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Remote Builder
Class Hero Factory Technology
User(s) Heroes
Functionality Build and customize Battle Machines
Status Out of Use

The Remote Builder is a device that allows the Heroes to build and customize Battle Machines.


After the Brain attacks, the Hero Factory, including Professor Nathaniel Zib, created Remote Builders, designs for Battle Machines, and new forms for the Heroes that allow them to pilot the new machines.(Mini-Robots & Massive Mechs!)

When Nathan Evo was sent by the Hero Factory to investigate a tunnel crew's disappearance in a cave in Antropolis City, he was implied to have used a Remote Builder to build the Evo Walker.

Six more members of the Alpha 1 Team the Alpha 1 Team, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Daniel Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge, traveled to Antropolis to back up Evo, bringing in a Remote Builder to develop more Battle Machines. Stormer had Bulk and Rocka set up the Remote Builder on a construction site in Antropolis. Using the Remote Builder, Rocka constructed the Stormer Freeze Machine and Furno Jet Machine, as well as his own Rocka Stealth Machine. Evo later used the Remote Builder to build his own Battle Machine called the Evo XL Machine.

Later on, after Stormer and Furno were kidnapped by the Jumpers, Evo, Rocka, Bulk, Breez, and Surge went inside the tunnel to rescue their friends. The Heroes realized that they needed Battle Machines better suited for fighting underground, so Rocka told Evo to help him set up the Remote Builder in the tunnel in order to build such Battle Machines. After Rocka and Evo set up the Remote Builder, the five Heroes dismantled the XL Machine and then Evo used the Remote Builder to build five new Battle Machines, the Rocka Crawler, Breez Flea Machine, Bulk Drill Machine, Evo Spider Machine, and Surge & Rocka Combat Machine, to adapt to underground. After Stormer and Furno were saved, and the Jumpers are defeated, it is implied that the seven Heroes brought the Remote Builder with them when they are heading back to Makuhero City.


The Remote Builder is a group of five large devices that have to be set up in order for it to work. Three of them are identical and silver rectangular prism-shaped ones that open. The fourth device is a large blue canister, which looks like a Battle Machine's Canister. The fifth device looks like one of the silver devices, but slightly larger and can open up to reveal a control panel. All five of the devices use four silver cords. One of the cords connects one of the smaller silver devices to the canister, the second cord connects the canister to the second smaller silver device, the third cord connects the second smaller silver device to the controlling device, and the fourth cord connects the controlling device to the third smaller silver device. The five devices are positioned to form a V-shaped formation while the smaller silver devices form a equilaterial triangle. When the Remote Builder's user activates the controlling device, the Remote Builder generates its energy fields. The bottom part of each of the smaller silver devices shoots a blue laser that connects the bottom part of the other smaller silver device. Each of the smaller silver devices has a retractable top part that also shoots a blue laser that connects its tip to the tips of the other two smaller silver devices'.

When the Hero uses the controlling device, the control panel allows its user to choose pieces for a Battle Machine, as it creates small holographic versions of the pieces. The user grabs the hologram and put it in the center of the control panel to connect it to another piece. This causes the canister to create the physical form of the piece and then open up. The smaller silver devices' top parts' blue lasers grab the piece and put it in the center of the triangle to build the Battle Machine. The pieces connect each other to build the Battle Machine. The user can also switch off the pieces with new ones.

The Remote Builder can be carried in a new kind of Drop Ship that was used in Mission: Invasion From Below.