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"Many years ago, I realized that with so much evil at large in the universe, a greater force for good was needed to combat it. With that in mind, I created Hero Factory."
― Akiyama Makuro, Hero Factory Promotional Magazine

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Akiyama Makuro
Akiyama Makuro.png
Hero Factory Staff
Occupation Founder
Status Functional
Location Makuhero City

Akiyama Makuro is the founder and chairman of Hero Factory and Makuro Industries.


Makuro in Mission Control

Akiyama Makuro is known as the oldest and wisest robot in the universe. Recognizing the growing amount of crime and terror in the galaxy, Makuro created Hero Factory, an organization dedicated to creating Heroes to capture villains and protect the galaxy. He oversaw the creation of every Hero starting with Thresher and the Alpha 1 Team. At Preston Stormer's creation, Makuro felt he was going to be a special hero. He was correct as Stormer became leader of Alpha 1 after Thresher. Makuro, Thresher, and his main employee at Hero Factory Nathaniel Zib investigated a crash of a shipment of XT4 robots at Makuro Industries. While this happened Hero Factory suffered a massive failure at an Asteroid J-54 break-in and Makuro responded to bad press by shutting down Hero Factory and turning it into a deep space research station. However, after the Legion of Darkness was defeated by Alpha 1, Makuro reopened the Hero Factory, and built it into a symbol of safety across the galaxy. He also created the secretive Hero Recon Team in order to have a division devoted to understanding criminal behavior, and selected Merrick Fortis to lead it. One time Zib's security system accidentally shot down Makuro's ship, and though he was unharmed Zib dismantled the system.

Seeing William Furno's creation, Makuro sensed the same thing he did about Stormer, and later told Zib about this.

After a lengthy time working on the process, Makuro debuted the Upgrade, a new larger, flexible, and stronger Hero design. At a press conference, Makuro presented Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, two new heroes built with the 2.0 design. Stormer, Furno, and Natalie Breez arrived after a failed mission attacking the Fire Lord and his minions, and requested Makuro to give them clearance to the upgrade. Feeling that the act of upgrading existing Heroes was not yet safe, Makuro initially refused, but was eventually was convinced and oversaw their successful upgrades.

Makuro was not present at the Hero Factory during the Breakout, but returned after it had occured. He approached Zib and Alpha 1 after the incident, sensing that the breakout was only part of a much larger plan. Zib confirmed this, saying that the schematics Makuro created for the Hero Factory have been transmitted to an unknown source by Black Phantom. Makuro gravely informed the Heroes that now the Hero making process can be replicated for nefarious purposes.

Citadel Parallel Universe

Makuro's early Hero Factory was ruined by the traitorous Von Ness who had Black Phantom destroy the factory. It was replaced by the Citadel, a crime syndicate run by the newly renamed Von Nebula. Makuro was kept in a cell and forced to do labor for Von Nebula that only he could do, while the outside world assumed Speeda Demon had deactivated him. However, he managed to repair a badly distorted Preston Stormer. Makuro made amelium for Von Nebula to power a generator, and met the main universe Alpha Team who told him that in their world his vision had succeeded. He then created a beta wave device to knock the Brains asleep for Alpha Team and Von Nebula. Stormer and Makuro began to rebuild after the Brains and Citadel were defeated and the Alpha Team returned to their dimension.


  • Makuro was voiced by Malcolm McDowell in the Television Episodes.
  • Makuro locks his door with a slide puzzle. to unlock it a hero must organize the puzzle to make the Hero Factory symbol.
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