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"Many years ago, I realized that with so much evil at large in the universe, a greater force for good was needed to combat it. With that in mind, I created Hero Factory."
― Akiyama Makuro, Hero Factory Promotional Magazine

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Akiyama Makuro
Hero Factory Staff
Occupation Founder
Status Functional
Location Makuhero City

Akiyama Makuro is the founder and chairman of Hero Factory and Makuro Industries.


Akiyama Makuro is known as the oldest and wisest robot in the universe. His origins are unknown.[FO:MSG] He became an extremely rich industrialist and inventor. He made stunning advances in robotics, mechanized manufacturing, and power core design, and made a vast amount of credits doing it. He invented many machines, like Aerocars, and created a metal called Amelium.[SM5] He built many factories and founded Makuro Industries, as he built a Makuro Industries factory in planet Mechna, where he created XT4 robots.[SM2]

More than a hundred years ago,[Media Center in 2010-2011] believing that wealth should be used for the greater good rather than just expanding his businesses, and recognizing the growing amount of crime and terror in the galaxy,[HFPM][SM5][FO:MSG] Makuro created Hero Factory, an organization dedicated to creating Heroes to capture villains and protect the galaxy. He converted one of his larger factories from making Aerocar assembly robots to making Heroes while using his vast fortune to do so.[SM5][FO:MSG] He oversaw the creation of every Hero starting with Thresher, Merrick Fortis, and the first members of the Alpha 1 Team. At Preston Stormer's creation, Makuro felt he was going to be a special hero.[Episode 1] Most robots looked at Makuro's idea as insane and laughed at it at first, but the Heroes somewhat proved them wrong.[SM2][SM5]

Makuro sent Thresher and Makuro's main employee at Hero Factory, Nathaniel Zib, to do an errand, where they investigate a crash of a shipment of XT4 robots at Makuro Industries. During the time, Hero Factory suffered a massive failure at an Asteroid J-54 break-in. Makuro responded to bad press by shutting down Hero Factory and turning it into a deep space research station. Many people looked at this idea as a good one that showed that Makuro was returning to common sense, and they believed that Makuro should use his wealth to do something simpler and safer. After the Legion of Darkness was defeated by Alpha 1, Makuro went to observe the damage done to Mission Control during the battle by using his flying shuttle to fly down a hole in the Hero Factory building's roof, but one of Zib's security systems accidentally shot down his ship by using a pile driver to partially crush the ship, and though he was unharmed, Zib shut down the systems. The Legion of Darkness incident convinced Makuro to reopen the Hero Factory, and built it into a symbol of safety across the galaxy.[SM2]

He also created the secretive Hero Recon Team in order to have a division devoted to understanding criminal behavior, and selected Fortis to lead it.

When Stormer became leader of Alpha 1 after Thresher, Makuro was proven right.[Episode 1]

Von Nebula

Makuro in Mission Control

Seeing William Furno's creation, Makuro sensed the same thing he did about Stormer.[Episode 1]

Makuro wrote an introductory letter in a short promotional mazagine.

After Furno failed to catch a villain named Rotor and was scolded by Stormer, Makuro went to the Hero Factory's Mission Control Room while Quadal greeted him with a wave gesture. Makuro surprised Zib and talked to him about how was Stormer pushing Furno. Makuro then told Zib about Furno's creation and potential before Makuro left the room, making Zib think about the conversation.[Episode 1]

Ordeal of Fire

Makuro doing his presentation

Makuro took a long time to develop the 2.0 Upgrade, a new larger, flexible, and stronger Hero design. At a press conference, Makuro presented Julius Nex and Nathan Evo, two new heroes built with the 2.0 design. Stormer, Furno, and Natalie Breez arrived after a failed mission attacking Fire Lord and his minions, and requested Makuro to give them clearance to the upgrade. Feeling that the act of upgrading existing Heroes was not yet safe, Makuro initially refused, but was eventually convinced and oversaw their successful upgrades.[Episode 5]

At some point, Makuro personally built a robot called Makuro-X1, who was intended to take on assignments too dangerous even for the Hero teams. However, something went wrong on its programming and it became determined to take over Hero Factory and and turn its Heroes into its slaves. Stormer, Furno, Breez, Nex, Evo, and Mark Surge went to fight the monster, but it is unknown what happened to the monster, for the Hero Factory is safe.[Source](questionable canonicity)

Savage Planet

When Professor Aldous Witch was fired from the Hero Factory for stealing a Hero Core, Makuro witnessed him leaving and felt sad about it when he bowed his head.[Episode 6]

After the Alpha 1 Team saved Quatros from dying,[Episode 7][C7] Makuro vowed to protect Quatros as long as the Hero Factory lives.[FO:MSG]


Makuro went on a trip in somewhere outside of Makuhero City, so he was not present at the Hero Factory during the Breakout.[Episode 8] He returned after it had occurred. Makuro approached Zib and Alpha 1 after the incident, sensing that the breakout was only part of a much larger plan. Zib confirmed this, saying that the schematics Makuro created for the Hero Factory have been transmitted to an unknown source by Black Phantom. Makuro gravely informed the Heroes that now the Hero making process can be replicated for nefarious purposes.[Episode 9]

Makuro felt humiliated by the Breakout, so he wanted constant reports on the recapture mission. He then noticed Core Hunter's attempt to collect the pieces of the Doom Box and use it to threaten the galaxy. He looked at this as an emergency that was as bad as the Breakout, so he told Zib about this, and then Zib sent the Alpha 1 Team to deal with the new situation.[SM1]

Makuro and Stormer are constantly talking to each other about how to deal with this upcoming threat for the safety of the galaxy.[FO:MSG]

It is mostly unknown what Makuro is doing during the events of Brain Attack and Invasion From Below. After Mission: Collision Course was completed and when the Valiant started getting repaired, he personally told Aquax that the Hero Factory will station Heroes in the frontier to protect the worlds there.[SM3] It is implied that he made a guidebook about the Hero Factory and its recent events up to Mission: Mirror World.

