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Game Information
Availability Unavailable
Platform iOS 5.0 and up
Controls Touch Screen
The app's title screen

Brainify is a camera app for iOS 5.0 and up that modifies the users images to add the Brain parasite and other slight differences.


You select a Brain parasite and take a picture of a face with your camera and then watch as the parasite takes control of the person.


  • As part of an August update, Brainify removed the red eyes that initially accompanied the transformation, citing them as being too "scary".
  • This is the only Hero Factory medium that did not include Heroes.
  • The games uses Brains from six of the seven Brain-possessed Makuhero Planet Beasts, Pyrox, Scarox, Bruizer, Ogrum, Aquagon, and Frost Beast. Dragon Bolt's Brain did not appear in the app for some reason.

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