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"You could always join Hero Factory. My pilots could use training from an expert.
No, I'm too much my own robot. I need to be out there, running my own ship.
Preston Stormer and Aquax, Collision Course

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Affiliation The Valiant
Occupation Captain
Powers None
Tools Plasma weapon
Status Functional

Aquax is an old comrade of Preston Stormer, and was the captain of the Valiant.


At some point, Aquax was built.

During the Hero Factory's early days, Preston Stormer was once captured by a gang of thugs and saved by Aquax, who was an undercover cop. After the thugs were arrested, Stormer's team's leader, Thresher, interviewed Aquax after the mission, Aquax covered Stormer by saying he was undercover too, and not captured, though Stormer told Thresher the truth later on.

Stormer and Aquax were also once trapped on a transport ship heading to a collision with an asteroid, but survived. The two tried to stay in touch, but eventually lost contact.

Aquax was a friend of Xera for years.

Aquax was installed as captain of the Valiant, assigned to guard deep space.[SM3] He does not know that the construction of the ship was used by the Galactic Conspiracy to hide the fact that they were creating a weapons system called Project Sunstorm.[SM4][FO:MSG] On the Valiant's maiden voyage, Xera, who became Aquax's trusted scientist and was recruited by him to join the ship's crew, found a swarm of Brains floating toward the ship. Aquax told Xera to study the Brains, but he did not tell him how to, so Xera used one of the ship's shuttlecraft to go retrieve one. Commander Kirch, the ship's head security guard, noticed this and told Aquax about it, so Aquax tried to tell Xera to stop, but Xera ignored him. Xera retrieved one of the Brains and brought it to the ship. When Kirch and one of his teams of security guards tried to get the Brain from Xera, Aquax stopped them. Furious, Aquax was thinking about punishing Xera for his disobedience, but he let Xera study the Brain in the ship's science lab and have Kirch guard the Brain. However, Kirch became possessed by the Brain, who was the swarm's leader and on a mission to destroy the Hero Factory. When Xera noticed the Brain and Kirch gone, he told Aquax about it. Aquax was then told by the ship's navigator that Kirch opened one of the ship's airlock to bring the rest of the Brains into the ship. Aquax tried to stop Kirch, but Kirch used the ship's auxiliary control room to resist his attempts, and Aquax was himself possessed by another of the Brains. When the Brain took control of the Valiant, they started setting the ship on a crash course to the Hero Factory in Makuhero City.

Aquax's Brain

This Brain was contacted by Preston Stormer, and it tried to tell Stormer that Kirch's sending of the Valiant to Hero Factory was a mere engine issue, but after they stopped talking, it figured that Stormer knew about the situation in the ship. Kirch told Aquax and the ship's Brain-possessed navigator to have the ship attack Stormer, but Stormer hid in a flock of meteoroids with metal that disrupted the ship's signals. Aquax mentioned that the meteroids can disrupt signals, so Kirch told Aquax and the navigator to destroy the rocks to make sure that Stormer is destroyed. After Kirch left to get a Hero named Daniel Rocka, who had boarded, Aquax decided to let Stormer board the ship to infect him, disobeying the Kirch Brain and despite the navigator trying to remind Aquax of Kirch's order to destroy Stormer. He brought two of his Brain comrades and confronted Stormer and Natalie Breez, with the latter also had boarded. Aquax tried to have his Brain comrades possess the two Heroes. When Kirch contacted Stormer to tell him that he has Rocka hostage, he figured what Aquax was doing, so he tried to tell Aquax to stand down and let him take care of Stormer and Breez, but Aquax argued with him. Aquax and his Brain comrades were attacked and knocked unconscious by Xera for disobeying Kirch's orders. Later, when the Kirch Brain said that the Heroes were bluffing about directing the Valiant to Makuhero City's sun, the Aquax Brain arrived to confirm with Kirch that the Heroes were not bluffing. When all of the Brains left their hosts, then the ship, and got killed by the sun's heat, Aquax was free from his Brain.

He went to help the Alpha 1 Team stop the Valiant from flying towards a sun. Aquax watched as Dunkan Bulk destroyed the engines of the ship, and helped jettisoned the explosive cargo, which blew up in front of the ship, sending it spiraling away from the sun that it was about to crash into.

Aquax was told by Akiyama Makuro that the Heroes would patrol deep space and help him in the future. Stormer gave Aquax an offer of becoming a trainer for Hero pilots, but Aquax declined. He told Stormer to find the one responsible for the Brains' attack in the Valiant before Aquax left.[SM3]

Abilities and Traits

As noted by Stormer, Aquax is a dedicated officer. He wants to run his own space ship to fight crime, but is not always fit to be a captain. He pays close attention to details, and is dutiful about being a law enforcer. Despite this, Aquax does not want to be affiliated with the Hero Factory, just operate as a solo vigilante. As the captain, he looked impressive. Aquax is an expert pilot.

Aquax's Brain wanted to be resourceful for his swarm, even if it meant disobeying the Kirch Brain, the swarm leader, as he tried to have his two Brain comrades possess Stormer and Breez, who the Kirch Brain wanted to destroy. The Aquax Brain also had arguments with the Kirch Brain, as they debated on what was best for their swarm's mission.


Aquax is armed with a plasma weapon.


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