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"The Valiant was the culmination of years of planning and engineering work by some of the best scientists on the planet Gronnd. It was as far beyond the other ships that patrolled the frontier as a robot was beyond an ant."
― Narrator, Collision Course

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Status Heavily damaged

The Valiant was a large battle cruiser ship commissioned to patrol deep space.


The Valiant was recently built on the planet Gronnd, in order to patrol deep space, in places where Heroes are not present. It took years of planning and engineering work for the ship to be built.[SM3] It was built by scientists from the Galactic Conspiracy, who are distrustful of the Hero Factory, to hide the fact that they were using Project Sunstorm.[SM4] The ship had a crew of more than a hundred robots. Aquax was given command of the ship, with Xera as a scientist and Kirch as the head security guard,[SM3] while Aquax does not know about the secret behind the construction of the ship.[FO:MSG]

Three days after the Valiant was launched from its space dock, during its maiden voyage, Xera detected a Brain swarm in space. He wanted to study the Brains, so he used one of two shuttlecraft from the Valiant to obtain a specimen that turned out to be the swarm leader. It infected Kirch, who became a host for the leader. The crew sent a distress call to Hero Factory about them being attacked by aliens. The Brains took control of many of the crew members. Xera convinced the Brains to spare him, and promised them that he will be their representative in order to introduce the Brains' social order. The rest of the crew, which were a hundred, were put to sleep in the hangar bay by the Brains because there were not enough Brains to possess them. The Valiant was then set on a collision course directly to Hero Factory in Makuhero City to destroy it.

Soon after, Natalie Breez and Daniel Rocka boarded the Valiant in response. The two Heroes went separate ways in the ship. The Valiant rammed into an unmanned freighter, destroying it, on the way. Kirch set to capture Rocka, and Breez was almost infected after being led astray by Xera. Breez freed the uncontrolled crew members. She had two of them use both shuttlecraft to go warn the Hero Factory about the Brains while she had the others fight the Brains. With Kirch gone, Aquax allowed Preston Stormer on board in order to infect him, however, Aquax was defeated by Xera, as the captain was disobeying Kirch's orders.

Meanwhile, Heroes piloting six Drop Ships led by Nathan Evo approached the Valiant and began using their tractor beams, stopping the ship. Using the Valiant's firepower, Kirch managed to destroy two Drop Ships before Dunkan Bulk and William Furno boarded the ship, and Stormer had Rocka set it to head right into the sun of Makuhero City's star system. Kirch made the trajectory permanent before all of the Brains let go of their hosts and then tried to flee, but the Brains were incinerated by the sun's sheer heat. The Heroes and Aquax starting working together to save themselves from the sun. Bulk destroyed the Valiant's engines to stop it. Furno and Breez threw the ship's explosive cargo in front of it, propelling it backwards away from the star.

After the Valiant was saved, it was heavily damaged, so it is getting repaired. The Hero Factory estimated the repairs would take 18 months before the ship was space-worthy again.[SM3]


The Valiant had many airlocks, computers, and a system of ventilation shafts. It also featured many decks, which are a bridge, a navigation station, a shuttlecraft hangar bay, secure holding cells, a laboratory, an auxiliary control center, an engineering room, conference rooms, a starboard side, and a helm, as well as an armory with weapons. There are hallways with doors. The decks could be put on a Stage Six-Omega lockdown by security. The ship had a public address system, which had low-energy communications wires and wall speakers. It had security systems, which were locks, alarms, computer firewalls, and electrified grates on the shafts. They could be shut down by nine-digit security override codes, which could be entered in the computers. The ship had climate controls for its various parts, including the auxiliary control room, and when the climate controls were shut down, the parts would gradually become so cold that it could make robots' bodies not function properly, at least not without some modifications. The ship's internal sensors could penetrate the whole ship save for a few places, like the ventilation shafts, which were spread out the whole ship. The Valiant also had long-range sensors, which detect things that came near the ship. It had a self-repairing hull, which could fix any breaches after they occurred. The ship was powered by a tri-nuclear fusion engine, and armed with mass drivers and high-intensity lasers. The ship could jam sensors between itself and something outside of it.

Deck Eight was halfway between engineering and the bridge.

The bridge had a command chair and an elevator. The command center also had a console with call buttons, each allowed its user to hear someone calling from a room. The console also had a button that allowed its user to call security. The command center had a console for its navigator, and the console had a control button that could activate the ship's energy shields. The console could also open and close the airlocks. The room also had a communicating button on one of its walls. Connected to the bridge was the navigation station, where the navigator worked. It the hull was breached, it would sound alarms. The console would record the hull breach, so a damage control team would come check it out.

The shuttlecraft hangar bay was the largest single room in the ship. It contained two shuttlecraft, and could fit a small army. The room had a button on a wall that could create a dampening field that could slowly put robots in the room to sleep. This could cause their life signs to not show up in sensors. The button flashed when the field was activated. The ship and the shuttlecraft had tractor beams.

The secure holding cells had keys that could open and close them.

The engineering room had a pillar at its entrance. It also had a catwalk inside its sliding door, and at the far end of the catwalk, there were thick power cables running along the wall that had warning labels posted all around them. According to Rocka, if any of the cables were cut, they could create a flash of electricity and sound an alarm, which would convince people in there to make a mass evacuation from the room. This could also disable the ship. The room also had a staircase. It had a bank of computers, which has a computer console that controlled the power flow, and if one destroyed it, it could explode the ship.

The auxiliary control center was located around the midlevel of the ship, down a right branch off the main corridor. It could get controls from the decks and power from the main engineering center, and could prevent the command center from controlling the ship. It had a door with an electronic lock on the outside. There was another door on the inside that could be locked by a computer firewall. When Rocka came to the auxiliary control room before getting captured by the Kirch-Brain, it was not guarded, and was cold. When Rocka hacked through the firewall, the firewall disappeared, and Rocka caused a temporary shutdown of the security codes on it.

The ship carried several crates of a highly explosive material called Galedanium. The room that contained the crates was in the front of the ship, and had an airlock. The crates were removed from the ship through the airlock and then exploded during Mission: Collision Course.


The ship had a crew of more than a hundred robots. Known crew members are:

  • Many crew members possessed by Brains
    • Aquax - The captain of the ship
    • The navigator who is male
    • Several robots worked in the command center
    • Many security robots. They are armed with plasma blasters that shoot plasma bolts
      • Kirch - The head of security in the ship
      • Two guards guarding the engineering room
      • Twenty guards in the engineering room
  • One hundred and one crew members not possessed by Brains
    • Xera - the chief science officer for the ship
    • One hundred crew members who were forced to sleep in the hangar bay
      • A male repair tech who saw Breez in a news vid about the Breakout, and did not remember Breez's name correctly until Breez reminded him
      • About twenty robots who can drive the shuttlecraft
        • Two of the robots who used both shuttlecraft


"Rocka had been on spaceships before, though never one quite this big. He didn't like them, and he especially didn't like the Valiant. It was too large, too new, too antiseptic. Its halls felt like they had never heard the sound of a robot's voice. Yes, he was something of a wizard with high tech, but Rocka had a sense of history too. He respected the inventors who had come before, the ones who had made the great breakthroughs with far less to work with than he had. Maybe that was part of the reason a brand-new vessel like this one rubbed him the wrong way: It had no history."
― Narrator, Collision Course