Hero Cuffs

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Hero Cuffs
Breakout Hero Cuffs.jpg
User(s) Heroes
Functionality Apprehend villains
Status In use

Hero Cuffs are objects used by Heroes to capture and incapacitate villains.


Stringer's Hero Cuffs

Hero Cuffs, when attached to a target, drain the power from that target so that they are unable to fight back. The villain can then be transported to a secure holding cell.

The cuffs used after the breakout are semi-intelligent and automatically adjust to fit the appendages of a villain. Hero Cuffs are equipped with a propulsion unit so that they can lock onto or even pursue a villain by themselves if flung in that villain's direction.

Example Usage

A Hero Cuff scanning for Toxic Reapa

In Trials of Furno, William Furno used Hero Cuffs to restrain Rotor for transport back to the Hero Factory.

Set Information

Each Hero set of 2012 came equipped with the Hero Cuffs, comprised of five total pieces, and attached to various points on the Hero bodies by a clip. The Cuffs were advertised as fitting in the thumb space between the hand joints.


  • Professor Nathaniel Zib has proposed to give the Hero Cuffs an award of valor, but has not done so since there is nowhere on the cuffs to pin such an award.

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