the scene of the disaster, Hero Factory Alpha 1 Team members Preston Stormer, William Furno, and Natalie Breez are attacked by the criminals. Furno and Stormer discuss the fact that they need to call for backup, and Stormer realizes that an upgrade is needed to stop Fire Lord. The Heroes leave the station and return to the Hero Factory where they upgrade into 2.0 versions and are joined by two new Heroes, Nathan Evo and Julius Nex. Stormer and Furno prepare to return to the station and defeat Fire Lord once and for all.




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