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The Hero Factory storyline is composed of many different Characters, each with different roles and purposes. Most of them seen in the story are robots. There are various kinds of robots.

Below is the list of Characters in Hero Factory.

Hero Factory

Hero Teams

The original 3.0 Alpha 1 Heroes






Legion of Darkness (Disbanded)

  • Black Phantom - A criminal mastermind who has twice tried to destroy Hero Factory
  • Voltix - An electricity-obsessed criminal who started a mass breakout
  • Splitface - A schizophrenic villain
  • Jawblade - An aquatic dwelling criminal
  • Toxic Reapa - An insectoid villain obsessed with toxic sludge
  • Thornraxx - A flying insectoid villain
  • Speeda Demon - A speed-crazed criminal
  • XT4 - A robot who was reprogrammed to be a villain

Von Nebula's Gang (Disbanded)

  • Von Nebula - A villain who was once a hero named Von Ness. He went rogue and turned into a villain who wants to destroy Hero Factory
  • Rotor - An insane and master escape-artist villain
  • Thunder - A strong but dim-witted villain
  • Corroder - A conniving and fast henchbot
  • Meltdown - One of the more mentally unbalanced foes
  • XPlode - An exceedingly rich villain-for-hire
  • Vapor - The most mysterious of Von Nebula's recruits who prefers to do his criminal activities alone and works as a distraction

Fire Villains (Disbanded)

Fire Lord, a megalomaniacal rogue mining robot
  • Fire Lord - A former mining robot who became the powerful leader of a group of villains
  • Nitroblast - A smart and devoted member of Fire Lord's group who was once a mining robot
  • Jetbug - An insane and fast henchbot who was once a mining robot
  • Drilldozer - A strong member of Fire Lord's group who uses a drill and was once a mining robot

Doom Box's Creators

  • Arctur - The leader of the Doom Box's four mysterious and hooded creators. However, he reformed and stopped the Doom Box from being used, sacrificing his life in doing so
  • Deneb - A member of the group who secretly created a map that recorded the locations of the Doom Box's pieces

Galactic Conspiracy

  • The red-armored overall leader with an unknown name
  • Dumacc - a good scientist who did not know the Conspiracy's true nature
  • Karter - a devious and manipulative spy. Killed by the Conspiracy's leader
  • Perjast - a nervous member


Alpha 1's newest rookie fighting the mutated industrial robot
  • Witch Doctor - A tyrannical villain who took control of the techno-organic animals of the planet Quatros
  • Core Hunter - A rogue Hero who turned into a villain that steals Hero Cores
  • Geb - A small-time crook on a criminal world
  • Brains - Parasitic organisms that can take control of beings, and occasionally mutate lifeforms when doing so to them
    • The Brains' creator - A villain who looks like Black Phantom[Episode 10]
  • Silver - A giant robot that attacked New Stellac City
  • Cornelius Zo - A villain that once commanded an army of Tiger Ants (Hero Factory FM)
  • Snowflake - A notorious shape-shifter that can turn objects into smaller versions of itself (Hero Factory FM)
  • Panda-Monium - A mutant panda-like being (Hero Factory FM)
  • Interpolar Bear - A cat burglar who wears a panda disguise (Hero Factory FM)
  • Sun-Eater - A villain that once tried to take over a planet long ago (Hero Factory FM)
  • Gorgon - A gorgon from Neptune that once tried to kidnap Saturn's king (Hero Factory FM)
  • Makuro-X1 - A robot created by Makuro who went hostile and tried to take over the Hero Factory at one time (questionable canonicity)
  • Mutated Industrial Robot - This industrial robot was mutated into a bestial form, and hates Hero Factory and Black Phantom (questionable canonicity)


Workers at Tanker Station 22


Quatros Creatures

Rocka 3.0 fighting a possessed Fangz
  • Fangz - Skilled hound-like hunting animals
  • Raw-Jaws - Powerful gorilla-like creatures with tusks
  • Scorpio - Large but agile scorpion-like beasts
  • Waspix - Solitary wasp-like beasts

Makuhero Planet Creatures

Other Creatures

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