Alternate Universes

Reality 11275.6

Makuro's early Hero Factory was ruined by the traitorous Von Ness, who had Black Phantom and the Legion of Darkness destroy the factory. It was replaced by the Citadel, a crime syndicate run by Von Ness, who renamed himself as Von Nebula, ruled Makuhero City, and renamed it as "Von Nebula City". Makuro was kept in a cell and forced to do labor for Von Nebula that only he could do, as Von Nebula forced him to make Amelium for him, so Von Nebula would not destroy the city with his 'engineering marvel'. Speeda Demon lied to people that he had deactivated Makuro. Von Nebula renamed the city's university called Makuhero University as "Von Nebula University", and made its Histotron misinform people that Makuro disappeared and was presumed deactivated. However, Makuro managed to repair a badly distorted Preston Stormer and gave him the plans that could make him better than before. He also taught Stormer how to build flying vehicles called "Sky Sleds". Makuro told him to stay out of sight, that Von Nebula would never stop hunting for Stormer. Stormer went into hiding. Three years ago, Nebula forced Makuro to make an Amelium cylinder for him, which Von Nebula recently used to power a power generator. Since the creation of the Amelium cylinder, Makuro refused to cooperate with Von Nebula.

Recently, Makuro met the main universe Stormer, who told him that in Stormer's world, his vision had succeeded. This made Makuro have hope and want to help Stormer and Von Nebula fight the Brains. He then created a low-emission beta wave weapon that can put six Brains asleep in order to help the prime reality Alpha 1 Team and Von Nebula defeat them. Stormer threatened Von Nebula that he would let the Brains get him if Von Nebula would not let Makuro go after the crisis is over. After both Stormer's made Von Nebula disappear, and the Brains damaged the city and destroyed the Citadel's inner circle and their robotic guards and bounty hunters called the Jolters, Preston and Makuro plan to rebuild the factory and the city. They and their William Furno witnessed the main universe Alpha 1 Team returning to their dimension.[SM5]

Reality 37834.1

In this universe, Akiyama Makuro retired, so he had Von Ness, who never became a coward, took over his place as chairman of the Hero Factory, though Von Ness got killed by a newly revived Legion of Darkness.(Dangerous Dimensions)

Abilities and Traits

Akiyama Makuro is a wise robot, skilled inventor, and successful industrialist who is extremely smart and good at building and using technology, including Hero Factory's. He is the chief robot designer for the Hero Factory.[MtH] He was also known for making flying high-tech cars called "Aerocars" before making the Hero Factory. He can make cylinders of Amelium, and he is one of the few known robots who can work with it. He always puts his name on the cylinders, which is written in a tiny way.[SM5][FO:MSG] When a Hero is in construction, Makuro gives him or her a sliver of Quaza to complete him or her.

Makuro hates evil and crime, so that is why he created the Hero Factory. He sees potentials in Stormer and Furno. Makuro also lectures people, like Zib.[Episode 1] As chairman of the Hero Factory, Makuro does presentations of Hero Factory technology.[Episode 5]

When Makuro was creating the 2.0 Upgrade, he did not want the 1.0 Heroes to get hurt when they get and use it, so he felt he needed time to perfect the upgrade before he would allow the 1.0 Heroes to get and use it. So, he believed that it is safer to use the upgrade to directly create new Heroes. However, Stormer's urge to fight the Fire Villains convinced Makuro to give Stormer, Furno, and Breez the upgrade early because he did not want the Heroes to risk their lives in fighting the Fire Villains, who could potentially destroy them if the Heroes tried to fight them again, and he could trust the Alpha 1 Team Heroes on their bravery in such desperate and dangerous missions.[Episode 5]

Makuro does not show himself to the Hero Factory employees or the Heroes often, as he took a trip during the Breakout and the beginning of Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em, but he does show himself when major events involving the Hero Factory happen.[SM2][Episode 1][Episode 5][Episode 6][Episode 9] Makuro also usually appears out of nowhere to surprise Zib when he checks on him in the Hero Factory's Mission Control Room and then talks to him.[Episode 1][Episode 5][Episode 9] When a Hero Factory employee tries to steal a Hero Core and implant it on his or her body, which is something that Makuro does not want them to do, he would imprison him or her, but if the employee had a good status in the Hero Factory, like teaching in there for decades, he would be kind enough to exile them from the Hero Factory and its planet instead.[Episode 6]

For some reason, Makuro walks with a cane, and he moves slow.[Episode 1][Episode 5][Episode 6][Episode 9]


  • Makuro was voiced by Malcolm McDowell in the Television Episodes.
  • In some media, he is called "Mr. Makuro".
  • Makuro locks his door with a slide puzzle. To unlock it, a Hero must organize the puzzle to make the Hero Factory symbol.
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