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This article is about the gadget. You may be looking for the book.

"My friends and I believed we were better suited to rule this world than those in power. The box was intended as a way of eliminating those who stood in our way. Put in the proper places and activated remotely, it would effectively make anyone or anything we didn't like disappear. But there was a flaw in its construction. It couldn't be shut off. Used even once, it would leave nothing of our galaxy. That is why we must destroy it."
Arctur, The Doom Box

Parent Page: Technology

Doom Box
User(s) Core Hunter
Functionality Contracting spatial fields
Status Deactivated

The Doom Box was a galactic superweapon created with a critical flaw that allowed it to never be turned off.


On the surface, the Doom Box was a nondescript black metal box. When activated, the Doom Box becomes transparent and expands before then solidifying over whatever it expanded around. It then shrinks shut to its original size, obliterating whatever was inside it. It was intended to be used to take out enemies of its makers, with a remote activation, but there was a flaw in the Doom Box's construction; it was unable to be shut off. If activated, the box would continue to grow until it reached the ends of the universe, and destroy everything inside.

After its energies were transferred to Core Hunter's Hero Core Remover Tool, the Doom Box was rendered harmless.

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