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Employer Galactic Conspiracy
Weapons Laser Blaster
Dagger (both formerly)
Status Deceased

Karter was a professional spy working for the Galactic Conspiracy.


At some point, Karter was built.

Karter initially worked as a troubleshooter for a group that Hero Factory would approve of, helping take out an extremely corrupt government with the assistance of the low-level official and confidential informant, Perjast, who was more scared of Karter than of his bosses. Perjest did little jobs for Karter, so Karter did not let Perjast's ex-employers know who had helped put them in jail.[SM5] Karter was eventually employed by the conspiracy. He was also a thief and a deal-maker. The conspiracy gave him a communication device built in his finger[SM4] and a device that could overload his circuits.[SM5]

As a spy against Hero Factory, Karter was sent to aid with projects the conspiracy had working. He was assigned under Dumacc's command to work on Project Sunstorm on planet Tranquis VII, in a secret base under the planet's only city called Tranquis, but disagreed with Dumacc on many things while they worked together. Karter was also a right-hand robot for Dumacc's group of robotic scientists, technicians, and security robots called S-12 units.

Tranquis VII was eventually invaded by a swarm of Brains. After seeing the city's robotic inhabitants having a partial immunity to the Brains after the first Project Sunstorm test that caused the environmental damage on the planet about ten years ago caused the partial immunity, Karter and Dumacc's team began experimenting on ways to create a full immunity to the Brains. Dumacc told Karter about Dunkan Bulk and William Furno attacking some of the S-12 robots who were guarding the base. Karter and Dumacc argued about how to deal with the Heroes, but Dumacc told Karter to make the Heroes leave, so the Heroes would discover Project Sunstorm. Karter and several of the S-12 robots went to find the Heroes. They saved them from a Brain-controlled Jimi Stringer and a group of Brain-controlled robots. Karter and his group brought the two Heroes back to the laboratory where he explained what he and his team were doing. Karter ordered the Heroes to not draw attention to Project Sunstorm. When they refused and argued with him, Dumacc helped Karter stop the Heroes from stopping them. Karter argued with Dumacc about how to deal with the Heroes, and then Dumacc locked the Heroes in a cell.

Karter received an alert that the leader of a squad of several of the S-12 units before the S-12 unit was taken over by a Brain. Seeing that Project Sunstorm was at risk of falling into the Brains' clutches, Karter started using a data transfer terminal to transfer the project's data to the Galactic Conspiracy, agitating Dumacc. Dumacc tried to tell Karter to stop and delete the data, but Karter did not listen. Karter recommended the project's data be transferred to the Galactic Conspiracy and that he and Dumacc would sacrifice themselves for Project Sunstorm. Dumacc was shocked to see Karter and the Galactic Conspiracy's true evil nature, so he reformed, released the Heroes, and let them get their weapons and shields back instead. After Furno and Bulk tied Dumacc up with cable as punishment for his crimes and because they were tired of just watching him, they found Karter. The Heroes stopped Karter. Bulk jokingly used Karter's hand to destroy the terminal to prevent him from continuing the transfer, and Furno relieved Karter of his laser blaster. Karter tried to tell the Heroes to stop trying to defeat the Brains, but they did not listen, and they showed Dumacc to Karter to tell that he helped them stop Karter. Bulk used Karter as bait to draw Brains out, despite Karter's reluctance, so Bulk could slow the Brains down. Later, Karter and Bulk grew tired of slowing down the Brains, but when Bulk's prototype camouflaging Drop Ship, driven by Preston Stormer from afar, arrived, Bulk and Karter flew the Drop Ship into Dumacc's lab and saw a Brain-controlled Dumacc activating the weapon. Bulk, Furno, Stringer, and Karter fought the Brains. Bulk stopped Dumacc from activating Project Sunstorm. When Furno and Stringer's electromagnetic pulse was about to be activated, Furno, Stringer, Bulk, and Karter went to hide in a room to avoid being deactivated by the electromagnetic pulse. The electromagnetic pulse deactivated all of the Brain-possessed robots, including Dumacc.

Stormer, Natalie Breez, Nathan Evo, Daniel Rocka, Julius Nex, and a dozen other Heroes arrived to contain the Brains and clean up the mess in the city that the Brains made. Nathaniel Zib also came with the Heroes, and then as he examined Project Sunstorm, Karter knocked him out and destroyed the weapon. When Bulk discovered this and confronted Karter about it, Karter begged that he was destroying the weapon because he wanted to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, but Bulk looked at Karter as someone with wrong hands. Karter then tried to stab Bulk with a dagger, but Bulk stopped him and crushed his weapon. Karter was put in a Hero Factory prison to face several charges. The Heroes wanted to know who was behind the plan with Project Sunstorm, but Karter refused to answer them by not talking.[SM4] While Karter was sharing his cell block with some hardened villains, like Core Hunter and Speeda Demon,[SM5] Karter called the Galactic Conspiracy's leaders and told them that he had infiltrated Hero Factory and that he was planning on destroying it.[SM4]

Karter had his bosses send Perjast to the Hero Factory's prison's visiting area. When Perjast arrived, the Hero Factory started watching Perjast and Karter and wanted to hear what they were talking about in order to get more information from Karter. Using a scrambling device, Karter and Perjast began conversing when Perjast suddenly deactivated. As the Hero Factory technicians were examining Perjast's body while he was slowly powering up, the technicians exposed a solid-light hologram projector hidden in his circuity without knowing it. Karter secretly stole it and used it to mess with the beta and zed circuits of a generator that four Heroes, Stormer, Furno, Bulk, and Natalie Breez, were testing. When the generator was activated for a test, it rapidly went out of control, and Karter and the team fled Hero Factory. Karter assumed that the four Heroes were dead, but in actuality, they had been transported to Reality 11275.6. When Zib sounded a second alert saying the generator was going to explode, Karter pleaded with his contact to save him. His boss refused and the communicator was taken by Stormer (who, along with the other three Heroes, had returned from the parallel universe and revealed that the second alert was a ruse), who threatened the contact. In response, the contact caused Karter's circuits to overload from afar, killing him instantly to prevent the Hero Factory from finding the contact.[SM5]

Abilities and Traits

Karter had blue-and-red coloring, thin frame, and lack of factory-issue weapons attachments, which showed him as a B-1 robot. Seeming calm and bureaucratic, as B-1 robots are bureaucrats and administators usually employed by local governments, Karter was actually a devious and manipulative member of the Galactic Conspiracy that is against Hero Factory. He was very devoted to the cause of the conspiracy, but was also keenly interested in self-preservation, shown as when he told the Galactic Conspiracy's overall leader to get him out of the Hero Factory, though the leader refused to do it to avoid exposing the Conspiracy. Karter did not get along with Dumacc, and they argued about some things when they were working on Project Sunstorm.

Karter was armed with a laser blaster and a dagger. However, Bulk crushed the latter while the other weapon was taken by Furno and confiscated when Karter was arrested for his actions in Tranquis.

Karter also had a small, sophisticated communication device with a speaker, which he used to contact the Galactic Conspiracy's leaders. He could reveal the device by gently sliding one fingertip aside to the right since the device was built in the finger. He could hide the device when he was jailed in the Hero Factory's prison since the Hero Factory was not familiar with the Conspiracy's tech like it.

Kater had a device inside his body, which the overall Galactic Conspiracy leader used to kill Karter from afar by overloading his circuits remotely.


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