Daniela Capricorn

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Daniela Capricorn
Affiliation Channel HFX
Occupation News Reporter/"honorary Hero"
Powers N/A
Tools N/A
Status Functional

Daniela Capricorn is a news reporter who works in a news station, which is broadcasted on Channel HFX.


At some point, Daniela Capricorn was built. Not much is known about her past, but at one point in her life, Capricorn was hired as a news reporter for Hero News Wire, and given a billboard in Makuhero City. Later on, the billboard got damaged by Preston Stormer and William Furno when they were fighting while Stormer was infected with Meltdown's nanobots.[Episode 3]

She covered the returning of Alpha 1 Team with the captured criminals Thunder, Corroder, XPlode, and Meltdown. Capricorn interviewed Stormer, who told her that it was the new Heroes who had preformed admirably, and introduced Mark Surge, Natalie Breez, and Furno. After her scatterbrained male[Episode 8] camera robot began zooming in on other objects in the background, Capricorn became angry and dragged it back to the news station, threatening to remove its batteries.[Episode 4]

Daniela Capricorn with her camera robot, Evo, and Nex

Capricorn was then sent to cover Akiyama Makuro's annual press conference, where he revealed the Upgrade. After asking him how it works, Capricorn watched as the new heroes, Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, were unveiled to the public. Nex lifted Capricorn onto the stage with himself and Evo, and showed how strong he was compared to her. Capricorn continued to watch in amazement to the end. At the ceremony honoring the bravery of Mark Surge with his 2.0 upgrade and presentation of his Ice Spear Blaster, Capricorn covered this news story as well and announced that a new era was in store for all of the Heroes.[Episode 5]

After the massive breakout at Hero Factory, Daniela Capricorn was sent to report on Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em. She had people watch Stormer find Speeda Demon in Kollix IV live. As time went on, she was calling someone from the news station about the lack of action at the factory itself and suggested announcing the weather, but she and her camera robot resumed shooting when the factory's force field called Fail-Safe Shield went up and cut her off from the building.[Episode 8]

Capricorn and her camera robot

Later, as time went on, she was calling someone from the news station again, who wanted her to liven things up, but Capricorn complained that there was nothing to liven up. However, when Capricorn saw Stormer, Furno, Surge, and Evo returning from their solo missions, she hung up because she looked at the Heroes as something that could liven things up. Stormer asked her to assist them by reporting that none of the Heroes had returned yet. Once the Fail-Safe Shield came down, this allowed the team to re-enter the factory without arousing Black Phantom's suspicion. After Black Phantom was defeated, she reported on the situation, announcing her title as an "honorary Hero" and claiming credit for the mission's success.[Episode 9]

Capricorn hitting a Brain on the camera robot

Capricorn was on the scene for an Alpha 1 public event at a podium of statues of six members of the team in the city's plaza, and asked Furno, who said that he is her big fan, about Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em and flirted with him. After Brain-controlled creatures attacked Makuhero City, Capricorn reported live on-screen through the devastation. Saved from creatures several times by Alpha 1, one Brain jumped on her camera robot. Capricorn hit the Brain to try to shake it off her camera robot, but a swarm chased after her and the camera robot, causing Capricorn and the camera robot to flee in terror.[Episode 10] It is unknown what happened to her afterwards, but it is likely she survived, as she witnessed Daniel Rocka using a jetpack to fight against a Brain-possessed Dragon called Dragon Bolt.(Dragon Bolt vs Jet Rocka!)

Abilities and Traits

Capricorn is very full of herself and has a very short temper. She hates it when her male[Episode 9] camera robot zooms somewhere else other than her and gets mad at her camera bot constantly. However, while broadcasting, she somewhat takes on a façade of pleasantness.


  • Capricorn was voiced by Jennifer Coolidge for her appearances in the Television Episodes.
  • In her billboard in Episode 3, her name is spelled "Daniela". The same happened in the online short story Dragon Bolt vs Jet Rocka! Episodes 4 and 5's end credits called her "Reporter". In Episodes 8-10, her name is spelled "Daniella" for some reason.


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