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Affiliation Galactic Conspiracy (formerly)
Occupation Scientist
Powers None
Tools Laser blaster
Status Functional

Doctor Dumacc is a former scientist and an unwitting part of the Galactic Conspiracy.


At some point, Dumacc was built.

Dumacc was charged by planetary governments to work on Project Sunstorm, harnessing solar flares to turn them into a weapon. The first test of the Project caused an environmental disaster on Tranquis VII about a decade ago. Dumacc, along with his associate, Karter, began to continue Project Sunstorm development in a secret location built under Tranquis, the capital city of Tranquis VII. Dumacc was the head scientist for the project, and he and Karter had many robot scientists, many robot technicians, and many security robots called S-12 units working for them, with Karter being Dumacc's right-hand robot. Karter also worked as Dumacc's top lab assistant for the Project, though he disagreed with him on many things while they were working together.

When the Brains attacked the city, Dumacc and Karter were left unharmed and saw how the Brains were possessing the inhabitants, turning them into shambling robots as the previous radiation bombing from Project Sunstorm rendered them half-immune. Dumacc and Karter imprisoned several Brain-possessed robots, including several S-12 units that got possessed by Brains, in large iron-glass cages. They began working on creating a full immunity, but were very concerned about hiding Project Sunstorm from the Brains. When Dumacc noticed Dunkan Bulk and William Furno fighting and defeating several S-12 units, he had Karter go make the Heroes leave to avoid letting them learn about Project Sunstorm. Karter argued with Dumacc on how to do it, but Dumacc persisted in telling Karter to do what he says, so Karter finally went to find the Heroes. After Karter brought the Heroes into the lab and then argued with when them when the Heroes refused to stop fighting the Brains, Dumacc came to assist Karter by having twelve S-12 units stop the Heroes. Karter argued with Dumacc on how to take care of the Heroes, Dumacc decided to make the Heroes decide on whether to be imprisoned in an empty cell or put in one of the cages with the imprisoned possessed robots. The Heroes relucantly choose the former, so they got imprisoned in the empty cell.

When a squad of S-12 units were infected, compromising the Project's location, Karter started transferring the project's data to another location. Dumacc tried to tell Karter to delete the data instead, but Karter did not listen. Karter stated that they need to transfer the data to another location and sacrifice themselves to preserve it. This shocked Dumacc when he discovered Karter and the Galactic Conspiracy's true evil nature. So, Dumacc had Bulk and Furno freed, so they could defend the location. The Heroes were skeptical of Dumacc at first, but Dumacc insisted in getting their help. He let the Heroes get their weapons and shields back. Bulk and Furno at first did not want to help the people in the lab, but this saddened Dumacc, making him say that he will let Karter do something terrible. The Heroes made Dumacc explain his and Karter's mission. After Dumacc explained the mission, the Heroes tied him up with cable as punishment for his crime and because they were tried of just watching him. He was then taken over by a Brain and began to activate Project Sunstorm, planning to destroy the Brains' enemies, even if it would mean unintentionally destroying many of the Brains' comrades. Bulk made Dumacc figure that Jimi Stringer was freed from his Brain. While Bulk and Karter were fighting many Brain-possessed S-12 units, Dumacc was desperately getting the weapons system ready. After Furno and Stringer came to help Bulk and Karter with the fight, they, Bulk, and Karter quickly defeated the S-12 units. Bulk stopped Dumacc from activating Project Sunstorm and pushed him away from it. When Furno and Stringer's EMP blast was about to be activated, Furno, Stringer, Bulk, and Karter went to hide in a safe room to avoid being deactivated by the blast. Dumacc tried to hide in the room with the four robots, but Bulk stopped him and pushed him away. The EMP bomb deactivated all of the Brain-possessed robots, including Dumacc. It is implied that his Brain left him to find an active host to take over.[SM4]

Abilities and Traits

Dumacc was a good, honest scientist running Project Sunstorm, but was actually a pawn of the governments he worked for, and Dumacc did not know this until Karter revealed its and his true evil nature. Dumacc reformed because of the revelation.

Dumacc is armed with a laser blaster, which shoots laser bolts.

The Brain that possessed Dumacc is insane and dedicated to helping his swarm's cause, as he tried to use Project Sunstorm to destroy the Heroes, even if it meant destroying his own swarm.


  • He is one of three only villains to have reformed in the Hero Factory series, the others being Gargantuan Smash and Arctur.


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