Breakout: Issue 2

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Breakout: Issue 2
AShockingConclusion Title.png
Author Rachel Lareau
Illustrator(s) Elmer Damaso

The second Breakout issue is a comic that appeared in the July–August issue of LEGO Club Magazine in the United States. Included at the end of comic, entitled A Shocking Conclusion! is a LEGO Club Code that yields the second part of the issue, Haywire Hotwire!

Plot Summary

Part 1 - "A Shocking Conclusion!"

In battle against Toxic Reapa and Voltix, Nathan Evo is hanging precariously from a rock structure, requesting Jimi Stringer's help in pulling himself up. Stringer dodges one of Voltix's attacks, which hits Toxic Reapa, and saves Evo from falling. Evo suggests that Stringer should fight Toxic Reapa and that he should fight Voltix, to which Stringer agrees and punches Toxic Reapa. Evo jumps onto Voltix, and knocks him down; Voltix stands, but Stringer throws the stunned Toxic Reapa onto Voltix knocking them both out. Evo congratulates Stringer, and they resolve to bring the villains in to the Hero Factory.

Part 2 - "Haywire Hotwire!"

However, the villains recover quickly, and Voltix's electricity paralyzes Evo and Stringer, giving the villains time to escape. Toxic Reapa devises a plan to steal the transport that the two Heroes came in; despite naysaying the idea due to the complexity of Hero Factory security measures, Voltix is surprised to find that his electricity was capable of disabling the password lock of the craft. Toxic Reapa insists to Voltix that he stay behind to buy him time, causing the two to begin arguing. Evo and Stringer, after recovering from the electricity, track the two villains through the jungle, arguing about the appropriate tactic to use, with Evo expressing his frustration at being treated like a rookie by Stringer. The Heroes discover the villains before they can abscond with the craft, and Stringer lets Evo choose the method of engagement, resulting in their victory. The two make amends about the previous disagreement, and return to the Hero Factory with their prisoners.


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