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TV Scarox.png
Employer Brains
Weapons Armor-Piercing Poison Fangs
Striking Blades
Status Reverted
Set number 44003

Scarox was a Dune Crawler that had been mutated into a bipedal, venomous spider-like insect by a Brain.



Scarox was once a Dune Crawler living in a desert area of the planet where Makuhero City was built.

After a strange ship fell nearby his location, Scarox went to investigate the crashed object. While walking around the ship, Scarox was ambushed by a Brain that latched to his head and mutated him into an anthropomorphic spider.

Scarox and his species attacked Makuhero City, along with another monsters transformed by the Brains, and marched along with the rest of the monsters through the streets of the city. While they scared the citizens away, the Alpha 1 Team arrived and started fighting against the possessed creatures.

Scarox was eventually freed from the Brain's control by the Heroes, and returned back to his desert homeland.

Abilities and Traits

Before his transformation, Scarox walked on six legs, like an insect. After being transformed by a Brain, Scarox became bipedal, with four arms, and spikes on his legs.


Due to his transformation, Scarox bore venomous fangs that could pierce armor and deliver a potent poison, and a striking blade on each arm.

Set Information

Set 44003 Scarox

The set 44003 Scarox was released in early 2013, as part of the Brain Attack series. It contains a dark green Brain that attaches to its head and consists of 46 pieces, including a Hero Core not used in the set, but instead to be used in the Brain Attack game to get 400 points. The Scarox set can be combined with 44002 Rocka to create a non-canon combiner model.



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