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"The heroes created here may be made of metal and powered by Hero Cores, but their bravery and skill are second to none. Regardless of the danger, they go forth to do battle with the villains that would bring destruction to innocent worlds. They are the last barrier that stands between the universe and the chaos that threatens to engulf it."
Akiyama Makuro, HeroFactory.com

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TV Heroes.png
Robot Class
Function Maintain order
Power(s) Various
Location(s) Makuhero City
Status Active

Heroes, designed and created by the Hero Factory, are cybernetic warriors used to maintain law and order in the universe.


Long ago, the first batch of heroes was created by Akiyama Makuro, with the intent of stopping crime and terror throughout the universe. Since then, the Heroes have become a widely accepted symbol of peace and prosperity, have been despised by criminals and villains everywhere, and have saved countless lives. Heroes are manufactured in the Hero Factory, and dispatched to areas that are in need.

A special division of Heroes, the Recon Team, was also created by Makuro in order to gather intelligence on villain activity in the universe, with Merrick Fortis being appointed leader of the team.

The Alpha 1 Team in 2.0 form

The Heroes were later upgraded to their 2.0 forms, an upgrade featuring fire-resistant armor, as well as other enhancements like more powerful Hero Cores and improved vision across multiple wavelengths. The process took Makuro many months to perfect, and he started by introducing the system to newly built Heroes before moving on to upgrading existing ones. The heroes of the Alpha 1 Team were equipped with the disguise of animals in their 3.0 forms, though after their mission on Quatros they reverted back to 2.0 armor. Rocka, however, specifically got a new armor set from Zib.

After Hero Factory had a massive Breakout where every villain escaped containment, the Heroes were refitted specifically to go on solo missions and recapture the villains. Alpha 1 Team saved the Hero Factory itself from its destruction after defeating Black Phantom, but before his defeat, he sent the structural plans were sent to another villain, allowing him to discover the blueprints of the building.

After the Makuhero City invasion from the Brains, the Alpha 1 Team - excluding Jimi Stringer and Julius Nex - were outfitted with new Hero Core locking clamps and visors, along with unique equipment for each Hero, in order to fend off the invading Brains and the animals they transformed and possessed.

Abilities and Traits

Furno getting refitted with acid-resistant armor

Heroes are unusually strong and agile for their stature. Instead of clockwork or other types of machinery, Heroes utilize pieces of Quaza Stone known as Hero Cores, which allow them to live as others beings do. However, since no other known beings possess Hero Cores, it often takes more time to develop and test cures for ailing Heroes. Although all Heroes are pre-programmed with unique abilities, they all contain sensors and machinery that allow them to fight crime effectively. Heroes are refitted with new parts and gadgets routinely in order to stay on top of recent criminal technological advances.

Heroes operate in teams, typically of three members, though more members are known to join when needed. Some teams take on rookies to train and guide while they work toward becoming fully-fledged Heroes.

Known Heroes

Alpha 1 Team


Thresher and his team
The senior three of Alpha 1

Rookies (Rookie 1)


Delta 9 Team


Lucas Valor


Epsilon 4 Team


  • Lanford Puck (leader)
  • Azar Wright
  • Gil Driver


Mu 19 Team


  • Emma Sage (leader)


  • Geneva Mills
  • Neko Scott
  • Nathan "Nate" Slick (formerly; promoted to Delta 9)


  • Yequee Particle Removal
The Hero Recon Team

Hero Recon Team

Rho 3 Team


  • Eric Zeal (leader)
  • Kelly Deep
  • Rosalie Brisk
  • Michael Crisp


Rho 14 Team


  • Matthew Flash (leader)
  • Maddison Swift
  • Hailey Quick


Zed 4 Team


  • Rachael Dodge (leader)
  • Matthew Flare
  • Lily Fox
  • Ian Grey


Carter and Flint's Team

  • Deuce Carter
  • Oscar Flint
  • Thelonious Fox (formerly; joined Recon Team)

Sierra Team

  • Ted Blakespear
  • Nite Burgiss
  • Bart Ellori
  • Chris Trident

Other Heroes

  • Emmeline Blast
  • Janey Zero
  • Virginia Wake
  • Maximus
  • Core Hunter (rogue)

Other Teams

  • Omega Team
  • Jackson's Team
  • Ryker's Team

Set Information

The first seven Heroes were released in mid-2010, including Furno, Breez, Surge, Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, and a Drop Ship Pilot. Each Hero's canister resembled a Hero Pod. A second version of Bulk was also released together with the villain Vapor in set 7179 Bulk & Vapour, and a second version of Furno was released in set 7158 Furno Bike. Lucas Valor was a combination model of Breez, Furno and Stormer.

In early 2011, six new "Heroes 2.0" were released, comprised of Furno 2.0, Stormer 2.0, Surge 2.0, Breez 2.0, Evo 2.0, and Nex 2.0. Unlike their earlier counterparts, the 2.0 heroes featured a new building system that relies on ball and socket joints as opposed to axles and pegs.

A canister from set 7168 Dunkan Bulk

Later that year, seven new "3.0 Heroes" were released, comprising of Rocka 3.0, Stormer 3.0, Nex 3.0, Furno 3.0, Bulk 3.0, Stringer 3.0, and a Extra Large version of Rocka. They came with the same overall design, but they came with new "Animal Powers" which gave them the traits of the Animal power they had. Also tied with their Animal power was their armor, which was altered to appear like the animal the hero was assigned to.

In 2012, Heroes were released as part of the Breakout line over the course of the year. These were Rocka, Furno, Surge, Breez, Stringer, Bulk, Evo, Nex, and Stormer XL. These heroes had special Hero Cores with codes for the Breakout game online. They also had special Hero Cuffs to capture the villains also released in the Breakout wave.

In 2013, a group of Heroes were released as part of the Brain Attack line across the entire year. The Heroes were composed of Rocka, Furno, Surge, Breez, Bulk, Stormer and Evo, and had special Hero Cores with codes for the Brain Attack online game. The Heroes also possess a visor covering their helmets, and locking clamps around the Hero Cores.


The first five 2.0 heroes

"We were made to be heroes. It's our job to help anyone in the known worlds that needs it. We weren't built to fail."
― Preston Stormer, Trials of Furno


  • Hero Maddison Swift, of Rho 14 Team, was named after BZPower Forum Assistant Nukaya

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