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"I'm leaving here with my little soldiers, Hero, and you're not leaving at all!"
― Toxic Reapa to Nathan Evo, Breakout, Part 1

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Toxic Reapa
TV Toxic Reapa.png
Employer Black Phantom (formerly)
Weapons Laser Cutters
Toxic Jets
Status Imprisoned
Set number 6201

Toxic Reapa is a Z'chayan villain.


Toxic Reapa

Toxic Reapa is native to the jungle planet Z'chaya, where he was regarded as a criminal. He has also made himself an enemy of the Hero Factory at some point. After leaving his home planet, he embarked on a crime spree, and ran unchecked. Jawblade partnered with Toxic Reapa for a mission to steal gems from a museum on Sigma Pi III. They entered the museum through an aquarium tank's waste tube. Once in, Toxic Reapa began to steal gems but was attacked and taken down by Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer from Alpha 1 Team. Afterwards, he was taken to Asteroid J-54 and placed in an acid-resistant prison cell next to Voltix.

Legion of Darkness

The robot XT4 later arrived to break both of them out so they could join Black Phantom's Legion of Darkness. As they escaped they ran into Von Ness, but Von Ness let them pass. XT4 got in his Drop Ship with Toxic Reapa and Voltix and they left. They met with the rest of Black Phantom's Legion of Darkness, and heard the news of Akiyama Makuro's decision to shut down Hero Factory after the disaster on Asteroid J-54. Black Phantom then assembled the Legion to take Hero Factory as the Legion's new base. Toxic Reapa, Voltix, Speeda Demon and Thornraxx were instructed to take the Assembly Tower, and Toxic Reapa threw Thornraxx out of the ship on the way there. Once in the tower they were attacked by Thresher, but the sheer numbers the villains had allowed them to defeat and capture Thresher. However, Black Phantom arrived, and was confronted by Preston Stormer, who played a recording revealing Black Phantom's true plan: that he was using the members of the Legion for his own personal gain. Toxic Reapa and the others attacked him, but were apprehended in the chaos. They were transferred to Asteroid J-54, then Hero Factory's own prison.

Toxic Reapa on Z'chaya


When Voltix initiated a breakout of the Storage Facility, Toxic Reapa was one of the many escaping villains, fighting past William Furno. After being freed, Toxic Reapa returned to Z'chaya, with the intent to use his toxic contaminants to infect the larvae living on the planet, turning them into an evil insect army. Before he could do so he was attacked by Nathan Evo. Evo began to fight Toxic Reapa, but the villain had the upper hand due to his knowledge of the terrain. However, Evo was able to execute a surprise battle maneuver and capture Toxic Reapa. He was then returned to Hero Factory and imprisoned.

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

Along with the other Legion of Darkness, Toxic Reapa was recruited to the inner circle of the Citadel run by Von Nebula. When the Heroes from the main universe arrived to conference with Von Nebula, Toxic Reapa made a snide remark and Von Nebula activated a trap underneath him that he fell through, and he was never seen from again.

Abilities and Traits

Unlike many of the native lifeforms on his planet, Toxic Reapa has turned to the criminal lifestyle. He enjoys using toxic materials to cause death and destruction, and has powerful crushing claws.


Toxic Reapa is equipped with two Toxic Jets, supplied by two toxic waste tanks on his back, which he utilizes in many of his attacks. He also bears Laser Cutters on his head, which he uses for breaking into fortified structures, often in conjunction with the toxic waste he uses.

Set Information

6201 Toxic Reapa

6201 Toxic Reapa was a set in the Breakout wave at the beginning of 2012. The set contains 42 pieces, including a Hero Core printed with a 200-point code for use in the Breakout online game. However, the Hero Core is not used in the construction of the set. Toxic Reapa can be combined with 6200 Evo to create a larger combi model based on building instructions available from



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