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"Galactic Conspiracy" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

Galactic Conspiracy
Villain Group
Headquarters/Base Unknown
Leader(s) Unknown
Status Active
Goal(s) Destroy the Hero Factory

The Galactic Conspiracy is an alliance of planetary governments, who all bear a grudge against the Hero Factory. Its real name is unknown.


At some points, the robots who would form the Galactic Conspiracy were built.

The Hero Factory has made frequent enemies of corrupt governments through their activities, and a number of powerful planetary governments eventually banded together in order to get rid of the Hero Factory, forming the Galactic Conspiracy. The conspiracy went to hide somewhere in the galaxy.

Part of the conspiracy involved secretly creating a weapon to utilize against the Factory, which was codenamed Project Sunstorm. They hired a scientist named Dumacc (who was unaware of the nature of his employers) and a spy named Karter to oversee the project. Karter was Dumacc's top aide in the assignment, and they had help from many security robots called S-12 units, many robot scientists, and many robot technicians. Testing of the weapon eventually caused a massive environmental disaster on Tranquis VII about ten years ago. Many new tests were proven successful. The Galactic Conspiracy used the development of a recently-built space battle cruiser called the Valiant as a disguise for the weapons system. The Galactic Conspiracy also lied to people that the Valiant was one of many ships in a fleet that they would build to fight against enemies. Dumacc and Karter's team recently arrived at Tranquis VII and built a secret underground laboratory complex underneath the planet's only city called Tranquis, where they were continuing to do their jobs.

A swarm of Brains in the planet, during their own attempts to reach and destroy the Hero Factory, possessed the planet's robot natives, but the S-12 units captured some of the possessed robots and imprisoned them in large iron-glass cages in the complex, and then the Brains and their hosts were studied by the scientists, which Hero Factory did not authorize. It is implied that some of the S-12 units were also possessed by the Brains during nighttime, but these Brains and hosts were captured, imprisoned, and studied. The scientists did not know how to remove the Brains from their hosts without harming the hosts themselves. They did not think they could convince the Brains to release the hosts, either, as the hosts, who were given partial immunity to the Brains' control by the disaster, damaged their Brains' thought processes. A group of Brains possessed a group of S-12 units and learned about Project Sunstorm. They went to get it, causing Karter to start transfer the project's data to another location because the Galactic Conspiracy wanted the data to be intact. When Dumacc saw Karter and the Galactic Conspiracy's true evil nature, he reformed and helped William Furno and Dunkan Bulk stop Karter from transferring the data and the Brains from using the project. The Brains possessed many more of the S-12 units and Dumacc during the battle. Furno and Jimi Stringer used an electromagnetic pulse that shut down all of the robots in the city except for them, Bulk, amd Karter. Furno, Stringer, Bulk, Preston Stormer, Daniel Rocka, Nathan Evo, Natalie Breez, Julius Nex, and a dozen other Heroes were able to capture the Brains, but Karter destroyed the project, and was imprisoned in the Factory. However, Karter secretly contacted the Conspiracy's leaders, who scolded at him for failing his assignment, and told them that getting inside the Factory was a part of his new plan to destroy the Hero Factory organization. The leaders approved of his new plan, so they let him do it.[SM4] It is implied that all of the Brains' hosts are freed from them by the Heroes since the Heroes know how to free the hosts.[SM5]

Later, Karter was visited by an old associate and a member of the Galactic Conspiracy, Perjast, who was secretly bearing a powerful solid-light hologram device inside of him that would allow Karter to destroy the Hero Factory from within. The conspiracy disabled Perjast remotely, allowing Karter to take the device and use it to tamper with an energy test the Factory was conducting. The tampering was successful, apparently killing four members of the Alpha 1 Team. However, an alarm was eventually sounded, signaling the destruction of the area surrounding the Factory. In touch with the conspiracy's overall leader, Karter, in his cell, pleaded to be rescued, though the leader was willing to let him die to avoid exposing the Conspiracy to the Hero Factory. The alarm turned out to be a ruse, and the members of the Alpha 1 Team revealed to have actually survived the blast. The team's leader, Preston Stormer, took over Karter's communications, and issued a direct threat to the conspiracy. In response, the conspiracy leader killed Karter by overloading his circuits remotely to try to prevent the Hero Factory from finding the Conspiracy.

