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Affiliation Galactic Conspiracy
Occupation Scientist
Powers None
Tools None
Status Active

Dumacc is a former scientist and an unwitting part of a Galactic Conspiracy by several governments.


Dumacc was charged by planetary governments to work on Project Sunstorm, harnessing solar flares to turn them into a weapon. The first test of the Project caused an environmental disaster on Tranquis VII, where the Project was located. Dumacc, along with his associate Karter, began to continue Project Sunstorm development in a secret location built under Tranquis, the capital city of Tranquis VII.

When the Brains attacked the city, Dumacc and Karter were left unharmed and saw how the Brains were possessing the inhabitants, turning them into shambling robots as the previous radiation bombing from Project Sunstorm rendered them half-immune. Karter and Dumacc began working on creating a full immunity, but were very concerned about hiding Project Sunstorm from the Brains. After Karter brought Dunkan Bulk and William Furno into the lab, Dumacc had them imprisoned when they refused to stop fighting the Brains. When a security robot was infected, compromising the Project's location, Karter tried to convince Dumacc that they need to transfer the project to another location and sacrifice themselves to preserve it. Instead, Dumacc had Bulk and Furno freed so they could defend the location. Dumacc was then taken over by a Brain and began to activate Project Sunstorm but was defeated by Bulk.

Abilities and Traits

Dumacc was a good, honest scientist running Project Sunstorm, but was actually a pawn of the governments he worked for.


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