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"I don't need your money. I work for the thrill."
― XPlode, Hero Factory Promotional Magazine

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Employer Von Nebula (formerly)
Weapons Meteor Blaster
Bladed Meteor Blaster
Explosive Spikes
Spiked club
Status Functional
Set number 7147

XPlode is a successful criminal-for-hire who was formerly under the employment of Von Nebula.


At some point, XPlode was built. His life before he became a villain and how he did so are unknown.

As a criminal, XPlode became one of the galaxy's most successful criminals and a millionaire many times over due to his successful heists. Every inhabited planet within 10,000 light years issued a warrant for his arrest.[HFPM]

Von Nebula

Von Nebula eventually hired XPlode to work for him. At some point, Von Nebula partnered Rotor with XPlode, as a way to keep the former in line. At one point, XPlode encountered a Hero named Preston Stormer.

XPlode fighting Preston Stormer

XPlode, along with Rotor, were eventually sent to Merak 9 by Von Nebula to capture a shipment of C-4000 explosives, but were foiled by Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer, members of the Hero Factory's Alpha 1 Team. As Hero Factory was about to capture the two, XPlode betrayed Rotor by escaping on his hoverbike, leaving Rotor to be dealt with by the Heroes.

XPlode in Trials of Furno

Later, Rotor escaped and Von Nebula teamed him back up with XPlode once again to raid an explosives plant on Lemus 2. As the two were attempting to carry the stolen goods away, Rotor spotted a Hero Pod and shot it down. However, Stormer and the three rookies sent with him, William Furno, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge, had landed in a Hero Factory Drop Ship, using the empty Hero Pod as a decoy. The group of Heroes attacked, but XPlode told Rotor to point all of their weapons directly at Stormer, so they could pick off the rookie Heroes with ease once Stormer was down. One of the blasts struck Stormer, which dislocated some of his wiring, forcing Breez to repair him while Furno and Surge engaged XPlode and Rotor. XPlode and Rotor attempted to use the stolen explosives to fend off Furno in his bike, but Surge used his Lightning Shooter to prevent them from reaching the explosives. As the Heroes came closer to cornering the two villains, XPlode once again abandoned Rotor and fled, while Furno used Hero Cuffs to capture Rotor.[C1][Episode 1]

XPlode was later teamed up with Meltdown by Von Nebula to back up Thunder and Corroder at New Stellac City. When XPlode and Meltdown arrived, the four villains ambushed Furno, Surge, and Breez, but Stormer, Stringer, and Bulk saved the rookies from the villains. After Von Nebula took away the six heroes' weapons and gadgets, Stormer and Furno went to fight him in his blkack hole base while the other four heroes were fighting his henchmen. The criminals repeatedly fired their weapons in an attempt to take down the disarmed heroes. However, the Heroes managed to avoid the blasts long enough for the villains' ammunitions to eventually run out. They jumped out at that moment, no longer outgunned, and incapacitated the criminals, knocking all but XPlode out, who fired his explosive spikes at them as an attempted last resort. However, the heroes used their new Particle Separators to avoid the lethal explosions, and Stringer knocked out the unarmed XPlode. The Heroes used a metal strap to trap XPlode and the other three villains. The villains were arrested and imprisoned by the Heroes in the Hero Factory's Villain Storage.[Episode 4][C4][Episode 8]


XPlode in prison

XPlode later escaped during the Breakout, initated by Voltix.[Episode 8] He was recaptured later by another Hero after Black Phantom, the one who had Voltix cause the Breakout, was defeated in the Hero Factory building.[Episode 9]

Abilities and Traits

XPlode is taller than a 1.0 Hero.

XPlode accepted jobs only when they appeared to present a significant challenge, as he was already very wealthy. He is an extremely skilled criminal, but he is cautious and knows his limits well, and would not run into a trap intentionally prior to thinking it over or fight a battle he could not win.[HFPM][FO:MSG] However, XPlode is also impatient and bad-tempered, often questioning the decisions of his employers or superiors, and has no qualms about betraying his allies by abandoning them in difficult situations when he desperately wants to escape. He tends to steal explosives.[Episode 1][C1](Hero Factory FM)

XPlode can also jump very high.[Episode 1]


XPlode's weaponry includes a Meteor Blaster and a version of it that has a silver blade with red stripes attached to it.[Episode 1] After XPlode dropped his standard Meteor Blaster in Merak 9,[Episode 1] he got another one when he fought the Alpha 1 Team in New Stellac City.[Episode 4] XPlode had Explosive Spikes lining his body that can be fired at his enemies like mini-rockets. The armor pieces that contained the spikes can be used as shields, as they can deflect Jimi Stringer's Sonic Boom Weapon sonic blasts.[Episode 1] The armor piece on his back armor can move upward when XPlode aimed his explosive spikes.[Episode 4] He usually uses the spikes as a last resort.[Episode 1][Episode 4] XPlode also carried a large spiked club. All of his weapons were confiscated when he is jailed.

XPlode also owned a speeder, which he used to escape.[Episode 1]


Set Information

Set 7147 XPlode was released in the summer of 2010 as a boxed set. The set includes 45 pieces. Parts from the set were combined with parts from 7156 Corroder to create a non-canon combination model called "Crunchy", which was used as an example of a Hero Factory creation in HeroFactory.com's Gallery page, in the Prototype Photography Tips section.


"Sorry, Rotor, it's every bot for himself!"
― XPlode, Trials of Furno
"You forgot about one weapon that's not empty: me!"
― XPlode, Von Nebula


  • XPlode was voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett in Episode 1: Trials of Furno and Episode 4: Von Nebula.
  • XPlode has been known to coat the tip of his spikes with poison.[HFPM]
  • XPlode's helmet has upper teeth in the set piece, the comics, and the Television Episodes, but it lacks them on the box art and in the building instructions manual.
  • In the television episodes, XPlode has different elbows that can bend better than his set's.
  • According to his LEGOshop.com description, he is said to be Von Nebula's most feared henchman.


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