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Inhabitants Jawblade (formerly), underwater species
Class Water Planet

Scylla is a planet purely made of water, and home to the rusting agent Oxidium.


The planet Scylla is the home planet of the villain Jawblade. After the mass Breakout started by Voltix that occurred in the Hero Factory prison, Jawblade traveled to Scylla in search of a fast-acting rusting agent called Oxidium with plans to use it on any possible Hero that interrupted his plans.

William Furno was dispatched to bring Jawblade back to the prison. During his mission, the Hero was also monitored by Omega and his Hero Recon Team unit. Soon after Furno arrived on Scylla, Jawblade found out that the Hero's weapons weren't designed for underwater use. The villain then found pure Oxidium and used its rusting capabilities to immobilize Furno. Fortunately for the Hero, Furno's Hero Core supercharged him and removed any trace of rust in his body, allowing him to capture Jawblade and bring him back to the Hero Factory to be imprisoned.


Scylla is completely full of water, allowing various underwater species live in it. However, those who are not native to the planet require special equipment to walk or swim on it.


Jawblade was a former inhabitant of Scylla. There are also multiple small fish living in the planet's waters.


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