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"Watch out Hero, lightning can strike twice."
― Voltix to Jimi Stringer, Breakout Part 1

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Employer Black Phantom (formerly)
Weapons Shooting Volt Blaster
Lightning Whip
Status Functional
Set number 6283

Voltix is a villain that had attempted to destroy Hero Factory multiple times. He was also a former member of the Legion of Darkness. He was notable for causing the Breakout. During it, he escaped from Hero Factory's Villain Storage, but is recaptured.


At some point, Voltix was built. His life before he became a villain and how he did so are unknown.

Voltix specialized in small thefts before he became a big-time criminal.[FO:MSG]

Voltix sometimes partnered with a fellow villain named Splitface in his villainous activities. While in a city on planet Epsilon Gamma IV at one time, where they were doing a robbery on upgrades, the villains were pursued by Preston Stormer, a Hero of the Hero Factory and who the villains easily saw through the dark. They fought and tried to defeat him, but he was able to subdue them with the help of his commanding officer, Thresher. Thresher attached a magnetic mine on Voltix and tricked him into thinking that it will explode. Voltix got captured by the Heroes while Splitface escaped. Thresher used a length of chain made of a plastic that do not conduct electricity from Voltix's electrical powers to cuff him. Thresher confessed the truth about the mine, surprising Stormer and Voltix. Voltix was put in a special non-conductive plastic cell on Asteroid J-54 that do not conduct electricity from his electrical powers. Later on, Toxic Reapa went to a cell next to Voltix.

Legion of Darkness


While in prison, Voltix was freed by XT4, along with Toxic Reapa, and the three escaped. During the escape, they were confronted by Dunkan Bulk and Von Ness, so XT4 released the rest of the prisoners and the three went to escape through the roof. There, they met Von Ness, but the Hero was outnumbered. Voltix convinced Von Ness to let them pass in order to survive. Von Ness did what Voltix said. The three villains got in XT4's Drop Ship that XT4 stole from the Hero Factory and met with the rest of Black Phantom's gang called the Legion of Darkness. XT4 and the Legion recruited Voltix and Toxic Reapa.

The Legion watched the news about the incident on the asteroid leading to Hero Factory shutting down. XT4 tried to tell the Legion to be cautious of the Hero Factory, as Speeda Demon stated, but Voltix shot an electric bolt at XT4, stating that he does not do caution, but Black Phantom told the villains to stop. Black Phantom developed a plan to take over the Hero Factory's headquarters and make it their base. Voltix went with Toxic Reapa, Speeda Demon, and Thornraxx to enter the building's Assembly Tower. After Toxic Reapa threw Thornraxx out of the craft and to the Hero Factory building, hurting him and making him go unconscious, the three crashed in the Assembly Tower. They encountered Thresher, and strapped him into the Assembly Tower and put it in reverse, hoping to disassemble the Hero. Black Phantom arrived, but he was trailed by the rest of Alpha 1 Team. Stormer revealed Black Phantom intended to use Voltix and the others as tools and let them get captured, angering Voltix, Toxic Reapa, and Speeda Demon, so the three villains attacked and defeated Black Phantom. The villains were defeated by the Heroes. Voltix, along with the rest of the Legion, was arrested and incarcerated on Asteroid J-54.[SM2]

At some point, Voltix escaped from prison, but the Legion was disbanded during the time.[SM2, p. 136]


Voltix on Tansari VI

Black Phantom had Voltix to initiate a mass breakout of Hero Factory's more secure Villain Containment cells. In order to do that, Voltix pretended to be caught by two Heroes, Daniel Rocka and William Furno, and placed into their Storage Facility prison. Shortly after being locked in his cell, Voltix used his energy to trigger the Black Hole Orb Staff, which blew a hole in the roof and created an escape route for all of the villains, who broke free of their confinement. Voltix was confronted by Rocka, but he managed to elude the Hero and enter the black hole.

