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"One of Hero Factory's most courageous and skilled heroes, Lucas Valor patrols the outer fringes of the galaxy. His assignment: stop any alien incursions from other galaxies in their tracks."
LEGO BrickMaster Magazine, September–October 2010

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Lucas Valor
Lucas Valor.png
Hero 1.0
Hero Team Delta 9 Team
Weapons Ice Launcher
Status Functional

Lucas Valor is a uniquely designed Hero, and is the current leader of the Delta 9 Team.


After becoming leader of Delta 9, Lucas Valor once led Emily Wise and Nathan Slick to Space Station Regular 1, where a group of pirates led by Captain Dark Horrendous were holding fifteen workers hostage. Due to the space station's structure, Valor and his team could only fight the pirates hand-to-hand until they cornered their foes in a sub-basement. Wise turned off the lights, scaring the pirates into surrendering.

Valor is currently active, patrolling the outer reaches of the galaxy and fighting off alien invasions.

Abilities and Traits

Lucas Valor is one of Hero Factory's most courageous and skilled Heroes. He is also the only hero to have a 1.0 chestpiece as a head.


Valor is equipped with an Ice Launcher and Jet-Boots. He also carries a bladed weapon.

Set Information

Lucas Valor is a combination model of the sets 7164 Preston Stormer, 7167 William Furno, and 7165 Natalie Breez, using instructions included in the September–October 2010 issue of LEGO BrickMaster Magazine.

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