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The Omega Recon Reports were a series of reports available on's club website, located in the "Inside Scoop" section. The reports featured the Hero Recon Team as they followed Alpha 1 Team during Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em.

Careful what you wish for!

"I'm bored!" I said. I shouldn't have said it, it was asking for trouble! After we mopped up that business on Quatros, things had been quiet, I mean REALLY quiet. Not even a feline-bot up a tree. Zib even took a day off – I have NEVER seen the Professor take a holiday.

Even when Rocka and Furno were sent out after VOLTIX, that was over before the Recon Teams got equipped. We should have known something was wrong right there, it was too easy. Of course, he was letting himself get captured!

You know the rest – the vortex in the Villain Storage Unit, all the bad guys breaking out – now we’ve got more on than we can handle. It’s Catch 'em and Cuff 'em time!

The Manufacturing Units are working overtime on new robots and these awesome Hero Cuffs...if there's a silver lining to all this, it’s the sweet upgrades they’re handing out! You should see Furno's aqua gear! Surge's Duo Plating Armour! Breez's Hex Energy Shield! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Anyway, we're on our way to Scylla after JAWBLADE and some friends of his. Furno says he's going to fry some fish! I’ll let you know how that goes down.

Recon Team Alpha Out.

Grand Theft Speed-cycle!

So, it looks like Speeda Demon can add ANOTHER crime to his Rap Sheet! Turns out he left with one of the prototype Ultra-Mach Speed Cycles which was very much "TWOCked" (Taken Without Owner's Consent)!

We've all had our eyes on one of those – Razor Wheels, Wing Blades, Quintronic Transnuclear engine system and reinforced exhaust – it's a thing of beauty. To think he got his greasy mitts on one before anyone else!

He's headed for Kollix IV, probably looking to knock out the Interstellar Navigation Beacon at the north pole. That would mess up space-traffic for weeks! So Stormer's on his way out there now. He got a full XL upgrade with those new modular scout drones. Want! Need!

Kollix IV is cold. Not 'fresh', not 'crisp', not 'a bit chilly', I mean a few degrees above absolute zero. I mean thousands of miles of frozen methane, toxic slush and corrosive snow. Can’t say I'm looking forward to it, but some of the guys are bringing their snowboards. I think they’re being very optimistic!

Anyway, got to get these Recon teams organized. We're not getting any instructions from Mission Control, they're just busy I guess.

Recon Team Omega Out.

Adventures on Planet YUCK!

Did I complain about Kollix IV? Tell you what, I take it ALL BACK. I'd rather spend a month on that big spiky iceball and spend the next year defrosting my circuits with a blowtorch than spend one more second on Z'chaya!

First, it smells of unwashed athletic components left in someone's locker. It's as hot as an oven and muggy as anything, like someone's left the steam cleaner running all night. The moisture condenses on your armor so you're constantly dribbling all over the place. Everything is sticky, or acidic, or tries to sting you or eat you...and it's YUCKY!

Anyway, we'd tracked Toxic Reapa back to his home planet where he was intent on mutating the locals into mini-versions of himself! We were surprised to see a Rookie like Evo get such a tough assignment, even with his new anti-toxic armor, power boots, plasma weapon and Tank Arm, but I guess you gotta start somewhere!

Wouldn't be my choice of first assignment. A super-villain on his home turf? Do you go with your gut or do it by the book? Take risks or play it safe? Problem is, even with special shields and anti-toxins, Toxic Reapa's signature attack is MESSY. Big globs of tacky, green, gooey, get everywhere, jam-up-the-works, syrupy ooze...never mind that it's corrosive, poisonous and kind of deadly! You get hit and you can't move, you're a sitting duck! It also seeps under your bodyplates, like it knows where it’s going...weird. I must tell the Professor when we get back.

Speaking of which, anyone seen Zib? In fact has anyone heard from anybody in Mission Control? When I get a second I'm going up there to give them a piece of my mind!

Recon Team Omega Out.


Just in case I've made the BREAKOUT missions sound easy or routine, I've got a story for you...

Voltix had gone straight to Tansari VI, no surprise there, he needed power and they've power to burn. So we'd prepped Stringer for a straight takedown and dropped him next to the Energy Collection Array, so far so normal.

I'd always wanted to see the ECA on Tansari VI, I mean it's a technical marvel and everything. Turns out you can't see much! The whole thing is enveloped by this thick fog and if it wasn't for the lightning you wouldn't be able to make anything out at all. This made locating Voltix pretty tricky. Luckily he was stealing power storage cells. They glow in the dark!

So Stringer moves in with his new Quad Amplitude Mega Decibel Sound Blaster, does his party piece, cuffs Voltix and then...gets flattened by CORE HUNTER!

Now some us were made long enough ago that we knew Core Hunter when he was one of the good guys, before he went into business for himself, if you know what I mean. Now he's a bounty hunter and after a while sitting on the fence, well, he's obviously picked a side!

We can't call for help because of the atmospheric disturbance and we can't get the dropship down because of the lightning! Core Hunter is standing over Stringer and about to steal his Hero Core, when, out of the clouds, comes BULK, plasma launcher at the ready! He chases that thief right off-planet!

Quite a show! So Bulk is tracking Core Hunter and we'll catch up with him before the takedown, or at least that's the plan! Don't like the idea of leaving him with no back-up but we've a cargo hold full of cuffed up villains and Stringer needs some R&R so we’re headed back to HERO FACTORY.

Still can't raise Mission Control, just getting static now. Getting a bit concerned really, I mean, they can't THAT busy surely? We should have been told that Core Hunter was in the area...I suppose someone must be dealing with it...

Recon Team Omega Out.


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