Particle Separator

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Particle Separator
Particle Separator.png
User(s) Heroes
Functionality Protection
Status In Use

Particle Separators are defensive devices that separate the molecules of a user for a brief period of time. Particle Separators were given to the Alpha 1 Team by Hero Factory mission manager Nathaniel Zib when they were dispatched to New Stellac City, and later to rookie Heroes William Furno, Mark Surge, and Natalie Breez when Zib sent them to rescue Alpha 1 from a trap set by Von Nebula.

Stringer and Bulk using the Particle Separator


Particle Separators are small, handheld devices with a single red button in the center used to activate them. During the brief period of activation, the user becomes intangible, allowing objects or deadly attacks to pass through them without harming them.

They can cause disorientation in some heroes.

Example Usage

In Von Nebula, four members of Alpha 1 Team used Particle Separators to survive XPlode's Explosive Spikes.


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