Explosive Spikes

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"You forgot one weapon that's not empty: me!"
XPlode, Von Nebula

Parent Page: Technology

Explosive Spikes
Xplode Spikes.jpg
User(s) XPlode
Functionality Firing explosive spikes
Status Disabled

The Explosive Spikes are needle-like projectile weapons that are a part of XPlode's armor.


XPlode is able to launch the spikes from his armor as projectiles, where the poison-tipped weapons will explode on contact.

XPlode firing the Explosive Spikes

Example Usage

In Trials of Furno, XPlode used his explosive spikes to attempt to hit Preston Stormer.

Set Information

Set 7147 XPlode included explosive spikes on three of its armor pieces. The pieces were co-injected from bright red and bright yellow plastic.

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