Project Sunstorm

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Project Sunstorm
Class Galactic Conspiracy Technology
User(s) Dumacc
Functionality Harnessed solar flares
Status Destroyed

Project Sunstorm, or simply called "Sunstorm" by the Hero Factory, was the codename for a weapons system that harnessed solar energy.


Project Sunstorm was designed by the Galactic Conspiracy, as a weapon of their own to use in the absence of Hero Factory. A robot named Dumacc, a member of the Galactic Conspiracy, but having not known their true evil nature, was assigned to head the project, covertly monitored by the Conspiracy's agent, Karter. Using the construction of a recent space battle cruiser called the Valiant as a cover, the Project was ran and tested on Tranquis VII about ten years ago, but the Project caused a massive environmental crisis, killing most of the wildlife in the planet and irradiating the planet itself. The Conspiracy looked at this as having went wrong. Dumacc then relocated the workers to a secret underground location in Tranquis. The project was tested more times, which were much more successful.

When Brains attacked the city, Dumacc and his group of robots kept working in order to keep Project Sunstorm safe, but a security robot called a S-12 unit was possessed by a Brain, compromising its location. Karter was trying to transfer the weapon's data to another location because the Conspiracy needed the data intact, but he was stopped by Dunkan Bulk and William Furno, who destroyed Karter's data transfer terminal to do so. The Brains flooded the lab, and infected Dumacc, who then prepared to turn Project Sunstorm on, but Bulk stopped Dumacc. Karter was going to shut the weapon down, but Bulk stopped him because he did not trust him, and Jimi Stringer went to shut the weapon down instead. The Brains were defeated by the three Heroes and 17 others. Nathaniel Zib started to analyze the project, but Karter knocked Zib unconscious and destroyed it by tearing its wiring out. Project Sunstorm was dismantled by Zib, and Daniel Rocka and Nathan Evo were preparing a report on its workings for Zib and the Hero Factory. The Hero Factory looks at the project as illegal.[SM4]


Project Sunstorm harnessed the solar flares of Tranquis' sun, to direct them and use them as powerful weapons. Solar flares would be triggered using mini-rockets from the main satellite. Satellites equipped with orbital mirrors were placed to relay the flare, so it got redirected to anywhere in the galaxy that Project Sunstorm's user wished. The satellites were the best that the Galactic Conspiracy could have built, as they were shielded against electromagnetic pulses and other forms of interference. They had unstable cores, so if attacked, they would explode so violently they could decimate half a fleet, according to Zib.

A flare that passed too close to Tranquis VII started an environmental crisis that devastated and irradiated the planet. The flare's radiation gave the planet's native robots partial immunity to the Brains.

There was a console on Dumacc and Karter's underground laboratory complex that could control the satellites. It had two kinds of lights, yellow and red. When the yellow lights flashed, it meant that the project was overloading. When the red lights flashed while the yellow lights were still flashing, it meant that the device would be preparing to destroy everything on a planet. It could also be turned off during the activation. When the device got destroyed, it cannot use the satellites anymore.

Dumacc, Karter, and the robot technicians in their complex under Tranquis know how to activate Project Sunstorm. Stringer knows how to deactivate it.