The leader, who is in a temporary base in a far-off frontier world with acid seas, regretted killing Karter. He theorized that the Stormer and his team might track the Conspiracy down, so he was thinking about moving the Conspiracy to another location, probably somewhere in the heart of the galaxy. He was also now thinking about making the whole Conspiracy come out of hiding and go destroy the Hero Factory soon after killing Karter.[SM5] It is unknown if the plan had started when Mission: Invasion From Below happened.

Alternate Universes

Reality 45098.3

While fighting the Brains, the Alpha 1 Team uncovered the Galactic Conspiracy. Convinced they had to act for their own survival, the Heroes crushed the conspiracy and then took steps to make sure no one could threaten them again. In doing so, the team became galactic dictators.(Dangerous Dimensions)


The Galactic Conspiracy is comprised of a number of planetary governments, each with their own reasons for despising the Hero Factory. Together, they possess an enormous amount of resources and credits, enough to be able to purchase or develop powerful technologies, including illegal ones, that they use in their plot. They also have a vast network of spies, with some situated in neighboring planets to the Makuhero Planet, in order to keep a close eye on the Hero Factory. They have fleets of ships and influence on a hundred worlds.

The Conspiracy would be willing to trick good-hearted people into joining them without letting them know about their true evil nature. This happened to Dumacc, but when he discovered Karter's and the Conspiracy's true evil nature, he reformed and helped Furno and Bulk stop the Conspiracy and the Brains from using Project Sunstorm.[SM4]

The Conspiracy would also be willing to harm or kill one of their own for their own intentions by putting devices on their bodies at various points in time and use the devices to hurt or kill the fellow members remotely, and would leave them to die to avoid exposure to the Hero Factory. They used a device inside Perjast to make him shut him down to help Karter try to destroy the Hero Factory from the inside. When Karter was spotted by the Heroes talking to the Conspiracy's overall leader, the leader used a device inside Karter to kill him from afar by overloarding his circuits to prevent the Heroes from finding the Conspiracy.[SM5]

The Conspiracy is armed with various equipment and advanced weaponry, and some of the equipment, like small, sophisticated communication devices, were not known by the Hero Factory before the Hero Factory eventually discovered the technology. Dumacc and Karter were armed with laser blasters.[SM4] The Conspiracy put the solid-light hologram projector in Perjast's body.[SM5]


  • Unnamed leader - The unnamed, crimson-armored overall leader of the conspiracy[SM5]
  • Other unnamed leaders who are beneath the crimson-armored one[SM4][SM5]
  • Karter - A former troubleshooter hired to assist in the plot (deceased)
  • Perjast - An associate of Karter's, who had been a whistleblower on a corrupt government
  • Dumacc - An unwitting player in the conspiracy, benignly working as a scientist to create Project Sunstorm (rogue)
  • Dumacc and Karter's Tranquis group:
    • Many top-of-the-line security robots called S-12 units. These robots were dedicated to their job. They were armed with laser rifles. They also used nets called Electro-Nets to capture their enemies. The robots have belts where each has a button that can alert people in the Karter and Dumacc's underground laboratory complex. When the S-12 units and the city's robotic people were possessed by the Brains, they were much faster and more agile than the city's people.
      • The day watch commander
      • The male S-12 unit who was a leader of a team of S-12 units and used his belt to alert people in the complex know that the Brains knew about Project Sunstorm.
    • Many technicians
    • Many scientists[SM4]
  • Many spies[SM5]


  • The name of this page is taken from Dangerous Dimensions while the conspiracy's real name is unknown.


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