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"Look what Hero Factory just went through, Breez. Criminal robots escaping from prison, causing all sorts of damage before you recaptured them. Were they made bad? No. Something went wrong with their thinking and they became bad. With the brains in control, that can never happen again. There won't be any need for villains ... or Heroes. Everyone will do what is needed for the good of the swarm."
― Xera, Collision Course

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Affiliation The Valiant
Occupation Scientist
Powers None
Tools Plasma weapon
Status Functional

Xera was a scientist on the Valiant.


At some point, Xera was built.

Xera was a friend of Aquax for years and recruited by him to the crew of the Valiant as the chief science officer for its maiden voyage. Xera met the ship's head security guard, Kirch, and detested him since the day they met. He was the first to detect a swarm of Brains in space. Mystified by the Brains, Xera wanted to study one of them, but Kirch advised him against bringing one to the ship. Aquax told Xera to study the Brains, but Xera thought about Aquax having not told him how to study them, so Xera used one of the ship's shuttlecraft to go out to capture one, unknowingly the swarm leader. Aquax tried to tell Xera to stop, but Xera ignored him. After Xera got one of the Brains, unknowingly the swarm leader, and brought it to the ship, Kirch and several security guards tried to get the Brain from Xera, but Aquax stopped them. Although Aquax was furious and thinking about punishing Xera for his disobedience, he let Xera examine it under heavy guard by Kirch. During the time, Kirch threatened Xera by grabbing him because of his foolishness, but Xera threatened him back to make him let go of him. Xera left to get supplies with a security guard escorting him there, and he returned to see the Brain and Kirch gone. He reported to Aquax, but was attacked by the Brains. Xera convinced them that he would be their representative in a new social order, so the Brains allowed Xera to ally with them.

When Natalie Breez arrived, Xera told her about the Brains and lied to her that he is running away from them. He directed her into a vent in the hope that she would be infected by a Brain there, but she escaped the Brain in the vent. Xera was going to stop her from freeing the one hundred crew members who were not possessed by the Brains from their forced sleep in the ship's hangar bay, but Xera was too late. After Breez met with Preston Stormer, who entered the Valiant, Xera saw them going to get infected under the possessed Aquax's command, and attacked Aquax and his two Brain comrades, as Aquax was disobeying the swarm leader, who was possessing Kirch. When Xera heard Stormer and Breez making a plan to set the Valiant off course, Xera attacked Stormer, knocking him unconscious, and threatened to attack Breez. He explained his secret allegiance with the Brains to Breez. Xera tried to destroy her and Stormer, but was defeated by Breez. The swarm leader suggested giving any of the non-possessed Valiant crew members, including Xera, to the Heroes during an argument with them, but the Heroes denied the suggestion. Since the Brains were eventually routed from the ship and killed, Xera no longer serves them.

After everyone in the Valiant was saved, Xera went back to his home world.[SM3]

Abilities and Traits

Although a capable scientist, Xera was willing to go too far in taking risks to study, even if it meant disobeying Aquax when Aquax was the captain of the Valiant, and Xera would bend Aquax's command when he did this.

Xera believed the Brains represented a perfect social order in the galaxy, which is why he was the only crew member on the Valiant to support them and not get controlled by the Brains.

Xera and Kirch had a grudge against each other since the day they met.

Xera claims that he knows a metal-eating virus that can reduce a robot to dust in about 13 seconds. He says that to make robots that grabbed him let him go. He once said that to Kirch.


Xera is armed with a plasma weapon, which shoots plasma bolts.


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