Lightning Whip

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Lightning Whip
User(s) Voltix
Functionality Energy absorption/discharge
Status Confiscated

The Lightning Whip is a tool used by the villain Voltix.


The Lightning Whip is capable of carrying an electrical current to and from Voltix's body, and the energy absorbed by Voltix is thought to be able to keep him alive indefinitely. However, the device is sensitive, and if damaged, can backfire and gravely injure Voltix.

The Whip cannot function without being attached to Voltix.


  • The Lightning Whip was not present on Voltix in the two-part Breakout episode for an unknown reason, though it was shown in an archived footage in Episode 8: Breakout Part 1.

Set Information

The Lightning Whip was included in set 6283 VOLTIX, and is comprised of nine pieces, including the tubing that attaches to his hand from his body.

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