Tranquis VII

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Tranquis VII
Inhabitants Robots
Class Planet

Tranquis VII is a planet.


Tranquis VII was selected as the home of Project Sunstorm, a machine that harnessed the solar flares from its sun. A test from the machine sent a solar flare near Tranquis VII, killing all organic life and devastating the planet. The city where most inhabitants lived, Tranquis was the most affected by the flare. The robots on the planet rebuilt the city into a popular vacation destination, and Project Sunstrom was relocated into a secret location under Tranquis.

Brains chose Tranquis VII as a place to start an invasion, and took over the city of Tranquis, but soon discovered that the radiation from the solar flare gave the inhabitants a partial immunity to the Brains. Stuck on the planet in minimally responsive bodies, they downed a communications line that drew Jimi Stringer to the planet. Stringer encountered the Brains and managed to escape long enough to get in a communications tower and signaled William Furno for help before the Brains controlled him. Furno and Dunkan Bulk arrived in a prototype Drop Ship outside Tranquis and moved into the city. They tunneled underground after a single robot, and accidentally broke into Project Sunstorm's base before going into a building. The Brains surrounded them, but Furno and Bulk managed to escape into an ambush that Stringer orchestrated. Karter appeared and saved them, bringing them to the lab and told them of Dumacc's efforts to create a full Brain immunity. They were forcibly imprisoned when they did not comply with Karter's orders, causing the still-Brain controlled Stringer to ask Preston Stormer for Hero reinforcements. The Brains finally took over some of Dumacc's security robots and learned of Project Sunstorm, and tried to get to its location. Dumacc allowed Bulk and Karter go to draw the Brains away and defeat them while Furno started to fight Stringer. After getting cuffed, the Brain controlling Stringer decided to kill himself rather than get captured and jumped from the communications tower, but a Stormer-controlled Drop Ship saved him and Furno freed the Hero from the Brain controlling him. Bulk used the Drop Ship to crash into Project Sunstorm's laboratory and stopped the Brains controlling Dumacc from activating it. Other Heroes and Nathaniel Zib arrived to the planet, and Zib was knocked out by Karter, who destroyed Project Sunstorm and tried to kill Bulk. He was defeated and the Brains were eradicated from Tranquis.

Julius Nex, Daniel Rocka and Natalie Breez started cleaning procedures after the Brain's attack in order to repair all the damage caused by the Brains.


Tranquis VII is mainly uninhabited other than the capital Tranquis that contained a communications tower.


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