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"You're a security robot. I wouldn't expect you to understand the needs of science."
"And you're a scientist. I wouldn't expect you to have any common sense."
Xera and Kirch, Collision Course

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Affiliation The Valiant
Occupation Security Chief
Powers None
Tools Laser weapon
Plasma weapon
Status Functional

Kirch was the commander and head security guard on the Valiant.


At some point, Kirch was built.

Kirch joined Aquax's crew on the Valiant as head of security, forced on by senior officers above Aquax's rank. He was there when Xera, who he detested since the day they met, found a swarm of Brains floating in space. Commander Kirch advised Xera against bringing them on the ship, Xera got one of the Brains, unknowingly their swarm leader. After Xera placed this Brain in a vacuum jar, Kirch was later assigned to guard the Brain while Xera was studying it. During the time, Kirch threatened Xera because of his foolishness by grabbing him, but Xera threatened him back to make let go of him. However, after Xera left to get supplies, escorted by a security guard who was guarding the lab, Kirch believed that the Brain could be hostile, so he secretly planned to destroy the Brain, and then he would say to the crew that the Brain escaped from the jar and attacked Kirch, but Kirch had no choice but to kill it, and Xera would not win an argument against him. Kirch used his laser weapon to try to destroy the Brain, but failed when the Brain avoided his attack by jumping, making him destroy the jar to free the Brain, and then the Brain possessed Kirch.

Kirch's Brain

The swarm leader noticed that the security guard left the lab to escort Xera, so the swarm leader left the lab and went to the ship's auxiliary control room. It used the auxiliary control room to reroute control on the ship's energy shields to it. It opened one of the ship's airlocks to bring its swarm into it. It took command of the ship and sent the Brains to infect many of the the crew members. Xera promised that he would help the Brains. Kirch programmed the ship to speed toward Hero Factory in Makuhero City to destroy it.

After Natalie Breez and Daniel Rocka boarded the ship, Kirch set a trap for Rocka in the engineering section of the ship. As Preston Stormer flew in, Kirch ordered a Brain-possessed Aquax and the ship's Brain-possessed navigator have the ship to fire on him while he went to get Rocka. Capturing the Hero, Kirch held him hostage. Kirch was notified by the navigator that Stormer had board the ship. Kirch contacted Stormer to tell him that he has Rocka hostage. Kirch also figured that Aquax disobeyed him by letting Stormer board the ship and try to have a Brain possess him. Kirch told Aquax to stand down and let take care of Stormer, but Aquax argued with him until Aquax was knocked unconscious. Stormer threatened Kirch that he and the Hero Factory are coming for him before he stopped making contact. When Kirch had ten of twenty Brain-possessed crew members get Stormer and Breez, Rocka made an escape attempt and defeated the other ten, but Kirch, who noticed Rocka's acrobatics in the fight, caught him again, threatening to destroy him. However, Nathan Evo and many other Heroes arrived in several Hero craft to hold the Valiant in a combined tractor beam, Kirch went to take care of the Drop Ships, unintentionally letting Rocka go. Kirch ordered the ships to be fired upon, but after having some fo the Hero craft destroyed, he was forced into a stalemate when Dunkan Bulk and William Furno arrived. Kirch was told that the ship was heading to the sun of Makuhero City, making the swarm leader decide to leave with the Brains, but it first ensuring the Valiant's course could not be altered. The swarm leader promised Stormer they would meet again before detaching from Kirch's body, but the swarm leader and the Brains were vaporized by the star's heat.

After everyone in the Valiant was saved, Kirch went back to his home world.[SM3]

Abilities and Traits

Kirch is a dedicated and competent guard, but is distrustful of Xera. He and Xera had a grudge against each other since the day they met. Kirch wore the colors of a security chief.

The swarm leader that possessed him was ruthless, committed to the destruction of Heroes and Hero Factory at all costs for unknown reasons. The swarm leader was able to lay traps. It was very devious, and confident that the Brains would destroy Hero Factory. The swarm leader had arguments with the Brain that possessed Aquax, who tried to do their swarm's mission its way.

Kirch is armed with a laser weapon, which shoots laser bolts. He was also armed with a plasma weapon.


"This ship is ours. Hero Factory will not take it from us ... but we will deliver it to them, with fire and thunder."
― Brain-possessed Kirch, Collision Course


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