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"Look what Hero Factory just went through Breez. Criminal robots escaping from prison, causing all sorts of damage before you recaptured them. Were they made bad? No. Something went wrong with their thinking and they became bad. With the brains in control, that can never happen again. There won't be any need for villains ... or Heroes. Everyone will do what is needed for the good of the swarm."
― Xera, Collision Course

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Affiliation The Valiant
Occupation Scientist
Powers None
Tools None
Status Active

Xera was a scientist on the Valiant.


Xera was a friend of Aquax and joined the crew of the Valiant for its maiden voyage. He was the first to detect the Brains in space. Mystified by the Brains, Xera went out and captured one, unknowingly the swarm leader. Although Aquax was furious, he let Xera examine it under heavy guard by Kirch, the head security guard detested by Xera. Xera left to get more supplies, and he returned to see the Brain was gone and Kirch too. He reported to Aquax, but was attacked by a Brain. Xera convinced it that he would be the Brain's representative in a new social order. When Natalie Breez arrived, Xera directed her into a vent in the hope that she would be infected. When she escaped the Brains and met with Preston Stormer, Xera saw them going to get infected under Aquax's command, and attacked the possessed Aquax, as he was disobeying Kirch, the swarm leader. He explained this to Breez and Stormer and prepared to attack them but was defeated by Breez. The Brains were eventually routed from the ship and eradicated.

Abilities and Traits

Although a capable scientist, Xera was willing to go too far in taking risks to study. He also believed the Brains represented a perfect social order in the galaxy, which is why he was the only crew-member on the Valiant to support them and not get controlled by the Brains.