Tranquis VII

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Tranquis VII
Inhabitants Robots
Animals (critically endangered)
Class Planet

Tranquis VII is a planet.


Tranquis VII was a thriving planet before being selected as the home of Project Sunstorm by the Galactic Conspiracy, a weapons system that harnessed the solar flares from its sun. The machine was ran by two members of the Conspiracy, Dumacc and Karter. About ten years ago, a test from the machine sent a solar flare near Tranquis VII, killing most of the wildlife and devastating the planet's surface. The planet's only city, Tranquis, where many robotic people lived, was the most affected by the flare. Some people believed that the city would not be habitable again because of the disaster. However, the robots on the planet stayed and rebuilt the city into a popular vacation destination. Project Sunstorm was relocated into a secret location, an underground laboratory complex, under Tranquis, in a storm sewer. Dumacc and Karter had many scientists, technicians, and security robots called S-12 units help them with the project. People in the galaxy learned about the disaster, but did not know about the project.

A swarm of Brains chose Tranquis VII as a place to start an invasion, but soon discovered that the radiation from the solar flare gave the inhabitants a partial immunity to the Brains. However, the Brains used the partially immune robots to largely destroy and take over the city. Some of the hosts were captured by the S-12 units, who imprisoned them in large iron-glass cages in the complex. These Brains and hosts were studied by the scientists. It is implied that the Brains also mind-controlled some of the security robots during nighttime, but these Brains and hosts were also captured, imprisoned, and studied. Stuck on the planet in minimally responsive bodies, the Brains downed all communications in the city, which drew Jimi Stringer to the planet. Stringer encountered the Brains and was chased by them.

A week later, Stringer managed to escape long enough to get in the city's remaining working communications tower and signaled William Furno for help before one of the Brains controlled him.

Furno and Dunkan Bulk arrived in a prototype Drop Ship with the chameleon function outside Tranquis and moved into the city. They tunneled underground after a single robot, and accidentally broke into Project Sunstorm's base before going to hide a building. The Brains surrounded them, but Furno and Bulk managed to escape into an ambush that Stringer orchestrated. Karter and a group fo S-12 units appeared and saved the two Heroes, and brought them to the lab. Karter told the Heroes of his team's efforts to create a full Brain immunity and that they were researching the disaster. They were forcibly imprisoned when they did not comply with Karter's orders. On the next day, Stringer contacted Preston Stormer for Hero reinforcements. The Brains took over more of Dumacc's security robots and finally learned of Project Sunstorm, and tried to get to its location. Karter and Bulk went to fight the Brains while Furno went to fight Stringer. After getting cuffed, the Brain controlling Stringer decided to kill himself rather than getting captured and tried to jump from the communications tower to do so, but the Stormer-controlled Drop Ship saved him and Furno freed the Hero from the Brain controlling him. Bulk used the Drop Ship to crash into Project Sunstorm's laboratory and stopped the Brains, where on controlled Dumacc, from activating it. Furno and Stringer used an electromagnetic pulse to shut down all of the robots in the city except for them, Bulk, and Karter. Later, Preston Stormer, Daniel Rocka, Nathan Evo, Julius Nex, Natalie Breez, and twelve other Heroes and Nathaniel Zib arrived to the planet. The Heroes contained the Brains and cleaned up the mess that the Brains made. During the time, Zib was studying Project Sunstorm, but Karter knocked him out and destroyed Project Sunstorm. Bulk discovered Karter doing this, so Karter tried to kill him, but Bulk defeated and arrested him. The Brains were taken away from Tranquis. The Hero Factory is rebuilding the city.[SM4] It is implied that all of the Brains' hosts are freed from the them by the Heroes since the Heroes know how to free the hosts.[SM5]


The planet's solar system has a sun, who is known for its solar flares.

The planet's landscape used to be normal, but due to the first test of Project Sunstorm, the solar flare destroyed and irradiated the planet's surface.


Tranquis VII is mainly uninhabited other than the city capital, Tranquis, that contained many communications towers and a hotel. The city is now largely destroyed by the Brains and other robots during Mission: Robot Rampage.

Each communications tower is ten stories tall. It has a subspace radio that can communicate with people from another planet at a certain frequency. The tower also has a staircase, an office, and a chimney. There are five transmission centers, including the main communications center, and a hallway in the top floor. The office is located in the second story, and there is a hallway between the office and the staircase. There is also an emergency staircase that descend down from the top floor. There are speakers on the tower. When the Brains attacked the city, all but one of the towers were destroyed. The city's communications grid was damaged, causing a radio silence that prevents people in Tranquis from communicating with people outside of the city, causing static. Stringer used the last tower to call the Hero Factory before he was possessed by a Brain. Stringer ripped the wiring out of the communicating equipment from the transmission centers in the tower, making it unable to call anyone anymore. He used the speakers to create a powerful wave of sound to attack Furno before Furno melted all but one of the speakers and then fought Stringer on the tower's roof.

Underground Laboratory Complex

The city of Tranquis has an underground laboratory complex owned by the Galactic Conspiracy. It has several laboratories, one of them is small. The main laboratory has a control room, where Project Sunstorm's console was. The main laboratory also has a data transfer terminal. The complex was hidden in the city's storm sewer. It has many gates and hidden entrances, including the main entrance, the courtyard entrance, and one where one wall of the sewer can slide aside to reveal one of the laboratories. There are also at least four western entrances, as one of them is called the "Number Four western entrance". The complex has impressive high-tech that Hero Factory does not have. It has computer banks, monitors, vats of bubbling fluid, a heavy radiation chamber, safe rooms, a reinforced ceiling, a camouflaged roof, and recharging stations. There is a safe room in the rear of the main laboratory. Robot scientists in the complex used and left the radiation chamber, and then decontaminated themselves. There are also large iron-glass cages that contained several Brain-possessed robots, one cage per three robots. The complex has an unfurnished room off a side corrider of the complex, and this room was used to contain prisoners, despite the complex not being designed to be a prison, and two security robots called S-12 units guarded the room. There is a vault set into a recess in the hallway, and the vault contained equipment confiscated from the prisoners. Dumacc could use an access code to open the vault. Bulk damaged the vault's door and ripped it out of the vault. The complex can sound an alarm and have a lockdown. It also has security systems, which security robots know the secrets of, as the complex has one-foot-thick doors that are on an automatic lock. The doors also have wiring in them, so Furno overloaded it to electrify the doors to try to keep the Brains from entering the complex. There is a secret passage on the eastern edge of the complex that leads to the surface. Karter, the Brains, and the S-12 units were not aware of the passage, though Karter later became aware of it during Mission: Robot Rampage.

The Heroes and Karter used the Heroes' Drop Ship to make a hole through the ceiling, above the main laboratory, damaging the complex. The data transfer terminal and console got destroyed during the mission.


The planet had normal robots and wildlife. However, due to the first test of Project Sunstorm, it destroyed most of the wildlife, including all of rats and other vermin, and gave the robots partially immunity to the Brains.


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