Mission: Invasion From Below

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This article is about the mission. You may be looking for Invasion From Below.

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Mission: Invasion From Below
Objective Fend off the invading Jumpers
Hero Team Alpha 1 Team
Location Antropolis City
Result The Queen Beast and Jumper nest are flushed down the acid cavern

Mission: Invasion From Below was a Hero Factory effort to deal with mysterious beasts called Jumpers that emerged from a crevice in Antropolis City.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team

Rookie 1 Division

Other Heroes




Investigate the sudden appearance of mysterious creatures overrunning Antropolis City.


Three construction worker robots in Antropolis City used a drill to try to make a tunnel below the city, which the city's people wanted to happen for decades. However, after the drill made a cave, it fell into it. The workers got curious and went to find the drill, but a few Jumpers attacked and kidnapped them.


Attack on Antropolis City

Another construction worker called the Hero Factory to rescue the workers and investigate the cave. Nathan Evo, who got a new upgrade that gave him a new form and allows him to use the Hero Factory's newest machines called the Battle Machines, arrived at the city with a Drop Ship. He built a Battle Machine called the Evo Walker, and drove it out of the Drop Ship. The worker told Evo of the situation in the cave and that Evo is his favorite Hero while Evo was entering the cave. However, before the worker could talk further, he got kidnapped by a Jumper. Then, a few Jumpers attacked Evo. Evo tried to use the machine to fight them off, but the Jumpers overwhelmed him, so he got out of the machine to save himself before the Jumpers destroyed the machine. He noticed a mutated Jumper called a Jaw Beast attacking the city. He called Hero Factory for backup and Battle Machines.

Evo's six fellow members of the Alpha 1 Team, Preston Stormer, William Furno, Daniel Rocka, Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez, and Mark Surge, who got the same upgrade as he, arrived at the city with another Drop Ship. They noticed the Jumpers attacking the city and wondered what are they. After the Heroes landed their ship on Evo's location, where he was fighting a group of Jumpers, the Heroes came out of the ship and helped Evo defeat these Jumpers. After the area was cleared, Stormer had Bulk and Rocka bring a new device called the Remote Builder to it and prepare the Remote Builder. Stormer had Rocka use the device to build him a Battle Machine called the Stormer Freeze Machine. During the construction, Surge, Bulk, and Evo stopped more Jumpers from trying to attack Rocka and Stormer. Rocka put a Goo Shooter on the Machine, but Stormer declined it and had it replaced with an upgraded Freeze Blaster. After the machine was completed, Stormer practiced using it, though he had somewhat a hard time getting used to it. Rocka built Furno his own Battle Machine called the Furno Jet Machine. Rocka then built himself his own Battle Machine called the Rocka Stealth Machine. The seven Heroes split up to fight the Jumpers in the city while Stormer told Evo to build his own Battle Machine.

Breez notices a mutated Jumper called a Flyer Beast flying to the top of a tower, and then uses her boot-jets to fly to its location. After the beast steals an antenna from the tower, Breez starts fighting the beast with a Fire Chain. During the fight, Breez uses the chain to ride the beast. She notices that the Jumpers are telepathically communicating with each other and tells her teammates about it.

A Jaw Beast tries to throw a piece of a glass tunnel at Surge and Bulk, but Furno uses the Jet Machine to save them by destroying the tunnel in time. He fights the beast, but the beast jumps on the machine and grabs Furno out of it. However, Rocka uses the Stealth Machine to sneak up on the beast and shoots it to defeat it, making it let go of Furno.

Stormer uses the Freeze Machine to fight another Jaw Beast. The beast rips out the Freeze Blaster out of the machine. Stormer grabs the beast by the chest in retaliation.

Breez uses her chain to tie up the Flyer Beast to a tower to defeat it. She notices Stormer getting kidnapped by the Jaw Beast. The beast drags Stormer underground. Breez told her fellow Heroes about the situation. She tries to save Stormer, but a group of Jumpers come out of the hole where Stormer was dragged in, making Breez get away and call the Hero Factory for major reinforcements.

Rocka uses his machine to capture one of the Jumpers that he is fighting, and uses the machine's Canister to analyze the Jumper. Rocka learns that Breez was right about the Jumpers communicating, but before he can analyze further, the Jumper wakes up, breaks out of the Canister, and attacks Rocka. Rocka gets out of the machine to save himself.

