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This article is about the LEGO Club Jr. promotional comic. For other uses, see Breakout (Disambiguation).

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Author Unknown
Illustrator(s) Unknown

Breakout! is a promotional comic that appeared in the January–February 2012 issue of LEGO Club Jr. Magazine in the United Kingdom.

Plot Summary

Mark Surge and Nathan Evo are running down a corridor past screens reading "Danger", as alarms blare in the background. Evo tells Surge that there's trouble in the villain holding cells, and the two arrive to see Black Phantom, Jawblade, Splitface, and Toxic Reapa, who have escaped their cells. William Furno, subduing Toxic Reapa, explains to the two that Splitface had turned off the security systems in most of the holding cells. Preston Stormer commands his team to help capture the villains.

Later, Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, and Splitface have been cuffed, but Stormer observes that his team wasn't able to put all the villains back behind bars, but then tells Surge to slow down, as the villains will be tough to find and catch. Evo, looking at a projected map, replies that some of the villains could be as far as halfway across the galaxy. Daniel Rocka, recently upgraded, arrives and tells the team that there are upgrades waiting for the rest of them to help them capture the remaining villains. Furno, Evo, Surge, and Rocka are then shown in their upgraded forms, and the team prepares to hunt down the escapees.


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