Mini-Robots & Massive Mechs!

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It’s all change at HERO FACTORY! Professor Zib explains:

The enormous monsters of the ‘Brain Attacks’ and the success of the Jet Rocka flight armor has transformed thinking here at the HERO FACTORY laboratories. We’ve had to think on a completely different scale!

MINI-ROBOTS The new compact chassis and micro Hero Cores make for a more resilient Hero. You can happily throw a Hero in Mini-Robot form from one side of a room to the other without sustaining any damage whatsoever. In fact that’s exactly what we did with Furno – he’s always up for anything!

MASSIVE MECHS! To combat larger enemies the Mini-Robots will each be issued an armored vehicle, normally a giant Mech robot. These carry extra powerful flick-fire missiles and plasma weapons, so are much better armed than the original Heroes!

The Mechs come with multi-function canisters which can act as secure storage for enemies, repair and upgrading for Mini-Robots and even Mech component manufacture!

HERO NEWS! Reports coming in from Antropolis City of attacks from giant underground beasts will be the first test of the new Hero Tech. Early indications suggest that they’re up to the challenge!

These “jumpers” can be handled by the Mini-Hero which is better suited to multiple smaller targets, whereas the larger beasts require our Mechs, Crawlers and Flying Machines. The system is working perfectly!