Voltix traveled to the planet Tansari VI and attempted to disrupt the power supply of the planet's energy collection array and create a superweapon for his own personal use. Jimi Stringer followed Voltix into the area in order to stop and apprehend him. Stringer tried to capture Voltix using his newly acquired Hero Cuffs, but Voltix used his electric head devices to temporarily disable the cuffs. Voltix escaped through the mist, making it harder for Stringer to find him. Stringer recovered his Hero Cuffs, but Voltix began drawing energy from the array into his Shooting Volt Blaster and then used it to attack Stringer by his Hero Core, incapacitating Stringer.[Episode 8] However, the effect of the attack was temporary, so Stringer was able to reawaken himself. He removed Voltix's voltage booster switch back his back, but when Jimi Stringer onto a power cell, Voltix got his switch back and reattached it to his back. Voltix tried to use his blaster to make an energy cell explode to destroy Stringer, but the explosion caused many other energy cells to absorb Voltix's power, renderless him powerless and his Shooting Volt Blaster useless, and Stringer survived. While Voltix was struggling to make his blaster work, Stringer used the Hero Cuffs to apprehend Voltix. Then, Stringer unplugged Voltix's red wires from his head to make him go unconscious. Voltix was then returned to the Hero Factory by Stringer.[Episode 9]

Voltix escaped yet again later on and was listed as being still on the loose.[SM1] However, he was later recaptured.[SM4]

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

Along with the other Legion of Darkness members, Voltix was recruited to the inner circle of the Citadel run by Von Nebula. Voltix was installed as the Citadel's prison warden, and had a program where would-be escapees took info from corrupt guards to escape. In actuality, Voltix was simply testing prisoners with morale left, so he could break it. Voltix also has his own group of evil robot guards and bounty hunters called the Jolters guard the Citadel's prison.

Recently, Voltix broke William Furno's spirit after tricking and capturing him.

When the main reality's Alpha 1 Team engineered a prison break, Voltix was about to send all reserve guard Jolters when he received word of the Brains' invasion. He sent out an alert, and later in the chaos, he was later found unconscious. The Brains killed Voltix when they were invading and defeating the Citadel.[SM5]

Abilities and Traits

He is a cunning and sneaky villain, manipulating his opponents and helping to orchestrate the massive breakout at the Hero Factory, a move that was unprecedented at the time.[Episode 8][MtH] Voltix is very good at hiding in Tansari VI's mist, so he can do sneak attacks.[Episode 8] He is feisty, and he does not believe that he should do caution unless his associate convinces him so.[SM2]

Voltix possesses electrical elements, including a voltage booster switch on his back. He also has four wires: two of them are blue, which connect the switch to his arms, and the other two are red, which connect his head to his arms. When the switch is flipped upwards, it allows Voltix to use his electrical powers, but when the switch is flipped downwards, Voltix's powers are shut down. If one removes his switch, Voltix becomes powerless. If one pulls the red wires off his head, he gets electrically shocked and then becomes unconscious. He eventually wakes up after this, but he is still weak from the removal of his red wires.[Episode 9]

His manipulation of electricity also allows him to create electrical projections, which can be based on someone that he is thinking about and destroy the Black Hole Orb Staff's orb part by touching it. The projection can also pass through the Villain Storage's laser bars and activate the staff's black hole-making power when the projection destroyed the orb part.[Episode 8] Voltix feeds off of electricity, and can utilize enough of its energy to keep him alive indefinitely.[FO:MSG] He can see very well in the dark night.[SM2]

Voltix can also jump very high.[Episode 8]

Voltix wears a helmet that looks like the ones that the Black Phantom, Speeda Demon, and the Brain maker wear. He is taller than Stringer, Rocka, Furno, Bulk, and Breez's Breakout forms, as he is taller than a 2.0 Hero. Voltix is also as tall as Speeda Demon and Core Hunter.


Voltix was armed with a Shooting Volt Blaster and a Lightning Whip. The Volt Blaster is a rare weapon that causes paralysis in its targets, and the Lightning Whip is a tool that allows Voltix to absorb or output any amount of power. Voltix also has two horn-like devices on his head, which can shoot electical blasts that can temporarily disable a Hero's Breakout Hero Cuffs.

Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook Stats


Set Information

Voltix in set form.

Set 6283 VOLTIX, which is medium-sized, was released in the summer of 2012, as part of the second wave in Hero Factory's Breakout line. The set contained 61 pieces, including a spherical ammo piece that can be shot from his launcher when the sides are squeezed, as well as a Hero Core for specific use in an online game called Breakout. The set has the Ligthning Whip, which can rotate. It also has the voltage booster switch on his back, which can be flipped up and down. Parts from the set can be combined with parts from set 6282 STRINGER to create a non-canon combination model using instructions from HeroFactory.com.



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