Frost Beast

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Frost Beast
Employer Brains
Weapons Fanged Frost Blade
Ice claws
Status Reverted
Set number 44011

Frost Beast is a male Ice Creature that had been mutated by a Brain.


Frost Beast

Frost Beast was formerly a peaceful Ice Creature living in an icy region of the planet where Makuhero City is located.

Frost Beast and a fellow Ice Creature were playing a game of throwing snowballs when the Brains landed in his area. Frost Beast noticed a Brain latching onto his fellow Ice Creature. He noticed a Brain's rocket covered in snow, and got rid of the snow to see what it is. A Brain came out of the snow, behind Frost Beast, and possessed and mutated him into an ice monster. Frost Beast and his fellow Brain-possessed ice creatures marched to Makuhero City to destroy it.

The Heroes who were in the city fought Frost Beast and other mutated members of his species to defend the city from them, as Preston Stormer fought Frost Beast and many of his fellow Brain-possessed ice creatures.[TBW] Frost Beast's Brain was eventually removed by the Heroes, changing him back to his normal form and behavior. He then returned to his icy homeland.[Episode 10]

Abilities and Traits

Before being possessed and mutated by a Brain, Frost Beast was peaceful and friendly. He is powerful. He has sharp frost claws and a powerful ice breath. He can use his spike-like teeth to attack. He can resist his region's cold temperature.[BA!][TBW] He is around as tall as Preston Stormer's Brain Attack form.

After being transformed by the Brains, Frost Beast was turned into a dangerous and vicious enemy for Hero Factory, bearing tough ice armor with spikes. After Frost Beast's Brain was removed, he changed back to his normal form and behavior.


After Frost Beast was possessed and mutated by a Brain, he possessed a massive Fanged Frost Blade, which appeared when he was mutated. After his mutation is undone, the blade disappeared.

Face Off: Makuro's Secret Guidebook Stats


Set Information

Set 44011 Frost Beast

Set 44011 FROST BEAST was released in mid-2013, as part of the Brain Attack series. It contains a light blue Brain that attaches to its head, and included a Hero Core not used in the construction of the set, but instead for use in an online game called Brain Attack to get 600 points. Parts from the Frost Beast set can be combined with parts from set 44010 STORMER to create a non-canon combination model using building instructions from



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