Furno notices what it appears to be a mutated Jumper with two heads called a Splitter Beast, who starts chasing Furno. He calls Evo, who is almost done building his machine, and tells him to get his machine ready to fight the beast. After Evo completes building the machine called the Evo XL Machine, Furno comes in and brings the beast, who stole a lamp post, to Evo's location. Evo uses the machine to attack the beast. The beast uses the lamp post to swat Furno to a wall, angering Evo. During the fight, Furno ties the beast's foot with a chain and then tied the chain to a nearby staircase, allowing Evo to make the beast trip onto the chain and defeat it. While Evo and Furno are celebrating their victory, the beast reveals to be two single-headed beasts, as the smaller blue-headed one was on the larger orange-headed one's back. With the orange beast defeated by Evo, the blue one stands up, snatches Furno, and takes him to the cave. Evo tries to chase after the creature to save Furno, but he accidentally trips onto the chain. Surge, Rocka, and Bulk reunite with Evo and ask him what is going on. Evo tells them the situation. Breez tells her four remaining teammates that she called the Hero Factory backup, as Hero Factory sends reinforcements in many Drop Ships to the city to fight the Jumpers. This allows Breez and her four fellow Alpha 1 Team Heroes to enter the cave to find Stormer and Furno, so they start their journey into the cave.

Journey in the Jumpers' Underground Lair

The five Heroes, with Rocka becoming a substitute leader for them, discover and explor a large underground cavern. Evo theorizes that the drill must have awakened something up down there. The five Heroes discovers the Jumpers' Cocoons. Rocka discovers three unhatched cocoons, where each imprisons one of the first three construction workers. The Heroes frees the workers, with Evo using his machine to pick the workers out of the cocoons, and then Rocka tells the workers to get back to the surface fast. The workers thank the Heroes before leaving. Rocka tells Evo to help him set up the Remote Builder in the cavern because they and their comrades need five new Battle Machines that are better suited for fighting underground. The five Heroes discovers a cave that got sealed up. Breez discovers carvings that warn not to go further into the cavern, theorizing that someone traveled in the cavern before, and tells her fellows to read the carvings, but her fellow Heroes are too focused in building the machines. While the heroes are dismantling the XL Machine, Evo builds Rocka a Battle Machine called the Rocka Crawler. After Breez is done reading the carvings, she tries to warn her fellow heroes not to go any further, according to the carvings, but Rocka insists on fighting his and his fellow Heroes' way to save Stormer and Furno. Rocka notices an unhatched Cocoon. When he is investigating it, a Jumper comes out of it and attacks Rocka. Rocka uses the machine to push the Jumper out of him to defeat it. His fellow Heroes, who each got his or her Battle Machine built by Evo, checks on Rocka, who said to them that he is fine. The five Heroes continue their journey in the cavern.

As they are traveling deeper, Rocka and Evo have Bulk use his Battle Machine called the Bulk Drill Machine to dig though a wall, but when Bulk starts digging though, the wall comes off, sending the Heroes flying and it revealing a cavern. The cavern's magnetic pull grabs the Heroes and takes Rocka and Surge with it. The cavern's magnetic pull closes the wall, making the three other Heroes drop down to a crystal cavern. Breez uses her Battle Machine called the Breez Flea Machine to grab onto a ledge. Evo uses his Battle Machine called the Evo Spider Machine to grab onto Breez's machine, but Bulk misses grabbing onto Evo's machine. Bulk forces himself to get out of his machine, and then grabs Evo's machine.

Meanwhile, Rocka and Surge are taken to the inside in the magnetic cavern, where giant rocks are flying by using their magnetic fields. Rocka is amazed by the chamber. He and Surge each get stuck onto one of the rocks. Rocka fights two Jumpers in the chamber. A mutated Jumper called a Tunneler Beast comes to attack Rocka. Rocka tries to use his blaster, but it gets stuck to his rock. He used his Battle Machine's chainsaw hand to repel the creature, but the creature is still advancing to him. However, Surge uses his machine called the Surge & Rocka Combat Machine's Goo Shooter to blast the beast away. Surge fights another and defeats another Tunneler Beast and three more Jumpers. After Rocka gets his blaster back, his Battle Machine gets stuck in between two rocks, preventing the machine from moving. Rocka gets out of it, but a Tunneler attacks him. Surge tells Rocka to come to his Battle Machine since the machine is built for two. Rocka gets chased by the beast, but Surge helps Rocka get to the top half of the machine. The Heroes work together to use the machine to fight three more Jumpers. However, a rock smashes the front of the bottom half of the machine, sending Surge flying. This allows the Tunneler Beast to capture Surge, and then the beast exits the chamber. Rocka activates the machine's top half's Flight Mode, allowing him to detach the top half from the bottom half and to fly. Rocka flies to the exit while avoiding more Jumpers, a Tunneler Beast, and an electric bolt that is touching the cavern's ceiling and floor.

Meanwhile, Breez tries to use her machine's grappling claw to bring herself, Evo, and Bulk to safety on the ledge, but when a cocoon on the ledge opens up, Breez gets surprised and drops herself, Evo, and Bulk to the crystal cavern. The three Heroes brace for impact and land on the cavern's floor safely. They discover the drill and then travel through the cavern. During their journey, they notice a swarm of Jumpers hiding in the cavern, but the Heroes ignore them. However, the Jumpers then attack the Heroes. The Heroes are able to defeat some of them, but more Jumpers, including two mutated ones called Crystal Beasts, appear, outnumbering the Heroes, so the Heroes run away from the Jumpers. Another Crystal Beast gets in the Heroes' way, but they defeat it to get it out of the way. Bulk fights the other Crystal Beasts. When the beasts prepare to strike, Bulk tricks them into hitting each other, stunning each other, so he can rejoin his fellow Heroes. The Heroes come across two crystal bridges over a lake of acid, but the first bridge collapses, trapping Breez on the leaning bridge while Bulk and Evo successfully cross over the second bridge. Breez's machine's back leg gets destroyed by the lake, and then the Jumpers surround and attack Breez. However, she gets out of the machine, surviving, and flies to Bulk and Evo's location. While Breez is flying, she tells Evo to destroy the second bridge. Evo uses his machine to push the bridge into the lake, so the Jumpers cannot follow the Heroes.

Final Battle

The Heroes leave the cavern and enter another cavern, where the Jumpers' mother and queen, the Queen Beast, resides on a nest on a column in the center of the cavern. When the Heroes go closer to the nest, Breez notices that the queen has Surge in a cocoon, and then tells her fellow Heroes about it. Evo uses his machine to fight the queen to try to save Surge, despite Breez's warnings not to, but the queen resists his attacks and tries to push the machine, with Evo in it, to a pool of acid. Breez discovers that the queen also has Stormer and Furno in cocoons. Bulk tries to fight the queen to save Evo, but the queen kicks him away. Rocka reunites with Evo, Bulk, and Breez, and tries to save Evo from the queen, but the queen hits Rocka's jet, making it crash-land near the pool. This pushes Rocka out of the machine before it falls to the pool, which destroys it. Breez tries to tell Bulk to force the queen to stop fighting by aiming their weapons on a web thread that supports the column, but Bulk, with the help of Rocka, destroys the thread because the queen imprisoned their friends, making the column tilt to make some unhatched Jumpers in cocoons fall off from the nest and into the pool, killing them. This gets the queen's attention, so Evo gets out of his machine to save himself. The queen feels sad to see her children perishing. Breez tells the Heroes to let her talk to the queen, but the queen gets angry and calls reinforcements, including Jaw Beasts, to defeat the Heroes in revenge. When the Jumpers surround the four Heroes, this causes Bulk to disagree with Breez's plan, and then destroy another web thread, killing more unhatched Jumpers, angering the queen more. When the queen pins down Bulk and Evo, Breez starts making a communicating connection with her, making her let go of Bulk and Evo. Evo supports Breez's plan. Breez communicates successfully to the queen and convinces her that it is a mistake to disturb her kind, she and her fellow Heroes want to get their friends back, and promise her that Breez and her fellow Heroes will close up the tunnel leading to the underground lair to leave them alone in peace. Breez tells her fellow Heroes to lay down their weapons to convince the Jumpers to stop fighting them. After the Heroes do so, Breez tells the queen to end the invasion, so the queen recalls all of her children to do so, and the children go back to the lair.

The Heroes and the Jumpers make peace with each other, and the queen gives the four Heroes their comrades back. Breez and Evo free Stormer first, who feels weak, so Rocka and Bulk give the Spider Machine's Canister, which is a Medi-Transport, to him and then put him in there to heal him. The Heroes then free Furno and Surge, who also become weak. However, just when the Heroes are about to leave, one of the normal Jumpers accidentally triggers one of the Heroes' guns, destroying another web thread, killing more unhatched Jumpers. The Queen Beast notices, so she gets angry and mistakenly thinks that the Heroes have betrayed her and her kind, so she attacks them again. Bulk opens the canister to save Stormer, but the queen grabs Bulk. However, Stormer gets out of the canister and launches it at the queen to try to save Bulk. The canister hits the queen, making her let go of Bulk and hit the column. This also causes the column, cavern's stalactites, and the acid pool to fall down into an abyss while all of the Jumpers disappear along the way. The impact also causes the Spider Machine to fall into the abyss while Bulk grabs onto the wall of the abyss. Rocka tries to get Bulk out of the wall, but while the queen is falling to the abyss, she grabs Bulk and takes him with her. Bulk's fellow Heroes feel sad when they think Bulk got killed in the incident. However, it is revealed that Bulk used the Spider Machine to fly out of the incident to survive, and then he reunites with his fellow Heroes, who become happy to see him again. The seven Heroes use the machine to get out of the lair.


After the Heroes returned to the city, they have its people, where everyone is safe and rescued, close up the tunnel leading to the lair, and convince them to build a bridge over the city rather than a tunnel below it. The city's mayor thanks the Heroes for saving it. When the Alpha 1 Team Heroes and their fellow Heroes are leaving with their Drop Ships and heading back to the Hero Factory building, Furno, Stormer, and Surge, who are covered in cocoon goo, talk about not having to deal with the Jumpers again. However, the seven Alpha 1 Team Heroes do not notice that there is a Jumper, who is contained in an unhatched cocoon, being placed in their ship for some reason, so the Heroes are accidentally bringing the Jumper along.[Episode 11]



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